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Obamacare’s Here To Stay…Among Other Things


Yeah, I’m a jerk.

I had a couple of other ideas. I bounced them off some friends and while I didn’t get any “mehs”, I didn’t detect any enthusiasm. I try better than “meh.”

Here’s those two ideas.


I kinda liked this one…but just kinda. It didn’t make laugh.


The dog represents Republicans. I did laugh at this one but I was afraid I’d be the only one. That’s happened before. I’ll probably bring this idea back in the future with another topic. Neutering is funny…unless you’re the one being neutered.

Here’s the rough on the final idea.



Hold Your Peace


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Virginia has a ban on gay marriage.  The new Attorney General Mark Herring has stated he will not defend the law in court.  His rationing is that it will lose in the Supreme Court, as other states have lost similar battles, and it would be a waste of money.  He’s also in favor of gay marriage so that probably has a something to do with his decision also.

A lot of Republicans are upset about this.  They say he’s not doing his job.  The argument goes that it doesn’t matter how an attorney general feels about a law, it’s his job to defend it.  If you look at examples of our last attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, he initiated lawsuits over “Obamacare” and global warming and lost in court.  Clearly he wasn’t fighting for the state’s best interest, but for his own personal agenda and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars in frivolous pursuits.

I think Herring is right not to fight for this very stupid law.  It will die eventually.

Here’s the rough.


I had a couple of other ideas we picked over.  Here they are.