Trump Train Wreck

Candy And Nuts And Taylor Swift’s Butt


Donald Trump does not care if I think he’s a racist. He doesn’t care if you or anyone in the media believes he’s a racist. If a major Republican makes a comment about Trump being a racist, then Trump will probably tweet insults at the guy. But, Donald Trump doesn’t care about us. He has his base…and they’re racist.

That is a major reason why the Trump presidency will only get worse. Trump is only president to his base of sycophants, racists, and Nazi sympathizers and enablers. If Trump left office tomorrow (don’t get excited) to focus on golf and Hope Hicks, he would still go down as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. It’s only going to get worse.

Our narcissist president couldn’t let his phony condemnation on Monday go as is. It was disingenuous. Everyone who is not a Trump sycophant found it dishonest and felt Trump was forced to issue the condemnation of Nazis. On Tuesday, Trump proved all of us correct. He really sympathizes with racists and equates those fighting for equal and civil rights with Nazis.

Trump’s fellow Republicans are dismayed the man couldn’t condemn Nazis without putting equivocations into it. How could the president not even name the hate groups the first time? So, they all rushed out to condemn Nazis and state how everyone should oppose hate…without any of them mentioning the president’s name.

You don’t get points for condemning Nazis. It doesn’t make you brave and it’s easy. Nobody should be awarded for doing the simple thing. It’s not a profile in courage to condemn racists.

And this is where we are. We have cowards running our government. People are not upset that Donald Trump is a racist. They’re upset that the president of the United States is a racist. While it’s easy to say Nazis suck, Republicans are deathly afraid of the Nazi sympathizer in the White House.

Now we don’t really have a president anymore. We don’t have a leader with moral authority. You give that up when you sympathize with Nazis. You give it up when you compare Civil Rights activists with White Supremacists. You lose it when you equate the victim with her murderer. What we are stuck with is a narcissistic racist man-baby with the power of the presidency.

For the next three and a half years, whenever Trump attempts to give the impression he cares about something other than himself, or he’s trying to do the right thing, it will be disingenuous.

It will be as believable as him condemning people who grab Taylor Swift’s butt.

Creative notes and a plug: I had planned to draw this cartoon yesterday, but then Trump conducted his racist train wreck in the lobby of Trump Tower. I’m glad I drew the “permit” cartoon because, wow! The cartoon has over 800 Facebook shares at this point and this website got nearly 4,000 views yesterday. Go, me. I hope people feel as passionately about Taylor Swift’s butt. I know I do.

Frank proofreads the column for me. He’s a few hours behind me as he’s on the West Coast, so if you ever see a mistake here feel free to point it out. We may not have gotten around to making the corrections yet, or we may have missed it as we’re both stupid guys who are easily distracted by things like celebrity butts and sandwiches.

After finding all my goobs in yesterday’s column, Frank told me I should post a link to a story that mentioned me. So, here it is. The Washington Post gave me a small mention in an article yesterday about another cartoonist. It’s kinda cool because, hey, they thought of me.

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Alligator Arms


I’m not often amused by Geico commercials, especially the ones with the gecko. He’s annoying. But I liked the one with alligator arms. It shows a group of people at a restaurant and one of them is an alligator, who volunteers to pay for the meal. Unfortunately since he has alligator arms he can’t reach the check. I’ve been wanting to use the concept for a cartoon for a few days now.

Fortunately for me, Donald Trump (the usual suspect), has given me the opportunity.

Donald Trump doesn’t like to pay his bills. He stiffs employees, contractors, and even the lawyers that fight his lawsuits brought on by those he stiffed. Nice guy. His excuse? Sometimes if the work is shoddy he doesn’t believe he should pay for it, or not the full amount he originally agreed to. And then he tries to hire back the contractor who performed the original “shoddy” work.

He often renegotiates a contract after the job is done. He’s driven people to unemployment lines and pushed companies into bankruptcy over his screw-’em-all policy.

Then people sue him. The number of lawsuits filed against him has risen to an absurd level. And then after lawyers fight for him, he tries to stiff them. And then they sue him and he hires new lawyers…and he later stiffs them.

