Trump Foundation

Grifter Strikes Again


During the 2016 presidential campaign, a poll showed that between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, respondents believed Clinton was less honest than Trump. Believing in something doesn’t make it true. If I asked you to list lies told by Clinton, maybe you could name three. If you visit Politifact’s page listing false statements told by Clinton, you’ll find there are two pages. Wow! That’s a lot of false statements. If you visit their section listing false statements made by Donald Trump, you’ll find there are 13 pages. The Washington Post has counted over 13,000 lies told by Donald Trump just in the time that he’s been president.

Clinton’s haters used the Clinton Foundation, a charitable enterprise of the Clinton family, as evidence of her corruption. They cited donations made to it by foreign governments while she was Secretary of State. They can’t find any actual corruption, but Hillary booga, booga, booga.

Yet, the Clinton Foundation has never been cited for fraud by a court of law. It’s never been found as a slush fund or personal piggy bank for the Clinton family. It was never used as an arm of any political campaign. The facts don’t matter anyway to Trump supporters because they don’t really care about fraud, corruption, or abuse of a charity. They don’t even care if you use a charity to grift from veterans. They only pretend to care. Why do I say this? Because they don’t care that Donald Trump has done everything and more that they’ve accused Clinton of doing.

Donald Trump had (past tense people, and you’ll see why in a minute) a charity called the Trump Foundation. Trump likes to think of any money he has access to as his money. When his foundation actually donated to charitable causes, Trump would claim he made that donation even though it actually came from other people who donated to his charity. Now as president, he thinks taxpayer money is his to do with as he pleases too.

How much money did Trump personally contribute to the Trump Foundation? Since 2008, none. Trump solicited outside donations. Often, he would accept payment for appearances, like his Wrestlemania stint, by having it contributed to the foundation. That’s how you avoid payroll taxes. After it’s given to the foundation, nobody knows if it went to something charitable or to his wallet. There was really no accounting. The board of directors (which included three of his kids) did not conduct a meeting in over two decades. How much have the Clintons contributed to the charity that bears their name? Between 2001 and 2015, $23.2 million.

You may think that at least the money other people give to the Trump Foundation does go to charity. Uuuuuuuhhhhh…not always. Donald Trump has a history of using the foundation as a personal slush fund. He’s used money from it to purchase gifts for himself (as in paintings of himself and sports memorabilia), to pay off fines for his golf resorts, and to make campaign contributions (like to Pam Bondi in Florida). Washington Post reporter David Farenthold won a Pulitzer Prize detailing the corruption of the Trump Foundation.

Now, Donald Trump has been ordered by a New York state court to pay $2 million to charities for misusing his foundation for personal profit and political use. He also has to dissolve the Trump Foundation and to distribute the remaining $1.7 million to other charities that have no connection to Trump (that part’s important to make clear to him).

During the presidential campaign, Trump skipped a Republican debate and held a competing fundraising event. He claimed he was raising money for veterans. By the end of the evening, he claimed to have raised over $6 million for vets. As it turns out, even that was a lie.

Trump did raise $2.8 million but as it turns out, it wasn’t a charitable event. It was a campaign event. Some of the money did go to veterans. Where did the bulk of it go? Nobody knows. Did it go into the Trump campaign? Did it go into Trump’s pockets?

In case you’re new to this, it’s illegal for a charity to be used politically or to benefit the self-interest of its executives. In this situation, the Trump campaign was put in charge of spending for the Trump Foundation. Shocking.

This wasn’t a snafu. It wasn’t just some sloppy saccounting. It wasn’t an oops. This was deliberate and corrupt. This was Donald Trump using veterans and stealing from them.

The best part of this is that Donald Trump has admitted he used the charity politically and for personal use. He has also agreed that any charity he becomes involved with in the future will have a majority of independent directors, lawyers with expertise in nonprofit law and an accounting firm to monitor its grants and expenses. Additionally, his kids who were on the board, Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka, will undergo training in order to ensure they do not engage in similar improprieties. How bad is it that these adults have to take classes teaching them not to steal?

Though he admitted he used the campaign politically and as a personal slush fund, last night Trump tweeted that the suit was brought by “political hacks” and that he had given “100 percent of the funds to great charities” and had suffered “4 years of politically motivated harassment” by the attorney general’s office.  He also tweeted, “All they found was incredibly effective philanthropy and some small technical violations.” No, Donald. What they found was a lying crook who continues to lie after a settlement was reached. Putting other people’s shit into your pocket is not a “small technical violation.”

