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Today, supposedly, Congress will launch the National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Capitol Complex Act at a hearing.

House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie G. Thompson and Rep. John Katko, the committee’s senior Republican have agreed to a bipartisan bill, supposedly, modeled after the commission that investigated 9/11, to investigate the attack on the United States Capitol by Donald Trump’s terrorists.

The commission will be made up of 10 supposed “outside experts” who will examine the facts and causes underlying the Jan. 6 attack and recommend corrective measures to secure the Capitol and our democratic institutions against domestic terrorism…supposedly.

The attack on the Capitol was a terrorist attack. This commission is supposedly bipartisan, but does that mean only four out of the 16 of the Republican members will recognize the terrorists as terrorists…and not protesters, patriots, or tourists as a lot of House Republicans have claimed they were?

Republicans are sitting inside the very same institution that Donald Trump’s terrorists attacked based on his election lie. The majority of these Republicans helped Trump push the lie he won the election and it was stolen from him. On the day of the terrorist attack 147 Republicans voted against certifying the election…only because they lost. They enabled the terrorists. Senator Josh Hawley went outside and gave them a fist bump. Republicans in the House removed the third-highest ranking member because she won’t push the lie. Her replacement says Donald Trump is the leader of their party, the same man who instigated a terrorist attack against her institution.

There are Republicans on the Homeland Security committee who are refusing to protect the homeland. Andrew Clyde said the terrorists were merely tourists, even though there’s a photo from January 6 showing him helping to barricade the door to the House floor so the “tourists” couldn’t break in.

Committee member Clay Higgins (Louisiana) has made claims of election fraud and voted against certifying the election.

Committee member Michael Guest (Mississippi) posed for photos with the terrorists before they made their attack. He too voted against certifying the election.

Member Dan Bishop (North Carolina) voted against certifying the election.

Jefferson Van Drew (New Jersey) voted against certifying the election.

Ralph Norman (South Carolina) also attempted to overturn the election.

Mariannette Miller-Meeks (Iowa) said no Republicans, including Trump, should be blamed for the Capitol attack until Democrats are blamed for violence that stemmed from Black Lives Matter and Antifa last summer. She also claimed no Democrat has condemned that violence.

Diana Harshbarger (Tennessee) tried to overturn the election.

Carlos Gimenez (Florida) voted against certifying the election.

Jake LaTurner (Kansas) had planned to vote against certifying the election, but a positive Covid-19 test forced him into quarantine.

Kat Cammack (Florida) voted against certifying the election and said on the House floor that the terrorist attack on the Capitol “furthermore resolved” her objection to the certification process.

August Pfluger (Texas) voted against certifying the election.

Michael McCaul voted to certify the election. Later, his district office in Texas was vandalized with “swamp traitor” spray-painted on a window.

Andrew Garbarino (New York) voted to certify the election and said, “Congress does not have the constitutional authority to overturn the election.

Peter Meijer (Michigan) voted to certify the election, recognized that Joe Biden won, and voted to impeach Donald Trump. Then, he had to stock up on body armor after receiving threats on his life from Republicans.

The ranking member, John Katko (New York) didn’t object to the election and voted to impeach Donald Trump for instigating the attack.

Twelve of the Republicans on the committee to investigate the terrorist attack that was instigated and propped by Trump’s lie that he won the election, believe in Trump’s lie that he won the election. Twelve of those on this committee oppose democracy and free elections. Twelve voted against the homeland and have sworn their devotion and loyalty to the man responsible for a terrorist attack against our country.

I don’t have faith in a bipartisan investigation when half the committee behind the investigation has already obstructed the investigation.

The House Homeland Security Committee was created in the wake of 9/11 to make this nation safer from terrorists attacks. Today, Republicans are using the committee to protect terrorists. Republicans support white nationalist terrorists.

I don’t expect Republicans to do the right thing with this investigation because Republicans don’t have brains.

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Negan Trump


Did you see the premiere for season 7 of The Walking Dead? It was brutal. So brutal that a lot of people complained about the blood, gore, and just sheer brutality. They want that sort of stuff off television so they don’t make the stupid mistake of letting their children watch it again.

Seriously, the show is in its seventh season. The gore and brutality isn’t a new thing. People complaining that they let their kids watch are also announcing their sloppy parenting skills. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

But Negan is one scary guy.

The increase in insurance premiums for a lot of people covered by Obamacare might be the GOP’s best issue to save the Senate and House. Well, the House isn’t in real danger but they’ll lose some seats. The Senate is in real trouble and Trump has no shot at the White House.

The increase isn’t hitting most people but a lot of people hate Obamacare just because they enjoy hating things. If they started calling french fries “Obama fries” Republicans would stop eating potatoes.

The other thing is, what will the GOP replace it with? Trumpcare?

“Trumpcare.” Now that’s an oxymoron.

I just discovered that if you use the hashtag #TWD on Twitter, a baseball bat symbol is displayed next to it.

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