Trump Press Conference

MyPillow Facetime


There’s been a lot of debates over whether the networks should broadcast Donald Trump’s daily press conferences on the coronavirus. While there is pertinent information provided with these conferences, the majority of the time, they’re just replacements for Donald Trump’s hate rallies where he and everyone else speaking praises Donald Trump. But one aspect there should not be any debate over is that these things don’t have to be infomercials for companies whose executives are Donald Trump campaign supporters.

Seriously, I don’t need to see a free commercial for MyPillow in the middle of the day on CNN, who thankfully cut away during his segment at the daily hate rally. Mike Lindell, the CEO of the pillow company, gets enough advertising on Laura Ingraham’s show (where he increased his advertising after other companies dropped out after she attacked school-shooting survivor David Hogg.

Lindell was at Trump’s Monday press conference because he says he’s donating 75% of his company to producing face masks and will soon be kicking out 50,000 a day. I’m not sure what he’s not being paid for this but I’m sure he’s not doing it for free. Lindell’s appearance with other executives was to bolster Trump’s argument that he doesn’t need the Defense Production Act to have companies help fight the coronavirus. But if the kind of people helping out is people like Mike Lindell, I’m not going to be enthusiastic.

Mike Lindell says he’s going to make 50,000 face masks a day. It’s not that I think Lindell is lying, but it’s not like I believe him either. Why wouldn’t I believe a fine, upstanding Christian who throws his Christianity in everyone’s face at every opportunity (Seriously. He did it at the press conference too). The reason I don’t believe Mr. Lindell is because he’s a Trump supporter.

First off, he praised Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic. That right there tells me he’s full of shit. Lindell has said Trump is the “the most amazing president this country has ever seen in history,” which he said before Trump was president. He’s a conman who settled a lawsuit with several California counties over false advertising that his hate pillow cures things it doesn’t cure. The Better Business Bureau gives his company an F rating for a scam it ran about where you buy one pillow and get another for free…which was actually just the regular price. It was basically: Pay the regular price twice and we’ll throw in another pillow. Old conservatives who watch commercials at 2:00 AM on Fox are real suckers for that kind of shit.

Lindell wrote an Op-Ed for the Duluth News-Tribune in 2018 stating, “After more than 500 days with Donald Trump as our president — with record-low unemployment and a booming economy — it’s clear, Minnesota, that we can rest easy.” Then, he laid off 150 people. Hey, MyPillow guy…how many people did you lay off during the Obama presidency?

Praising and supporting Donald Trump tells me you don’t care about honesty or that someone’s a pathological liar and a conman. When you do that it tells me you’re probably one yourself and nobody should ever purchase your products or go into business with you, especially the United States government at the behest of taxpayers. Mike Lindell is going to produce 50,000 face masks a day? I’ll believe it when it actually happens and it’s verified by a third party. On top of that, I want to see the contract. What are we, the taxpayers, paying for the MyPillow face masks? Hey, Mike. How about when you make 50,000, you give us 25,000 for free?

On another note, MyPillows has horrible ratings at Amazon. It’s a crap pillow that someone filled with chunks of foam that reviewers say makes a big crunching sound when you lay your head on it. Our medical professionals would probably be better off wearing Dr. Birx’s scarves than Mike Lindell’s face masks.

Mike Francesca, a New York sports disc jockey and a Donald Trump supporter, went after Trump for having Lindell at his press conference. He said, “Hospitals don’t have the supplies they need. So don’t give me the MyPillow guy doing a song and dance up here on a Monday afternoon when people are dying in Queens! Get the stuff made! Get the stuff where it needs to go and get the boots on the ground. Treat this like the crisis it is.”

The song and dance is exactly why Lindell was there. These daily briefings are more about praising Trump for doing a horrible job than they are about providing a nation in crisis with valuable information. And Lindell did exactly what Donald Trump wanted him to do, which was to go balls-deep with the sycophancy.

Lindell preached, “God gave us grace on November 8, 2016, to change the course we were on,” talking about the day Donald Trump was mistakenly elected. He continued, “God had been taken out of schools and lives. A nation had turned its back on God. I encourage you to use this time at home to get back in the Word, read our Bibles and spend time with our families. With our great president, vice president and this administration and all the great people in this country praying daily, we will get through this and get back to a place that’s stronger and safer than ever.” That’s some serious cult worship. Keep in mind, this guy smoked a lot of crack cocaine back in the day.

Many in the press mocked him, like MSNBC’s Ali Velshi who tweeted, “Trump just called the “My Pillow” guy up to the podium in the Rose Garden. You cannot make this stuff up.” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld (who’s their idea of a funny guy) tweeted a reply, “When you start producing 50 thousand masks a day you can go up to the podium too In the meantime sit on your fence and keep your thumb up your ass.” See? Fox News funny. And again, don’t believe he’s going to produce 50,000 face masks a day just because they say he is. We’ve had three years of this. When will you start learning from experience?

Conservative radio host Larry O’Connor got upset and tweeted that the critics are “ungrateful jerks” and need to “STFU” about him. I really hope he sees this cartoon.

