Supreme Court Nominee

Whose Squat To Pop?


On Tuesday Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the death of Antonin Scalia. In doing so the Republican party effectively stole a Supreme Court appointment from President Obama and the Democrats.

The GOP gambled in not allowing Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland a hearing for the seat. Their argument was that it was a seat to be filled by the next president. Their actual argument was that it was for the next Republican president and Ted Cruz even said it should remain unfilled if Hillary Clinton wins the election.

Presidents serve four year terms. Not three. They still execute the powers and responsibilities of the office, even during the last year of their term. Apparently the United States senate does not.

Republicans also argued that Obama was a lame duck president. He was not. The lame duck stage is between the election and inauguration day. Not a year before the election.

The GOP gambled and they won. They played partisan politics with a Supreme Court nomination. They neglected their duty and responsibility. Now they’re crying that Trump’s nominee shouldn’t be held up in political purgatory, even though they did the same thing and without a good reason.

Trump promised a staunch conservative to fill the seat. He also promised to unite the nation and be a president for everyone, even those who didn’t vote for him. If he actually wanted to fulfill that pledge who would have nominated Merrick Garland. At least then he’d finally get a hearing, less enough a vote.

Republicans are the party of “no.” Even when it comes to hearing.

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Hillary’s Supreme Court Nominee


An open letter to the Republican members of the United States Senate:

Dear honorable senators;

You’re all idiots.

Do you honestly believe President Hillary Clinton is going to nominate someone more conservative than Merrick Garland? Oh, some of you think Ted Cruz will be the next president and will make the nomination…or Donald Trump. Do you really want to see what sort of poo flinging monkeys Donald Trump will nominate?

Ted Cruz is not going to be president. He’s not going to win your nomination and if he did he would need the votes of women and minorities and trust me. Nobody of color is going to vote for Ted Cruz. You managed to find a Hispanic that Hispanic people don’t like, but to be fair, most people don’t like Ted. And unless there’s a large Oompa Loompa demographic out there I don’t see Donald Trump winning the election.

So you’re stuck with President Hillary Clinton. If you don’t approve Garland to the Court then you’ll be facing a nomination from Clinton. You might want to go with the straight white guy while you can.

I know you’re sticking with this argument that the people need to decide. They did. They decided in 2008 and again in 2012. By the way, every poll says you need to have a vote on confirmation. You also say you want a strict Constitutionalist on the Court, which is ironic since you’re ignoring the Constitution in regards to this nominee. Can you show me where it’s written in the Constitution that the president doesn’t nominate Supreme Court justices in his last year in office? How about the part of the document that says you can avoid doing your job? I can show you where presidential terms are four years, not three.

It’s really hard to buy that your fight isn’t just partisan horse dookey. You have stated that your job is to make Obama a one-term president (which you failed), you shut down the government over trifle issues, you’ve attempted to defund Obamacare over 50 times while never passing a jobs bill, and you’ve literally passed more snowballs in the Senate than any bills that are constructive.

The real big part of this issue that certifies your idiocracy is that you’re not just facing the prospect of another Democratic administration. You’re facing the very real possibility that this entire stupid, partisan ordeal will cost you the senate. I’m sure the Democrat controlled senate will love Hillary’s Sister Souljah.

Happy legislating.

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