Syrian Air Strike

Surely In Syria


I am glad to see Donald Trump strike against the people who killed the people that he would never allow into our country. What puzzles me though is how he was moved by the Syrian gas attack to the point that he launches 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian runway, yet he wasn’t moved by a much worse gas attack in 2013. Basically a president shouldn’t get involved in Syria unless that president is a Republican.

What’s next with Syria? Nothing. We called the Russians and told them to get out of the way, who in turn told the Syrians to get out of the way. There will be some fingers wagging here and there but no real damage. Trump is still their boy.

Trump’s supporters will love that he killed six Syrians and bombed a runway. His approval rating may even reach 40%. He’ll use this event to show Congress that he’s not Putin’s puppet, though he is. By Monday we’ll probably be back to chaos, er, business as usual.

I am glad he was moved by the photos of dead children he doesn’t want in America. What does concern me is what moves him to act. They must have shown the pictures on Fox News. I don’t want the president to be so reactionary that he stops dropping bombs based on what he saw in the “spin zone.”

Perhaps there wouldn’t have been a gas attack in Syria last Tuesday if Trump and his team didn’t tell the world a few days before that he had no interest in removing Assad. Trump gave Assad a green light to gas his own people. Now he’s taught Assad that his response will be to destroy Syrian concrete.

Yippee ki-yay, mother….

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