Logan Hall of the right-wing propaganda hate site wrote, “The MyPillow guy has done more to combat the spread of coronavirus than 99% of the blue checks whining about him.” Again, how do you know he’s done more and…what’s a blue check? Can I get one?

Lindell himself got upset over the criticism. Like Trump, he doesn’t believe he receives enough appreciation. He went on Fox News where Lou Dobbs played him a tape of MSNBC’s Chris Hayes saying, “Seems crazy that everyone’s still taking these briefings seriously when you have the MyPillow guy getting up there talking about reading the Bible.” Lindell replied, “I heard Jim Acosta attack me too, and he was 10 feet from me, in the Rose Garden. This is just evil, Lou. This is evil.” How far should one be from you before attacking so it’s not evil? But hey, 10 feet is better than 6 so you’re good.

He continued whining and supporting his cult with, “This president has been the best man in charge for such a time as this; it’s just those newscasters, those journalists, we know who they are… CNN, what they did to me, I’m sorry, I put on a message of hope to the country that God had given us grace in November of 2016, a nation that turned its back on God, and right now we’re part of this big revival.” Feel free to pause if you need to vomit. And again, praising Trump, grace from God, crack cocaine.

The MyPillow guy summed up with, “I am appalled by the journalists that I see there. I used to think that, they are not that evil, yes, they are.”

Wow. Maybe Mr. MyPillow guy will think I’m evil too after seeing this cartoon. Am I evil? Well if standing up for my nation against the attacks of Donald Trump and all those who are in his cult like the MyPillow guy, then as Diamond Head sang, “Yes, I am.”

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Fine-Tuned Chaos


Yesterday was a WTF moment for the entire nation. Maybe not for Trump’s more ardent supporters as they wanted the madman from the campaign trail to be president. But this nation can’t afford candidate madman to be president. We need a president.

I’m not just talking about a president who acts presidential. I want a president who is at the very least coherent and stable. At this point it’s not that we need a conservative or liberal government. We need a functioning government. Republicans love to say that government doesn’t work. Donald Trump is working really hard to prove them right.

After the press conference it was reported that vice admiral Robert Hayward was offered the job to replace Michael Flynn as national security adviser, and he turned Trump down. A friend of Hayward’s said he was unwilling to take the job and said it was a “shit sandwich.” Filling this administration with competent people is like finding a head coach for the San Francisco 49ers. Nobody rational wants that job.

Highlights of the press conference:

He complained that the press doesn’t tell the truth. He said the leaks are real but the news is fake. He continued to lie about his electoral victory being the largest since Ronald Reagan. When pressed on this he said it’s what others are telling him. Like the guy can’t Google the information.

He continued to defend Michael Flynn and said he didn’t do anything wrong other than lying to the vice president.

He claimed drugs are as cheap at candy bars.

He claimed he’s the least anti-semitic person you’ll ever see, and the least racist. He took personal offense when a reporter asked him about anti-semitism since his victory and accused the reporter of lying. He claimed the anti-semitism is coming from his opponents disguised as his supporters.

He said if he doesn’t get along with Russia then we could have a nuclear holocaust. He knows this because he gets briefings which tells him Russia has nuclear weapons. He also said he’d love to shoot a Russian spy ship off the east coast out of the water, but that wouldn’t be a good thing.

When asked by a black reporter about meeting with the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) he didn’t seem to know what “CBC” was. He then asked the reporter if she knew them, as if every black person knows every other black person. He said she can set the meeting up, as if that’s a reporter’s job and he doesn’t have a phone. He’s probably too busy using it to call Putin and sending tweets.

He said Congressman Elijah Cummings was to meet with him but cancelled, probably due to pressure from Chuck Schumer. Cummings later stated that they’ve never had a meeting scheduled and that he’d love to meet with the president. Which of the two do you believe?

He explained what Uranium is.

He continued to attack Hillary Clinton and said he inherited a mess.

He said the Muslim ban had a smooth rollout.

He didn’t deny his staff had been in contact with Russia before the election, but said he doesn’t know of anyone who had.

He said there’s no chaos in his White House and it’s running like a fine-tuned machine.

Trump created more scandals this week by Wednesday than Obama did in eights years. He raised the bar even higher on Thursday.

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Trump’s Real News


This cartoon isn’t as much of a cartoon as it is an illustration of what really happened at Donald Trump’s first press conference since last July.

Trump is no fan of the media unless it’s the National Enquirer or Breitbart. He’s even feuded with Fox News on occasion.

Trump used his press conference to punish the two news organizations he’s angriest with at the moment, Buzzfeed and CNN. Buzzfeed published the 35 page dossier on Russia supposedly having compromising information on Trump. CNN reported there was a dossier. Trump still assaulted CNN for what he considers “fake news.” The man behind the birther movement being upset with “fake news” is a brand new irony for a man full of ironies. Trump, who asked Russia to release hacked information during the campaign and proclaimed at more than one rally “I love Wikileaks” told the press on Wednesday how upset he was over leaks.

