Trump Letter

Trump, Slow Your Roll


When I heard Donald Trump sent Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi a letter ranting about the “injustice” of his impeachment, I thought, “that’s just going to be some typical, rambling, Trump stupidity.” After I read it, I thought, “Holy fucking shitballs.”

Donald Trump is not well. I know. We always say that. But what’s really scary here is that he’s not well and the people in his administration who helped him put this airing of grievances on White House stationary are totally enabling this insanity. It’s six-pages of Trump tweets with some lawyerly clean up. You know he had help because it contains the word “egregious.”

Have you ever been drunk and angry, wanted to go tell someone off, and then for some reason you didn’t, and then the next day you think, “Thank god I didn’t do that! Whew!” Yeah, Trump probably wasn’t drunk, but he went through with it here.

Or, it’s like when you write an angry letter and you don’t send it, but it really helps to heal your soul because you got it out of your system. Yeah, well Trump sent his angry, pissy letter. And, he sent it to the Speaker of the House of Representatives on White House stationary.

Don’t take my word for it. You should check it out for yourself. Feel free to read it while sitting on a toilet because that’s probably where it was written. I think the best way to read this is annotated summary in The Washington Post by Aaron Blake. He does a great job of breaking down, pinpointing the lies, adding context, some explaining, and what’s just bat-shit crazy. See if you can pinpoint where he probably paused to flush 15 times.

Yes, he really does veer from impeachment to the Salem Witch Trials to the border wall to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to Space Force. Really. This is the president of the United States, people.

If nothing else, this letter is further evidence the man should be convicted in the Senate and removed from office, or at the very least, by the 25th Amendment.

Happy impeachment day.

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