Trump also said this was one of the reasons he’s moving to Florida after he leaves the White House. Apparently, he believes Florida will allow him to be corrupt. He’s probably right.

Today, the Trump Campaign is paying the legal bills for him and his children over every suit involving his presidency. And all that money that went into his inauguration from private donors? We don’t know where it is or how it was spent. It went buh-bye.

Donald Trump is a liar, a crook, a grifter, a conman, and a thief. If you’re a Trump supporter, you either don’t know that or you don’t care. What’s most bizarre about not accepting the truth about Trump’s corruption is that the person he’s conning….is you.

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Foundation Of Frauds


Upon being fraudulently elected president, Donald Trump attempted to shut down his fraudulent charity, The Trump Foundation. Being that Trump’s charity is as much of a charity as his university was a university, the state of New York stopped him and froze the foundation. The state’s Attorney General wanted oversight of documents and assets of the foundation and has been engaged in a two-year investigation of the scam, I mean organization.

Trump claimed he wanted to shut down the foundation himself to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. Yes, Trump who has placed his daughter and son-in-law on his staff is currently profiting from foreign dignitaries pumping thousands if not millions into his hotels, and forces the U.S. government to spend taxpayer money at his golf resorts want to avoid any appearances of conflict.

Foundation lawyer and spokesgoon, Alan S. Futerfas said, “The foundation has been seeking to dissolve and distribute its remaining assets to worthwhile charitable causes since Donald J. Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. Unfortunately, the N.Y.A.G. sought to prevent dissolution for almost two years, thereby depriving those most in need of nearly $1.7 million.” In actuality, Mr. Fuckerface, I mean Futerfas, the only needy that will be deprived of foundation giving is Donald J. Trump.

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood accused the foundation of “functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests,” and of engaging in “a shocking pattern of illegality” that included unlawfully coordinating with Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Basically, Trump wanted to shut down the foundation to avoid any government oversight.

Now, the foundation has agreed to and give away all its remaining assets under court supervision. The case isn’t closed. The Attorney General is pursuing a lawsuit that will bar Trump for ten years, and his three oldest children, Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka for one year, from the boards of other New York charities, as well as force the payment of millions in restitution and penalties. New York is stating that the president of the United States, the guy currently holding our nuclear codes, can’t be trusted to run a charity.

Trump and Republicans have spent years attacking the Clinton Foundation, an actual charity, of being corrupt, without ever providing any substance to their claims. Everything Trump has accused others of has been a projection of himself, so of course, his foundation was a personal piggy bank and the Clinton Foundation is still rolling along doing actual charity work.

The activity of Trump’s foundation was to coordinate its giving (with none of Trump’s personal funds as he stopped donating to his own charity in 2008) with his presidential campaign. Campaign chairman Corey Lewandowski directed the foundation to make disbursements in Iowa only days before the state held its presidential nominating caucuses. In an email to the foundation’s treasurer, he wrote, “Is there any way we can make some disbursements (from the proceeds of a fund-raiser) this week while in Iowa? Specifically on Saturday?” Would anyone be surprised to discover hush money to pornstars and Playmates were from the foundation?

Trump signed annual filings with the Internal Revenue Service attesting that the foundation did not engage in political activity. Trump lied to the IRS, which I’m so sure were the only times.

It did more than engage in political shenanigans. The AG office said in a court filing this year that the foundation had entered into a number of “prohibited self-dealing transactions that directly benefited Mr. Trump or entities that he controlled.”

The foundation purchased a $10,000 portrait of Trump that was displayed at one of his golf clubs, probably near all those fake Time Magazine covers. The value of the painting has depreciated to zero.

One transaction was revealed by a note in Trump’s handwriting that said $100,000 of Trump Foundation money should be directed to another charity to settle a legal dispute between the Town of Palm Beach and his Mar-a-Lago resort.

It once made a $25,000 political donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. They claimed they donated to Bondi’s PAC out of mistaking it for a charity with a similar name, but of course, they never did make a donation to that charity.

The foundation once paid $5,000 to the DC Preservation League for its annual gala for an ad in their program, but the ad didn’t mention the foundation. Instead, the ad mentioned…wait for it…the Trump Hotel. I know, you’re shocked.

The foundation once spent $12,000 on an autographed Tim Tebow football helmet for Trump. I’m sure he looks great in it.

