Tax March

She Did Nazi That Coming


Nathan Damigo is a real tough guy. Who?

Nathan Damigo is a white supremacist who is a student at California State University. During Saturday’s nationwide protests for Trump to release his taxes, Mr. Damigo punched a woman. It was caught on video from the protest in Berkeley.

Donald Trump is not about transparency. He refuses to show the public his taxes and is now concealing the records of who visits the White House. Fortunately for Trump there are Nazis like Damigo that will punch a woman to protect Trump’s privilege.

Trump’s chief concern about the protest isn’t about his racist supporters punching women. He was more concerned about who paid the protesters to protest. Seeing that Trump has promised to pay legal fees for his supporters who assault his critics, perhaps he’ll pony up for Mr. Damigo’s legal defense.

Donald Trump is going to be the most expensive president in American history. Protection of his family is draining the budget for the Secret Service. Since we’re paying for his protection at the White House, Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago, and for each of his children, it’s only fair that he show us what he’s kicking in and where he made his money.

Trump needs to release his taxes, stop keeping it a secret on who’s visiting the White House, and call on his Nazis to stop punching women.

And if you’re on Twitter, tweet this cartoon at Nathan Damigo. He’ll Nazi it coming.

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