Trumping Obama’s Legacy


Other than proposing to build a ridiculously expensive and stupid wall on the border with Mexico, Donald Trump hasn’t presented any original ideas of his own. His legacy will be undoing Obama’s legacy.

Trump has yet to realize the presidency is bigger than him, that he’s a public servant, president for all the people and not just his incredibly shrinking base, or that the job entails more than ego gratification.

Just as Woogie couldn’t get over Mary in There’s Something About Mary, Trump can’t get over Obama. President Obama is smarter than Trump. He’s cooler, smoother, and much more articulate. Obama had high approval ratings when he left office where Trump’s are proving historically low. Obama was well liked while Trump is less popular than gonorrhea. Which prospect sounds more enticing, eight years of Trump or wicked, burning venereal disease? Gonorrhea please, and thank you.

Trump can’t get over Obama. The guy even attacked him in front of Boy Scouts.

Trump has held a grudge against Obama before he had a reason to hate him. Trump was the biggest advocate of birtherism in this nation. Nobody campaigned harder on the racist lie that Obama was illegitimate. Obama ribbed Trump so hard at the White House Correspondents Dinner, that today Trump won’t even attend the dinner as president.

When Trump talks about enacting a new health plan, he talks more about how terrible Obamacare is than how great his own plan is. He tells us he’s just going to let Obamacare die…and then he stabs it. He’s shortening the enrollment date and cutting the advertising budget by 90%. If more people sign up for Obamacare, it’s not going to die. For Obamacare to die, it’s going to need a great big orange push. The biggest gripe he has with Obamacare is that it has Obama’s name.

Trump is ending DACA, a program that allows people to stay in this nation that were brought here, by no choice of their own, by their parents. These young people are effectively Americans. This is home to them, and they’re making this country a better place. Many are skilled and highly educated. Trump doesn’t care if he ruins lives and makes this nation weaker. Allowing them to stay was an Obama initiative, and he can’t have that.

Trump has pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and he’s reversing Obama’s climate policy. He doesn’t need to understand anything about it other than Obama got us into it.

He’s banning transgenders from serving in the military. Why? You guessed it. Obama allowed them to serve. Trump didn’t even discuss the issue with the military. He surprised them with a tweet. He talks about making our military more effective yet, he wants to kick people out we’ve spent millions of dollars training.

Now he’s trying to kill the treaty we have with Iran that prevents them from having a nuclear weapon. The Obama administration spent two years on this deal. It involves every member of the United Nations Security Council, us, Great Britain, France, China, and Russia, as well as Germany and the European Union.

The treaty with Iran prevents them from developing nuclear weapons. Republicans love to say it helps them acquire nuclear weapons. That’s an argument they haven’t explained. Iran has been in compliance with the agreement. For some reason, Republicans believe destroying a treaty that Iran is abiding by, that prevents them from acquiring nuclear weapons, will somehow make the world safer.

Trump argues that we gave Iran millions of dollars in the treaty. That’s a lie. We returned money to Iran that we froze in 1979. It’s Iran’s money.

Trump wants a better deal with Iran that was negotiated over two years between several nations, allies, and adversaries. I don’t see how that’s possible since the current treaty was negotiated by people a lot smarter than Trump and his cronies. If anything, Trump has proven that he is not a good deal-maker.

Yanking us out of the Iran treaty will betray our allies and tell our enemies that they can’t trust us. Why should North Korea even talk to us if we’re liars? How bad is it that our president is coming off as more extreme and radical than the Iranian regime?

But, forget all that. Screw the safety of the world. Forget even reading the agreement before you get rid of it. The most important thing is Trump’s ego. He’s serving a constituency of one, himself.

Obama’s legacy, lives of Dreamers, the climate, world safety, etc. Trump would rather piss on it all than having anything positive left behind by Obama. Or in his case, he’ll hire Russian hookers to do it.

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