Spa Shootings

Bad Day


If it’s any consolation, I did stare at this cartoon for nearly a day before I decided to go with it.

Whether you criticize police or support them, you should remain consistent. You shouldn’t be tribal to the point that all cops are good until they’re attacked by white nationalist MAGA terrorists sent by Donald Trump to overturn an election.

I stand with the police who protected the U.S. Capitol while also keeping in mind, some of those cops are under investigation for cooperating with the terrorists. One cop even took a selfie with the terrorists. That’s NOT a good look. Even the cop who walked into the Senate chamber filled with MAGA terrorists asked them politely not to be there.

Another look that’s not good is sympathizing with a killer over his victims.

Usually, when you think of a “bad day,” you think of a bad hair day, or a day when you are overwhelmed by life, or when you get a speeding ticket. Maybe when you think of “bad day,” you think of the so-so song by the rock band Fuel or the even better song titled “Bad Days” by The Flaming Lips. The one thing that doesn’t come to mind when I think of “bad day” is a guy who just killed eight people in a shooting spree.

The killer went to three different Atlanta-area Asian massage parlors to kills Asians, supposedly over some sexual fetish of his he was trying to eliminate. Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office said the 21-year-old white male “was pretty much fed up and kind of at the end of his rope. Yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did.” Later, it was discovered that this captain had Facebook posts promoting shirts with the racist statements calling the coronavirus, “IMPORTED VIRUS FROM CHY-NA.”

California Congressman Ted Lieu tweeted, “All of us have experienced bad days, but we don’t go to three Asian businesses and shoot up Asian employees.”

The problem people like me have with America’s police isn’t with a few bad apples like Captain Jay Baker. Our problem is with the system or racism within America’s police. It’s a system that tolerates these “bad apples.” In Georgia, the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office hasn’t even acknowledged Captain Baker is a racist. Maybe they should visit his Facebook page.

When Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old black child playing with a plastic toy gun in Cleveland, Ohio was killed by police, cop defenders called him a “thug.”

After 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman for walking while black and wearing a hoodie, white conservatives tried to describe Martin as a thug in training and were livid that a photo of the victim, taken three days before his death, made him look too young, innocent, and sweet. They circulated photos of a 32-year-old rapper they found menacing enough, and labeled that as Trayvon.

When black American George Floyd was arrested for supposedly trying to cash a counterfeit check, cops killed him by kneeling on his neck.

Believing he had a knife, cops in Kenosha paralyzed black American Jacob Blake by shooting him four times, out of seven shots, in the back, after tasering him.

After cops arrested white kid Dylan Roof, who was 17 at the time, the same age as Trayvon Martin, for murdering nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, they brought him a Whopper from Burger King.

And to a Georgia cop, a white guy shooting up multiple massage parlors and killing eight people, most of them women, and six of them Asian, is having a “bad day.” Did the cop think about the kind of day the victims had? Did the police captain want to bring the killer a Whopper? Maybe Senator Ron Johnson can bring all the white terrorists Whoppers.

The killer is racist against Asian-Americans and so is the cop who said the shooter was suffering from a “bad day.” The problem here is, his racism was public before his own bad day, and his police department didn’t do anything about it.

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