Target Boycott

A Target On Target


You know there’s gonna be that one person who sees this cartoon and believes it’s encouraging conservatives to hate on Target, transgenders, and that I’m some ultra-creepy-conservative. People like that never look at your body of work.

Target, the department store, will not monitor their restrooms. They will not scapegoat transgenders or really anyone. Basically there will not be any toilet Nazis at Target. In response to this conservatives have mounted a massive boycott on Target. The likes of this boycott hasn’t been seen since these same groups boycotted the Catholic church, where children were actually molested. I made that last part up. They never boycotted anyplace where children were actually molested.

Your child stands a greater chance of being molested in school, church, in your own home, than in a public restroom.

It’s also bizarre that these same conservatives who want laws and signs barring one gender from the other genders’ restroom, argue that gun laws and signs don’t work. If a gun owner sees a sign at Chipotle barring guns, he’s just going to ignore it and walk in there anyway. If a pervert wakes up with the idea of going to Target and enter the wrong bathroom just to go perverting around will, stop upon seeing the sign and say “dammit. I really wanted to go in the women’s restroom with my penis but there’s a sign prohibiting it. Damn again!”?

I’m going to repeat an argument I made last time I covered this issue: Don’t let your small child enter a public restroom alone. But guess what. North Carolina might have made that bit of parenting illegal. If you’re a father and your small, very young, daughter needs to use a public restroom then you would typically take her into a stall in the men’s room. According to North Carolina, that’s illegal now. Good job, North Carolina.

I have a suggestion for conservatives and liberals alike. Stop worrying about public restrooms. Transgenders have been using whichever restroom they felt suited them ever since public restrooms came into existence. You’ve shared them before and didn’t realize it. Stop making laws about it. Stop making policies about it. Have a men’s room. Have a women’s room. Let people go about and do their business without being scapegoated for a problem that doesn’t exist.

Stop being a bully and worrying about things that never happen.

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