Trump, the man of the people who’ll bring jobs back, is not a nice guy. He’s cheated on his wives. He’s degraded women, Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, journalists, the handicapped, etc. He’s scammed people with his so-called university. He’s a pathological liar. On top of all that he’s a racist.

There’s an argument in his favor that he’s the candidate who has experience creating jobs. He’s also the candidate that rips people off, and drives them into unemployment and bankruptcy.

I’d rather vote for an alligator.

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Republican Loyalty


I hate to use a cliche but a Republican loyalty pledge isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. For the love of God, this loyalty pledge was the very first question at the very first Republican debate. Now they’re all breaking it?

The GOP has been freaking out and in full-rage panic mode for the past few months. They are extremely afraid Donald Trump will be their nominee and not just lose the presidency, but lose the Senate and House in the process.

For months Ted Cruz has been running as an anti-establishment candidate. Today the establishment is coalescing around him and you don’t hear Ted bash the establishment anymore. The establishment is so fearful of Trump that their hero is Ted Cruz.

I don’t think they’re looking beyond the poll numbers of Trump versus Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Yes, the GOP stands to lose big with a Trump nomination but they could be in the same nasty chunky brown water with Cruz.

Nobody likes Cruz except for extremely scary people. The people who are scarier than those falling for Cruz as a last resort are those who loved the guy at the start of the race. When Cruz is in a race one-on-one with one of the Democrats his record and stance on the issues will have a brighter spotlight and nobody sane is going to like it.

This brings us to the Loyalty Pledge. At the beginning of the race the GOP was afraid of the possibility of Trump running an independent campaign in the general election if he didn’t win the nomination. So they came up with the Loyalty Pledge which each candidate signed swearing they would support the eventual nominee. Of course none of these freaks expected that nominee to be Super Freak. They expected him to implode at any time and yeah, we all did. He hasn’t.

It’s not just the current candidates who sucks at a promise. Many of those who dropped out threaten they won’t support Trump (except for Christie and Carson). All this after making a big deal about how Trump wouldn’t keep his word.

Trump can’t be counted on keeping his word but let’s throw him out of the mix since he’s a maniac and a pathological liar. Trump has promised, broken the promise, came back to re promise, then broke it and I’ve lose count. Look at the other two candidates.

John Kasich and Ted Cruz signed the thing. Kasich is saying he can’t support Trump and he’s probably not that crazy about supporting Cruz. Ted Cruz says he can’t support Trump, a man who has insulted his wife.

I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to support Donald Trump. I blame them for breaking their word. Ted Cruz was in love with Donald Trump. He was Trump’s remora, clinging to the side of his campaign and swimming in his wake to eat up his sloppy leftovers. The man couldn’t say enough nice things about Trump. Now he doesn’t like him. What changed? Did Trump just suddenly become a crazy, offensive human being last week? No. This isn’t new. Ted Cruz being a sleazy lying opportunistic piece of crap isn’t new either.

These guys like to talk about how Hillary lies. She is not the most honest candidate and frankly I’m not looking forward to a scandal plagued Clinton administration (real scandals with cabinet members having affairs, dallying with prostitutes, and hiring illegals from Ecuador. Not those fake Obama scandals Republicans create. The Clintons surround themselves with very shady people like Dick Morris). What would be supremely worse would be a Cruz, Trump or Kasich administration where they can’t keep any promise, except for those that destroy the nation like putting a Bork on the Court. It won’t matter if they swear on the Bible when they take their oath. I promise they will destroy the country.

I’m looking forward to the brokered convention when this pledge comes into play. Trump may not be the nominee as his party can change the rules, thus voiding out all the primary results. They’re in love with Cruz right now to keep Trump from getting enough delegates. Watch these traitors turn on Cruz at the convention and nominate someone who can wage a campaign and stop the bleeding against the Democrats.  The GOP may have secretly given up on the White House in 2016 and be fighting to keep Congress.

What’s the point of a loyalty pledge if you don’t have to keep it? What’s the point of believing in any of their promises if they can’t keep the most simple one? What is the point of giving us candidates you can’t believe in? I repeat, this was their very first promise at the very first debate. If you can’t keep your first promise you can’t be counted on to keep any.

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