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Quid Pro Uh-Oh


Out of the multiple times I shouted at the TV yesterday during acting-chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney’s disaster of a press briefing yesterday was when he was answering a question about the House investigating Trump awarding the next G7 summit to himself. He said they were expecting the House to look into it because this administration has had to deal with oversight ever since the Democrats took Congress.

That is when I yelled loudest at the TV because dealing with oversight isn’t something that should have just started when the Democrats took control of Congress. The Republicans should have exercised oversight over this corrupt administration while they had Congress. If so, maybe they’d still have Congress. Instead of oversight, they spent two years bootlicking, kowtowing, ass-kissing, and being subservient sycophants engaged in cult worship. They allowed this administration to run roughshod over emoluments and provided intel over House investigations into the assistance the Trump campaign received from Vladimir Putin. They allowed and defended Donald Trump when he attacked the FBI, the CIA, the free press, and even their own members. Every Republican in Congress who allowed Donald Trump to violate his oath of office and desecrate the presidency, in turn, violated their own oaths and abandoned protecting this nation.

Now, we get to watch Trump’s butt poodles in Congress create new talking points over the fact there was definitely quid pro quo in Trump providing military aid to Ukraine. If you’re wondering if they’ll abandon their previous defense, then you haven’t been paying attention.

During Robert Mueller’s investigation over Russian interference, the talking point was “no collusion.” To use this talking point, you have to accept collusion is bad.

Then, Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos that he’d accept help from a foreign government if it was offered. That is welcoming collusion and Republicans were silent. There was no outrage or even disagreement. We didn’t even hear a tsk-tsk.

Then, the day after Mueller testified before Congress, believing the coast was clear to do whatever the fuck he wants, Donald Trump dangled military aid to Ukraine’s president in exchange for them investigating a political opponent.

The two defenses of this are: Trump can ask a foreign government to investigate corruption by Americans in their country (ignoring the fact he asked a foreign government to help his re-election campaign), and it’s not bad because there was no quid pro quo.

First off, even if there wasn’t a quid pro quo, it’s still illegal to ask or accept help from a foreign government in your political campaign. Fact, fact, fuckity fact. But, there was a quid pro quo.

Even if we didn’t have copies of texts between diplomats talking about the “deliverable,” which was a reference to the end result of Ukraine actually announcing the investigations, or a summary of the phone call between Trump and Zelensky where Trump brings up investigating Joe Biden and conspiracy theories of 2016, the quid pro quo is out in the open.

There is a quid pro quo in the mere fact that Donald Trump is president (sic). The president of Ukraine wouldn’t even be on the phone with Trump if he wasn’t president, less enough offering to help him with his reelection. On top of that, you have Rudy Giuliani admitting he was asking Ukraine to look into the Bidens on top of Gordon Sondland’s testimony yesterday that they were ordered to follow Giuliani, who is not elected, appointed, or working for the State Department, in dealing with Ukraine.

Yesterday, after European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland testified before Congress, Congressman Jim Jordan, who’s spent his entire tenure during the Trump administration jacketless shouting at the top of his lungs in defense of Trump, said there was no quid pro quo. Meanwhile, Mulvaney was telling the White House press corps there was a quid pro quo. Oops.

A reporter pointed out that asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens in exchange for monetary aid (money approved and designated by Congress) was quid pro quo. Mulvaney replied that there is always politics and exchanges for foreign aid. He admitted there was a quid pro quo and they “do it all the time.”

He used foreign aid being withheld from the triangle nations in Central America as an example. In that situation, the Trump administration withheld funding from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras until they created immigration policies acceptable to Trump. Now, whether you like that or not, that is a legal quid pro quo. It’s also a shitty example that Mulvaney could only use if he’s dishonest or an idiot…or both. In that case, the quid pro quo wasn’t for personal help in a political campaign. But, I’m sure we’ll all hear more Republicans use it this week because they’re all dishonest and idiots.

Mulvaney admitting there was a quid pro quo was bad. How bad? White House lawyers issued a statement that they weren’t aware he was going to say that. Trump told the press it wasn’t accurate. Finally, Mulvaney issued a statement trying to clean it up and said he never admitted there was a quid pro quo. According to reports, Trump is upset over this but more at the media for taking Mulvaney’s words out of context. The only problem with Mulvaney’s backtrack and Trump being mad at the press is that Mick’s comments are on tape. He said it. There’s no taking it out of context. The context was trading military aid in exchange for a foreign government investigating the Bidens and debunked conspiracy theories.

This leaves Republicans, who have gone from collusion is bad to collusion is fine if there’s no quid pro quo, to trying to find a way to defend quid pro quos. Confused? Be glad you’re not a Republican. At some point, Republicans are going to give up trying to explain anything Trump does and just declare he’s king and can do anything he wants. That’s how they want it anyway.

Donald Trump broke the law. He violated his oath of office and betrayed America’s trust. He’s given us the evidence. He’s done it in front of us. And in what will probably be the last press briefing during the Trump administration, his stupid chief-of-staff admitted Donald Trump broke the law.

If Donald Trump hasn’t broken the law in this case, then what the hell is illegal?

The best example of hypocrisy here is this conversation about corruption went down while announcing Trump was awarding himself a contract that will allow him to grift the United States and other nations with the G7 Summit.

I had a Twitter conversation yesterday about how it’s hard to satirize satire, but could these criminals at least understand they’re satire?

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