Texas Power Outage

Creepy Wind Turbines


Ted Cruz is a weird guy that science struggles to explain. How did a thing like Ted Cruz ever happen? Earth, big bang, sure. Ted Cruz? Somebody explain that. What’s even harder to understand than why there’s something as icky as Ted Cruz in the universe are the people who support and defend Ted Cruz. It’s even more difficult than understanding Trump supporters, which include a lot of Ted Cruz people. Ew.

Over the past week, I heard so many people talk about Rush Limbaugh being a man of love who respected people and treated them with dignity and those like me, who would draw mean cartoons about him, are full of hate. I don’t get it. The man who played “Barack the Magic Negro” on his show is to be cherished while liberals like me are full of hate for accusing him of racism? They argue we didn’t listen enough of his show, but after hearing him call Chelsea Clinton, when she was a child, the White House dog, and Sandra Fluke, a teenage college student, a slut, how much more did we have to hear?

And then I went to the Facebook page of a known Ted Cruz supporter. This guy is one of those who is tribal and he’ll attack a Democrat for a crime while defending a Republican for committing the same crime. We’ll call him Gary. Gary was livid that anyone could attack Ted Cruz for fleeing the state of Texas while it was being struck by a winter storm with millions losing power and even more losing water. Gary’s defense is that Ted Cruz couldn’t do anything about it anyway and all good parents take their daughters to Cancun as soon as they ask for it. If your children ask you to fly them to Cancun and you say, “No,” Child Protective Services should be called on your bad-parenting ass, at least according to Gary. Also, wind turbines. Bad, turbines, bad!!!

And then there’s my cousin who lives in Texas and is a Ted Cruz supporter. This one really boggles my mind. This one is disappointing because growing up, I looked up to her. She was always amazingly talented and back then, the thing I couldn’t understand was how I could be related to someone so brilliant of an artist as she was. So the first I hear from her after two decades is a blast on one my comments on social media going after me for criticizing Ted Cruz. It wasn’t just confusing, but seriously disappointing.

I know she’s smart. I know she’s educated. But then, Kool-Aid. She wrote that she knows Ted personally. She ever referred to him as just “Ted,” as if they were neighbors. She said the media was lying and nearly everyone in Texas is doing fine during this winter storm. She then went on about what a great and charitable guy Ted was who has done so much for Texas and that I was such a hater for hating on Ted. She wondered how I could be so full of hate which is oddly enough, something I already hear from my Trump-supporting older sister.

Here’s what I hate.

I hate that Ted Cruz is a transparent lying smarmy full-of-crap politician that’ll do anything and throw anyone under the bus to get what he wants, and people still support him.

I hate that Ted Cruz would so vigorously defend his wife’s and father’s honor after Donald Trump called her ugly and accused his dad of being a murderer, then go on to be a Trump defender. I hate that he does this as a Texan, and Texans let him get away with it. If every man in Texas is like Ted Cruz, we can call their wives ugly and get away with it. Maybe if I tell Gary his wife is ugly, he’ll buy me a trip to Cancun.

I hate that Ted Cruz single-handedly shut the government down for a photo-op and people still support him.

I hate that Ted Cruz was a spreader of the Big Lie that the election was stolen, then went on to enable the white nationalist MAGA terrorists who attacked our country, and still voted to disenfranchise millions of voters to steal an election…and people still support him.

I hate that Ted Cruz took an oath to be an impartial juror during Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, then huddled with Trump’s lawyers to advise them on strategy…and people still support him.

I hate that Ted Cruz is the most hated guy in the Senate, even more hated than Rand Paul, and people still support him.

And I hate that he fled his state in a crisis and people still support him.

I hate that he lied about why he was going, saying his daughters pleaded to go to Cancun with their friends, but as it turns out, they planned the trip suddenly after the freeze hit…and people still support him. I hate that text messages reveal his wife was a big player in this, asking neighbors, “who wants to go?” and telling them how the Ritz in Cancun was offering great rates right now…and people still support him. However, I love that their “friends” hate them so much, they sent copies of the texts to The New York Times.

I hate that Ted Cruz lied and said he only intended to go for a day to make sure his wife and two daughters were settled in OK, but was actually booked through the weekend and only got his return ticket the day he flew back, last Thursday, and people still support him.

I hate that Ted Cruz was wearing a standard face mask on his departure but on his way back, made sure he was wearing one with the flag of Texas on it, pretending he loves Texas after he fled it…and people still support him.

I hate that he changed his story again and said he had second thoughts as soon as he buckled up for that flight to Cancun…basically telling us that while he was doing the wrong thing, he was having regrets for not doing the right thing, and trying to get brownie points at least thinking about doing the right thing…and people still support him.

I hate that he’s an anti-immigrant demagogue who chastises people for wanting to bring their children to the United States for safety, security, and a better life…then takes his children to Mexico for safety, security, and a better life.

I hate that Ted Cruz even left his poodle home alone during this freeze…and people still support him. I hate that the poodle’s name is “Snowflake,” and Ted Cruz supporters don’t get the irony.

I hate that he used his daughters for political cover, and this is not the first time. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he used his daughters in a political ad. He had them recite scripted anti-Hillary Clinton comments. Then, when he was criticized by cartoonist Ann Telnaes, he sent his supporters after her and even used her cartoon in a fundraising letter. I hate that when his people were threatening Ann’s life and threatening to assault her in all sorts of disgusting manners, Ted didn’t condemn that or even bother trying to call them off. I hate that Ted Cruz threatened my friend’s life while using his daughters as a shield, making money off all of it…and people still support him.

The thing I hate most of all is when Ted Cruz lies, then changes that lie into another lie, and then another lie all in one day, that he knows I know he’s lying, but he’s counting on people like my cousin and her fellow Texans to just let it go and pretend the facts are changing with each lie and keep supporting him.

So yeah. I guess I am a hater. I hate politicians like Ted Cruz but not nearly as much as I hate that people let people like Ted Cruz get away with shit. And I hate that another member of my family has turned into one of those.

And, cousin…this is my reply to your social media post. Don’t you hate it?

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