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Most people understand the National Enquirer isn’t a legitimate news organization. Until recently, most wouldn’t have thought it was propaganda. Most people believed it was nothing more than a gossip rag that got its headlines from stalking celebrities and going through their garbage. It seemed to spare nobody. Then, we learned they paid for stories (which credible news organizations don’t do) about Donald Trump scandals and then buried them. The publisher, David Pecker locked them in safe along with his picture of Elvis in his coffin (really).

The Enquirer didn’t just bury stories that would embarrass Trump and potentially cost him the election. They paid for those stories (along with Trump and Michael Cohen). Such tactics seemed beneath the journalist integrity of even the National Enquirer. You wouldn’t find a major, credible news organization doing that, right?


To be fair, a lot of people don’t consider Fox News a credible news organization. Even though they do some actual reporting and anchors such as Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith are respected, most of Fox News works as Trump TV and actively works to promote and defend the guy in the White House.

Fox is Trump’s favorite outlet. He calls into Fox & Friends in the morning, has nightly phone chats with Sean Hannity, tweets their reports, and praises them at his hate rallies. He even raids Fox News to fill positions in his administration. Hey, Eric Trump only had one wedding planner so Trump has to find candidates someplace.

Now we learn the network’s relationship with Trump has them sharing a journalistic sewer with that Pecker guy.

The New Yorker published an article by Jane Mayer on the “Fox News White House.” In it, she reports that Fox News buried a story on…wait for it…killed a story about Stormy Daniels’ mushroom encounter before the 2016 presidential election. She also reports that Trump tried to spike the AT&T-Time Warner merger over his hatred for CNN, now an AT&T company, and the network he describes as Fake News (though I hear they run decent cartoons).

Mayer wrote, “The White House and Fox interact so seamlessly that it can be hard to determine, during a particular news cycle, which one is following the other’s lead.”

Fox’s Tucker Carlson was pissed and said, “The American Media has changed forever. News organizations that seemed like a big deal are now extinct. Those that remain have now degraded themselves beyond recognition, like the New Yorker.” Detecting no irony whatsoever, Trump tweeted out Carlson’s statement.

According to the New Yorker story, a top executive at Fox told the reporter with the Stormy story, “Good reporting, kiddo. But Rupert wants Donald Trump to win. So just let it go.” He has since denied it, but that reporter was demoted, sued, came to a financial settlement, and signed a non-disclosure agreement. Fox probably buried that story too.

Mayer also reported that Roger Ailes, then the chairman of the network and now dead guy, tipped Trump off about a question coming his way from then-Fox host Megyn Kelly about Trump’s comments about women during a 2015 Republican candidate debate.

Former DNC official Donna Brazile caught a lot of heat when it came to light through Wikileaks that she fed questions to the Clinton campaign while she was a political analyst for CNN. The network fired her. Guess which network ran a lot of stories about it, heavy with condemnation over the violation of journalistic ethics and the viewers’ trust. Yup. Fox News.

I’ve always hated when people argued for the need of a right-wing media, saying it counters the left-wing media. I don’t see the solution to biased news being more biased news. And, most “left-wing” media is usually described that way because facts have a “left-wing” bias.

Those Smart News TV commercials annoy me. They advertise their app as providing news from both sides. You don’t need news from “both sides.” You just need news. Fox, at this point, isn’t just an uncredible news outlet. They’re not even a right-wing news outlet. Just like the Republican Party and CPAC, they’re a part of the Trump cult.

If you watch Fox News, you’re not watching news. Just like there’s no such thing as “fake news,” there’s no such thing as Fox news.

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Trump TV


When I was growing up I felt very fortunate not to live in a nation like the Soviet Union, North Korea, Iran, China, Cuba, etc., where the only news you received was sanctioned by the government. But, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un can only have wet dreams of achieving the type of propaganda Trump has acquired.

In the United States, we have freedom of the press which is something conservatives really don’t like. Even with that freedom, we have news outlets that promote what their favorite candidate dishes out. They choose to be compliant. Those who do not cooperate get labeled as “fake news” by the Trump administration and their many sycophants, even though “fake news” doesn’t exist. If it’s fake, it’s not news. Dick heads.

Every cable news network has Trump sycophants on their programs to promote the president’s agenda, and obfuscate, deflect, distract, and lie. Kayleigh McEnany WAS one of these people pimping out the troglodyte agenda. She’s not anymore.