It once paid $264,631 for the refurbishment of a New York fountain outside one of his hotels, which of course benefits Donald Trump.

The smallest gift it ever paid was a $7 donation to the Boy Scouts in 1989, the same amount it cost at the time to register a new Scout. Donald Jr. was 11 at the time. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence and the foundation felt very strongly that the Boy Scouts really needed seven dollars. There’s no way billionaire Donald Trump would be that cheap, right? Right? The evidence it did not pay member dues for Junior Trump is the fact that Don Jr. doesn’t exhibit any of the morals one gains by being a Boy Scout.

Though Trump stopped donating to his own charity, which is unusual for rich people who have charities, he’d often claim to the press that actual donations from it were from him personally.

It may also have been a tax dodge, as Trump would often take payment from sources like People Magazine (exclusive pics of Barron), Comedy Central (that stupid roast), and Norwegian Cruise Lines (appearance fee for Melania) to the foundation instead of himself. But, if he was using that money for his personal uses, business, or legal debts, then it could be a way of not paying taxes on payments.

Trump is operating the presidency just like he did his charity, which is all for his personal benefit. He never cared about charitable causes just like he doesn’t care about the interest of this nation, or about you. Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump. Trump is corrupt, a conman, and a grifter. On top of all that, he’s probably also a traitor.

New York knows Donald Trump and that he’s not the kind of guy to trust with other people’s resources. This is not the state’s only investigation into Trump’s fraud. It’s not even just the second. Unfortunately, there’s still a large section of this nation that is ignoring what New York is telling us.

The state wants to ban him Donald Trump being involved with charities. The nation needs to ban him from the White House.

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LeBron Meets LeCon


If you donate to LeBron James’ charity, The LeBron James Family Foundation, you will help educate a child and provide university scholarships. If you donate to the Trump Foundation, you will help Donald Trump purchase a portrait of himself, or maybe some sports memorabilia, or perhaps pay off fines for his businesses and pay off politicians.

James just donated $50 million to build a school for at-risk students. While being interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon, he mentioned how Trump was using sports to divide instead of unite. Trump’s reaction was to question the intelligence of James and Lemon. In case you never watch CNN or follow sports, both men are black. Donald Trump has a tendency to question the intelligence of black people.

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are very nice guys, but Colin Kaepernick is a “son of a bitch.” Trump’s rhetoric toward the quarterback has helped keep him out of his sport as he’s been blackballed by the entire National Football League.

Trump has also attacked NBA star, Stephen Curry. He has questioned the intelligence of Representative Maxine Waters and questioned if Obama was smart enough to get into Columbia University and Harvard Law.

Questioning the intelligence of black people is straight out of the white supremacists’ playbook. Trump, who refused to denounce David Duke’s endorsement until pressured, praised Nazis, and called nations with brown people “shit-hole countries,” knows the playbook well. Now, he’s rewriting it.

While insulting James, Trump threw out praise to Michael Jordan with an “I like Mike.” That puts Jordan in very exclusive company as the only other black people Trump likes are Don King, Kanye, and that “blacks for Trump” guy he flies in to stand behind him at every rally. Jordan, who has never been very vocal about politics, issued a statement supporting James’ charitable endeavors.

A smarter person, especially one campaigning in Ohio, would keep quiet about LeBron James, especially if that person’s own history with charity and education was horrid.

While James is a role model and sending kids to school, Trump University was not a university. The faux university was ordered to drop “University” from its name and New York’s Attorney General accused Trump of misleading more than 5,000 people to pay up to $35,000. After winning the presidency and before taking office, Trump settled three lawsuits over the university for $25 million.

The Trump Foundation was a charity that Trump stopped donating to after 2008. Instead, he solicited money from other people and would then use that money in non-charitable fashions. Like, buying himself expensive gifts, paying off business fines, and donating to political campaigns. Trump is so cheap; he even used it to pay the $7.00 Boy Scout Dues for one of his kids. The charity was also used in coordination with his presidential campaign. New York is suing the foundation along with Trump, and his three eldest children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka. Referrals have also been made to the Federal Election Commission and the IRS.

Bad things happen to bad people. Donald Trump is a bad person. He’s a man who steals from charity and attacks others who give. And, if he can go about doing that while scoring whitey points with white supremacists, then all the better.

I like Mike. I also like LeBron. In fact, whether I root for them or not on the court (or field), I like anyone who helps at-risk children.

