Open Border

There are a lot of fallacies that persist in this country, mostly due to Republican messaging. Republicans love spreading lies like Critical Race Theory is being taught, liberals are groomers, there’s something on Hunter Biden’s laptop, election fraud stole the election from Trump, the January 6 attack on the Capitol building was a protest, Tucker Carlson’s testicles have dropped, and there’s nothing dangerous about giving the nuclear code to a 300-pound orange toddler who has ketchup tantrums. But let’s focus on two that deal with immigration, and we’re not even going to talk about the lie that George Soros is paying for migrant caravans.

The first one is that immigration is the greatest threat facing this nation. It is not the greatest threat. It’s not even close. The greatest threats facing this nation are hate, division, false information, climate change, war on women and minorities, Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani farting on you, and Donald Trump trying to destroy democracy and install himself as an orange fascist dictator. I would rather see the combined populations of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua pour over our border uninhibited than to see Donald Trump and Republicans destroy our Constitution and system where we electing our leaders instead of installing them by lynching the vice-president and pooping on walls in Congress.

The second one is that we have open borders. We do not have open borders despite Republicans like Texas Governor Greg Abbott constantly claiming we do. Fun fact: Republicans are racist liars.

Earlier this week, 53 immigrants were found dead in an abandoned tractor-trailer near San Antonio, Texas. These immigrants are victims of human smugglers, coyotes. Greg Abbott immediately blamed President Biden and his “open-border policy” for the deaths. Except, we don’t have open borders. We do not have any policies that open our borders. Hell, we even check out the Canadiens before we let them in. We learned our lesson with Nickelback.

We don’t have an open border policy. We have the direct opposite as a policy.

Fun fact: Just this week, the Supreme Court ruled in President Biden’s favor stating he can eliminate Title 42, a policy left by Donald Trump that prevented immigrants with asylum claims from entering the country. President Biden tried to end it last May but a federal judge, a Trump appointee in Louisiana, stopped him.

So, how do we have open borders while we literally have a policy that forces immigrants to stay in Mexico until a later time when we determine they can enter and request asylum? If the borders are open, then why are people being smuggled in the back in tractor-trailers? If our borders were open, then people would simply walk through them and not die horrible deaths by being abandoned in the back of a tractor-trailer in the sweltering June Texas heat.

Another detail to note is that these immigrants were smuggled in a tractor-trailer which means they traveled on a road that obviously went through a border checkpoint. That means Donald Trump’s racist border wall would not have prevented these humans from being smuggled. The wall wouldn’t have even been a factor. Donald Trump’s racist border wall is about as effective against trucks as it is against tunnels, submarines, and ladders.

Fun fact: The majority of drugs, guns, money, weapons, and humans who enter this nation illegally do so through checkpoints.

Last April, Abbott ordered state police to inspect every commercial vehicle entering Texas through a port of entry, saying the painful step was needed because the Biden administration was not doing its job to secure the border. This program lasted about three weeks because it was a stupid-ass Republican idea and it was costing Texas businesses billions. But it was Abbott’s Texas border through which these immigrants were smuggled.

But again, Title 42 is supposed to prevent people from entering our nation. But just like in the past, it’s Trump’s immigration policies that have forced people to risk their lives to enter the United States. Over 830 immigrants died trying to enter the United States during four horrifying years of Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Migrant children died in the custody of Trump’s ICE agency. Every immigrant who died trying to enter the nation to this point of Biden’s term should be credited to Donald Trump. Now, we can add 53 more.

Personally, I think Melania’s “I really don’t care, do you” jacket was borrowed from Trump’s immigration goon, Stephen Miller.

Funny thing about Title 42 is that it was created on the flimsy excuse it would prevent migrants from bringing COVID into our country. What’s funny about that is the same administration worried about migrants carrying COVID downplayed the seriousness of COVID to the point that it killed over 400,000 on Trump’s watch. Donald Trump told us it was going to magically disappear. Donald Trump called it a hoax before he caught it. Donald Trump politicized the hell out of COVID and pushed crackpot remedies, like Clorox enemas. Donald Trump made Dr. Anthony Fauci a bad guy for his efforts to combat COVID. Donald Trump and Republicans pushed against vaccine mandates, social distancing, wearing face masks, and closing businesses. The Trump regime went to extraordinary measures to play down COVID and make anyone working to eradicate it the enemy.

The Trump administration didn’t want vaccine mandates, Americans wearing masks, no businesses to close, and no social distancing because COVID was harmless…except when carried by a brown immigrant.

What’s a greater danger to this nation than people entering this nation illegally? Donald Trump and Republicans. MAGA is a national security risk.

I think we should stick every Republican claiming we have an open border to spend a few hours locked inside a tractor-trailer in Texas during July.

Music note: I listened to Queen for this one.

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