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#YoTambien Movimiento


This cartoon was first published February 8, 2019, in The Costa Rica Star.

Former two-time Costa Rica president and Nobel Prize winner, Oscar Arias was accused of sexual assault, then accused again, and again, and again, etc. So far, nine women have accused him of charges ranging from harassment, to assault, to rape. Time Magazine has even done a feature on the story.

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Expat Democrats


This cartoon ran last week in The Costa Rica Star.

I get annoyed at people who claim they’ll leave the country if they don’t get their way. You hear a lot of celebrities make that promise. But, after they don’t get their way they don’t ever do us the favor of keeping their promise and leaving. They stay and continue to vent.

One of their favorite destinations to not go to is Costa Rica. Rush Limbaugh swore he’d move to Costa Rica if Obamacare passed. He’s still here. If Rush had moved to Costa Rica he would have discovered a nation that already has a national health plan. Oops.

Liberals and Democrats aren’t any better. How many swore they’d move to Canada, France, the UK, or Costa Rica if Trump won. None of them left.

A lot of lefties believe Costa Rica is a liberal utopia in Central America. It’s a nation that takes climate change very seriously. However, it’s a very religious nation where abortion and same-sex marriage are illegal….for now.

An international court recently ruled that Costa Rica needs to allow same-sex marriage. Costa Ricans have responded to this by putting a candidate into their presidential runoff who is campaigning on the nation leaving the international court system and vowing to never recognize same-sex marriage.

So, liberals, if you want to be an expat in Costa Rica, keep in mind there’s a very strong religious conservative tilt in the nation despite the legal prostitution. That’s weird, right?

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Living Pura Vida


Didn’t I tell you Claytoonz was going international? I’ve had my work published outside the U.S. before, many times, but now I’m going to draw two exclusive cartoons every month for The Costa Rica Star. They’re also carrying my syndicated cartoons that each of my newspaper clients receive.

The Star is in English and is an online only publication. It’s well read in and out of Costa Rica as it’s popular with expats (that’s a person living in a country where they are not a citizen).

The first thing we’re going to do is a series on Living Pura Vida. What’s “Pura Vida” you ask? I asked that too during a skype discussion with the CEO of the Star. Quoting from this article, Pura vida means pure life, but here it also means letting go, something very difficult for most of us. We’re so trained to ‘control’ our lives or ‘get control’ of ourselves that letting go often requires some form of bungee jumping, be it mental or physical.

The first article is a very good read and if you’re interested in anything Costa Rica, you should read it. For a less “politically-correct” version, read this article. This one is more in line with the cartoon.

It seems to me one of the things about Pura Vida is that you’ll always get an answer and that answer will rarely ever be true.

I was throwing ideas at the guys at the Star and one of them came back and told me about the Tarcoles Bridge where crocodiles hang out under. Check out this video from Animal Planet. Locals will sell meat out of trucks for tourists to feed the crocs. You’re probably thinking that doesn’t sound very smart and you’re correct. As dangerous as the crocs may be, you’re probably more in danger having your car robbed while you’re sight seeing the crocodiles. The crocs are actually a sort of industry around the bridge as there are several restaurants that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the crocs.

We’re going to do a series on Pura Vida though I’m not sure for how long. We’ll start hitting some local news issues as they develop. I’ll have to rely on my Costa Rica editors news judgement for those.

I’m looking forward to this relationship with the Star. They’re a growing company and they’re building a unique foothold, not just in Costa Rica, but Central America. Having original cartoons drawn by an United States cartoonist should be a pretty cool feature. I hope so.

On top of all that it can’t hurt building friendships in Costa Rica….you know, just in case Donald Trump actually wins the election and I need to flee the country before he imprisons me.

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