I do not like greedy, bloviating, Cheeto-encrusted racist bastards who con an entire nation.

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The Chump Foundation


The New York Attorney General has filed suit against Donald Trump and his three eldest children for “persistently illegal conduct” at his charity, the Trump Foundation.

The AG alleges that Trump misused the charity to pay off his businesses’ creditors, to decorate one of his golf clubs and to stage a multimillion-dollar giveaway at his 2016 campaign events.

Attorney General Barbara Underwood asked a state judge to dissolve the Donald J. Trump Foundation, that its remaining $1 million in assets be distributed to other charities, and Trump be forced to pay at least $2.8 million in restitution and penalties. Trump says he will fight the suit and vows he will never settle, which may be like his promise not to settle a lawsuit against Trump University which he settled for $25 million.

The Trump Foundation is as much of a charity as Trump University was a university. Trump has not made a donation to his own charity since 2008, the board of directors hadn’t met in 19 years, and the official treasurer wasn’t even aware he was on the board. If Trump really wants to nail Hillary, he’d appoint her without her knowledge to one of his scams. Hell, she may be ambassador to North Korea at this very moment.

Trump has attacked the AG and accused the suit of being political and conducted by “sleazy” Democrats. What’s not supposed to be political is his charity. It’s going to be very difficult for Trump to claim innocence when there’s footage of him at a campaign event holding a giant Happy Gilmore-sized check with “Donald J. Trump Foundation” in the upper left corner, and centered on the bottom “Make America Great Again.” What’s wrong with that? The Trump Foundation is a charity, the slogan “Make American Great Again” is a nationalistic, racist campaign slogan, and it was at a campaign event.

Saying his charity wasn’t used politically when there’s proof it was is as absurd as saying “no collusion” after you invited Russian spies into Trump Tower. It would be like Trump at a campaign event asking Putin to hack Clinton’s email or him telling a reporter he fired Comey to end the Russia investigation, if only that sort of footage actually existed (Psst, it does).

As it turns out, Trump’s campaign manager was directing when and where donations from the foundation were made. Trump raised $2.8 million at a campaign event for veterans’ charities and then turned the money over to the campaign for distribution, like donations made to charity groups in Iowa the weekend before the primary vote.

Trump didn’t just start abusing the charity during his Russian-backed presidential campaign. He used it to purchase gifts for himself, make political donations, and settle lawsuits against his resorts years before he came down the escalator to ruin all our lives. He used a charity to pay his debts with other people’s money.

Trump is the kind of guy who will dodge the draft, attack POWs and Gold Star families, then state how patriotic he is and how much he respects the military while using the military in one of his sketchy schemes. Some people might find using veterans in a scam a worse transgression than kneeling during a song.

He’s also the kind of guy who projects. He has attacked the Clinton Foundation on numerous occasions and tagged his opponent with “Crooked Hillary,” accusing her of participating in pay-for-play schemes with foreign entities, while his foundation was taking a $150,000 donation from a Russian oligarch.

Trump has taken personal credit for donations made by the foundation, and he’s taken credit for donations where there are no records that he made any. He’s a conman of epic proportions. He may be the most corrupt businessman in American history. He’s refused to pay contractors after they completed their end of the bargain, he ran a fake university, he’s done business with mobsters, created pyramid schemes, exploited foreign workers, had questionable bankruptcies, and his businesses are used by Russian oligarchs and mobsters for money laundering. It’s no wonder American banks won’t do business with him anymore. And yet, about 60 million Americans thought it was a good idea to make him president.

A lawsuit won’t put Trump and his demon spawns in prison, but the case has been referred to the Federal Elections Commission and the Internal Revenue Service. It’s not likely those two agencies will send him to the big house either.

But, it would be best for everyone if they could get him out of the White House.

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Boobs For Trump


Donald Trump is such a con man he had Don King, a fellow con man, speak at one of his events this week.

Anyone who criticizes the Clinton Foundation should stop unless they also include the Trump Foundation in their faux outrage. Conservatives accuse the Clintons of using their foundation to enrich themselves while Trump uses his to buy himself expensive mementos. Quite frankly, the guy shouldn’t even be using money meant for charity to buy himself Mentos.

Trump jilts people for money to pay off other people he jilted. He has used over a quarter-million dollars to pay off legal trouble involving his for-profit businesses. This is a man who has bragged about using other people’s money.