He punished CNN by not allowing their reporter, Jim Acosta, to ask a question. He even shouted the man down. This will go over well with his supporters as they hate legitimate news organizations also. After refusing to take Acosta’s question he allowed Breitbart, the racist alt-right news source where he got his chief strategist and home of massive propagandist lies, to ask a question which was on reforming the news industry.

The rest of the press conference was exceptionally weird, even for Trump. He packed the place with his supporters who applauded his answers. There’s nothing like a room full of paid yes men. He compared US intelligence to Nazis and praised the Kremlin’s information. His main purpose of the presser was to inform the media that he’s putting his businesses into a blind trust…run by his sons. He even brought props which consisted of stacks of paper to prove he’s signing his business away…which will still pay him. It was like when he brought Trump steaks to a press conference last Summer which still had the labels from Walmart or wherever he actually bought them.

What bothers me is how news outlets allow Trump to abuse them. A free press is very important to a democracy which is something Trump obviously doesn’t want. He admires nationalistic strongmen like Putin too much.

None of the news organizations stood up for CNN at the press conference. They waited until it was over and even then it was much later in the day.

In the past Trump has unleashed his wrath on other members of the press. He banned The Des Moines Register from his campaign during the primaries because he didn’t like one of their editorials. He corralled members of the media covering his rallies into a pen and encouraged his supporters to jeer them. He’s ejected reporters from The New York Times and Telemundo out of events. His campaign manager manhandled a female reporter from Breitbart and that organization didn’t stand up for her…and Trump eventually made their chief executive his new campaign manager and now his chief White House strategist. A day doesn’t go by when he doesn’t refer to a news organization are “failing” or members of the press as “liars” and “terrible people.”

On Wednesday Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer threatened to throw Acosta out of Trump Tower if he attempted to ask another question.

A lot of people are talking about Trump’s war with US Intelligence. Somewhere there should be a headline reading “Trump Hates Intelligence.

Intelligence is going to be a rare commodity for the next four years.

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Sleazy Cartoon


It’s my birthday. It’s the big one too. 5-0. Fifty sleazy years. Brutal.

I start most days going through my list of subjects and I turn on the news to see if something more pressing hits. It’s usually my hope to draw a non-Trump cartoon, or at least go a couple days avoiding him. Then Trump opens his mouth and that witty Zyka idea I have is put on the back burner.

Every Republican candidate campaigns against the press. It’s red meat for their base because smart people scare them. Republicans typically hate the press because the press asks questions. There’s a liberal bias in expecting accountability. The press researches facts. There’s a liberal bias to facts. Republicans do not like accountability or dealing with facts. Brutal.

Donald Trump has taken it to a whole new level. While Republicans tend to attack the press they rarely attack a journalist personally. Trump has attacked Megyn Kelly for “not being nice.” He’s mocked a print journalist’s physical handicap. On Tuesday he told journalist Tom Llamas of ABC News that he’s a “sleaze” and Jim Acosta of CNN that he’s seen him on TV and “a real beauty” for his reporting on his campaign. He answered one question with “I think the political press is among the most dishonest people I’ve met.” Not every journalist is as willing to kiss Trump’s butt as Joe Scarborough. Trump promised to continue to treat the press with invective if he’s elected president.

The presumptive nominee hasn’t gone the Ted Cruz route yet and attacked a cartoonist, but I’m trying really hard to be the first one. Would it kill the guy to tweet a “loser” at me? Sheesh!

What brought on Trump’s latest tantrum? Having to account for charitable donations to veterans. Earlier this year Trump chickened out of a debate because he didn’t like the moderator and didn’t expect them to be nice. So he staged a campaign event instead and called it a charity event. It was to run on TV in direct competition against the GOP debate. Today he said he didn’t expect or want any attention for his charitable giving. What a humanitarian. He uses the vets for prime time coverage and to distract that he’s afraid of a female moderator (what is this guy’s deal with women?), and then gets upset over asking “show me the money.”

Trump claimed at the event that he raised $6 million. As the weeks and months went by it turns out charities weren’t receiving the money. Trump also claimed $1 million of it was coming from him. While he’s upset that anyone would ask him about this, he didn’t write that check until last week. In fact, most of the charities didn’t receive anything until last week.

The press started hounding Trump about this and he finally coughed up the money, because the press hounded him. He claims that a lot of the donations were pledges at the time and he had to chase them down, which does make sense. Maybe he should have said that weeks ago. He also claimed that he vetted each of the charities himself and it later turned out that they didn’t even bother to look at their tax information, or how much the charities spent on fundraising. Eventually $5.6 million was raised and distributed to over 40 charities.

Trump is a thin-skinned baby. He should market Trump Diapers. He doesn’t like being challenged. He called the judge hearing the case against Trump University a “Mexican.” and a “hater.” When asked why he referred to him that way Trump answered that it’s because he has integrity. That didn’t answer the question. By the way, the judge is from Indiana.

Trump says the media shouldn’t be criticizing him. They shouldn’t expect him to be accountable. They should thank him. He also wants a statue built in his image and placed in Washington, D.C.

If they ever do make a Trump statue I totally volunteer to design the image for it. I’ll start with the lips because I’m sleazy like that.


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