Even though Donald Trump has Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting (more on them in a minute), his own lying Twitter feed, and every small town daily and weekly newspaper afraid to criticize him (trust me on that), he has created “Trump TV.” These are videos presented as news with bullshit read by Kayleigh McEnany. McEnany is one of those individuals who can’t find fault with Trump. She can accuse Obama of playing too much golf while telling us how Trump’s golfing is making America great again. She will tell you how Trump’s pussy grabbing is great for the jobs report, the coal mining jobs have already returned, Mexico paid for the wall, and that everyone now wants to eat steaks with ketchup.

McEnany should not be a lightweight in the brains department. She’s highly educated. But, I guess law schools can’t teach critical thinking. She appeared on Trump TV the day after she announced her resignation from CNN ending her broadcast with, “And this has been the real news.” Kayleigh, if you have to say it’s “real news,” it’s not news. Also, if the president is paying you to say it, it’s not news. When you’re on the RNC payroll, it’s not news. If you’re reading from talking points, it’s not news. If you’re reporting from Trump Tower, for the LOVE OF GOD IT’S NOT FUCKING NEWS!!!

This brings a couple of questions to my mind. Trump’s businesses are separated from the Trump administration, supposedly. Yet, Kayleigh is delivering her reports from Trump Tower. Trump Tower is part of the Trump Organization. It’s the freaking HQ of the Trump company. How is his business separated from the administration if his business is making pro-Trump propaganda videos? How much is Trump Tower charging the Trump Campaign for rent and use of their facilities? No, the Trump Campaign money is not Donald’s money. Don’t you know he doesn’t spend his own money? How much are they charging the Republican National Committee? How much did Kayleigh get for selling her soul? These are important questions that will not be answered anytime soon on Trump TV.

You may wonder why McEnany doesn’t care about, at least giving the impression she is objective or capable of thinking for herself. You may wonder how can an educated person be comfortable delivering talking points misrepresented as “news.” Or, maybe you’re puzzled that she is so willing to piss away all credibility and objectivity for the rest of her entire life. To be fair to Kayleigh, she never had any of that to begin with.

The Trump sycophants, they LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Trump TV. Go hashtag “Trump TV” on Twitter, read the tweets, and then go throw up in a fern. I have to admit, I am still confused that so many people don’t want to be informed and they would rather be lied to.

It is puzzling why Trump felt the need to create Trump TV when he has Sean Hannity around to eat his meatloaf. Before you argue that Fox News is just one channel waxing the president’s pole, let me stop you right there. He also has One America News, which you have probably never heard of before now, or if you have seen it, it was by accident because your cat stepped on the remote. There is also the Blaze network which is not a channel of strippers, which would explain why you would have accidentally turned on that program. Donald Trump has more than three shitty channels lying for him. Soon, he may have over 200.

What? 200? Where? Probably in your living room. If you watch local news, there is a good chance you’re watching an affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcasting. Sinclair may own an ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, etc, in your city, but they control the local news and syndicated programs.

Currently, Sinclair owns stations in over 100 markets covering 42% of American households. The group is attempting to purchase 42 stations from Tribune, bringing its ownership count to 233 stations that could reach 72 percent of American households.

Sinclair claims they have a “hands-off approach” to how their local news stations cover topics and how they report. So, you might think it doesn’t matter that they’re a conservative company if they’re allowing their local stations to decide what needs to be covered. Again, I gotta stop you right there.

Sinclair creates prepacked news segments that it orders their station’s to air during their newscasts. These are called “must-runs.” Not only are they conservative, they’re frighteningly goose-stepping-Trump-loving-right-wing conservative. They are often hosted by Boris Epshteyn, who briefly worked in the Trump Administration as assistant communications director, and was a senior adviser on his campaign. Boris has had the meatloaf. Plus, his name is “Boris.” Kinda makes you wanna throw up in a fern.

John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight said that Sinclair is “the most influential media company you’ve never heard of.” He ran an episode criticizing the group and presented clips of various anchors introducing the same news story by stating that the FBI had a “personal vendetta” against Michael Flynn, critiqued the must-run “Terrorism Alert Desk” segments as defining terrorism as “anything a Muslim does”, and ran clips of editorials comparing multiculturalism and political correctness to a cancer epidemic, and stated that marriage was a solution to domestic abuse. Oliver said that he “did not know it was possible to dip below the journalistic standards of Breitbart.” Of course he said that before Kayleigh started hosting Trump TV.

Next time someone starts some bullshit about the media’s liberal bias, just kick them in the nuts. Yes, right in their lying nuts. Or, you can deliver my latest newest Spanish insult which is, “Que te folle un pez.” Yes, it’s dirty.

So, now we have Kayleigh McEnany reading off Trump TV. The thing is, you may have already been watching it. Now, you can go throw up in the fern.

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