In one case Trump’s snooty Mar-a-Lago Club faced $120,000 in unpaid fines from the town of Palm Beach, Fla., resulting from a dispute over the height of a flagpole. The town offered to waive the fine if the club made a $100,000 donation to a veterans charity. Trump took the money from the Trump Foundation. Yes, that money from a charity went to another charity, but the club was fined, not the charity. That’s the move of a con man.

Trump also used money from the charity to pay for advertisements for his clubs. Why? Because he’s a con man.

In another case one of Trump’s golf clubs held a hole-in-one contest. There was a winner but the club said the ball had to travel a designated distance to qualify for the hole-in-one, but Trump’s club moved all the holes shorter of the required distance. Talk about a shell game. Trump lost the lawsuit and spent $128,000 of the charity’s money to pay it off.

In other instances Trump has used the foundation to purchase a painting of himself at an auction where the winning and only bidder was his wife. For some weird reason there wasn’t a rush of people who wanted a $10,000 painting of Donald Trump in their home. That’ll give the children and small animals nightmares. He’s also used funds from his charity to purchase a Tim Tebow football and a Florida Attorney General. We’re not sure how much or where the money came from to purchase Chris Christie.

Why does Trump do this? Because he’s a con man. He’s a liar. He’s shifty. He’s a crook. At this time he’s using his campaign to make money for his businesses. He’s charging his campaign and the Republican party fees for renting his offices at Trump Tower and his Trump jet. When the GOP took over the funding for his campaign the rent for his offices increased. Go freaking figure. Con man!

Trump has also conned people with his Trump University. Now the ultimate achievement is conning the entire nation to make him president. There are a lot of suckers out there.

Most rich people who have charitable foundations actually donate money to them. Oprah Winfrey has put millions of her own money into her foundations. The Clintons have too. Trump hasn’t donated to his charity since 1998. He and his surrogates talk about how charitable he is but we won’t know unless we see his tax returns.

These sort of traits, flaws, in a man asking us to trust him with the most important job in the world should be important to voters. The stupid ones don’t care.

I don’t know if Melania Trump has had a boob job. I’m using creative license. There’s been speculation Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, has had one. I’m not sure if Donald, herself, or a charity paid for those things but the good news is, Chris Christie’s moobs are all natural.

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Trump Foundation


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi does not want to be bullied by Hillary Clinton. She likes it much better when she’s bribed.

For months we’ve heard about the corruptness of The Clinton Foundation. The foundation is a charity. It focuses on global health, climate change, improving opportunities for girls and women and a variety of other activities. You know. Good stuff.

Though there’s been accusations of pay-to-play with the foundation, all investigators can find are contributors seeking meetings with world leaders. That’s about it.

Now we have the Trump Foundation. This is also a charity. Supposedly. Donald Trump established it and other people put money into it. Donald Trump does not. Who benefits from the Trump Foundation? Starving children? Aids victims? People with small hands and funky hair? We’re not sure except that public office holders threatening to investigate a Trump business will get a payout.

You may ask “isn’t that illegal?”. Using a charity to make a political contribution? It sure sounds illegal. It is. How would you feel if the quarters you gave a Salvation Army Santa was spent on a 40?

Here’s what happened:

Trump University was scamming people in Florida. Pam Bondi looks into opening an investigation on Trump University. She also asks Donald Trump for a political contribution.

Trump’s charity gives $25,000 to a pac supporting her. And surprise! Days later she drops all interests in an investigation of Trump U. She later receives a swanky fundraiser at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida and more donations from Melania Trump.

The IRS frowned on this and they fined the Trump Foundation at least $2.500. Trump’s team says it was a mistake because the Bondi pac had a similar name to a charity. Sure. “Bondi For AG” sounds a lot like “Unicef.”

How could a Trump initiative make such a HUGE mistake when Trump always hires the best people? He’s shrugged his shoulders blowing it of as a mistake, but he’s also claimed during the Republican debates that when he gives politicians money that they do what he wants. Hey, Pamela. Did you do what he wanted? Did he want it nasty?

Of these two foundations, which of their law breaking have you heard more about? The bar is set seriously low for Trump.

It comes down to this: Clinton’s foundation has been accused. Trump’s foundation has been found guilty of breaking the law by the Internal Freaking Revenue Service of taking money intended by donors to help the needy but instead given to a political candidate so she doesn’t investigate a Trump business shadier than the Plexus diet drink pyramid scheme.

Now which one of these is corrupt?


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