Not See The Putin Love


If you’re at a rally or a protest and the person next to you is flying a Swastika, you may be on the wrong side.

Why is this so hard for conservatives to understand? Oh, yeah. Because hate is not a deal-breaker for them. Look at all the Trump voters. The Trump train is the Hate Train.

Right after Trump won the election, I was talking to someone about the election who has since unfriended me. I gave this person some advice I called an “election primer.” That is, don’t vote for the candidate supported by Vladimir Putin. My former friend was upset and said he was a veteran and didn’t need voting advice from a liberal such as myself. I replied if you voted Putin, ya’ kinda do need voting advice from a liberal such as myself.

Republicans try to step away and claim they’re not associated with Nazis while being associated with Nazis. But there are plenty of Republicans on Putin’s side from voting for Trump to invading Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson is publicly on Putin’s side and has mockingly asked why we’re supporting Ukraine over Russia. In case you don’t know, Ukraine is a free nation that holds actual democratic elections. Russia is a fascist authoritarian government run by a white racist dictator. Just like Trump, Tucker hates NATO and democracy while favoring authoritarianism.

It’s also funny Republicans are calling President Biden weak on Ukraine while they’re supporting Russia.

The past few days have been a busy time for Nazis and Swastikas. Fliers featuring Swastikas have been posted in Florida and several other states. Nazis were rallying in Orlando and Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis has so far refused to condemn them. His office issued a statement saying he hasn’t condemned them because they might be Democrats in disguise trying to make him look bad.

Uh, what looks bad is NOT condemning Nazis, whether they’re fake or real. To me, DeSantis’ explanation sounds like an excuse because he’s afraid of condemning Nazis. Last year, fake Nazis did follow then-gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin around. Youngkin condemned the fake Nazis. He still hasn’t condemned the real Nazis who paraded through Charlottesville with tiki torches in 2017. He hasn’t condemned their murdering of an anti-Nazi demonstrator.

Remember when condemning Nazis was a gimme? Condemning Nazis should be as easy as condemning puppy kickers, nun beaters, and people who keep posting their Wordles on Facebook.

Republicans are afraid of offending Nazis because they’re on the same side as Nazis. Ted Cruz claims President Biden is appealing to a tiny portion of our population by promising to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court, but, Ted…how much of our population consists of Nazis?

Here’s a fun fact: There are three Supreme Court justices that were placed there by a guy supported by Nazis and Putin.

Facts are fun. Let’s look at a few others.

If you’re against vaccine mandates, you’re on the same side as Nazis.

If you’re against face-mask mandates, you’re on the same side as Nazis.

If you’re against Critical Race Theory being taught in schools, you’re on the same side as Nazis.

If you want to build a wall, you’re on the same side as Nazis.

If you have ever spread conspiracy theories about George Soros, you’re on the same side as Nazis.

If you believe the election was stolen, you’re on the same side as Nazis.

If you supported the insurrection, you’re on the same side as Nazis.

If you voted for Donald Trump, you voted for the same candidate the Nazis voted for.

If you watch Tucker Carlson, you’re watching it with Nazis.

If the vilest of people, you know, Nazis, agree with you on all the issues, you might be on the wrong side. You may need to rethink your positions and even be honest about why you support those opinions.

If you support everything Nazis support, you might be a Nazi. You’re just missing the armband.

Here’s some more free advice: Don’t be a Nazi. Why is this so hard?

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