Seventeen Investigations

Smelling Blood


Fun fact; if Donald Trump was to send out a tweet condemning each investigation against him, he would have to tweet seventeen times. Another fun fact; he will.

There are currently seventeen investigations into Donald Trump that we know of. These don’t include current or upcoming congressional investigations or those against the criminals he’s appointed to his cabinet.

Five individuals committed the Watergate burglaries, but 69 people were eventually charged with 48 pleading or found guilty from the Nixon administration. And yet, no president has ever faced a legal assault like the one hitting Donald Trump.

There are not seventeen investigations against Trump because “angry Democrats” or the “deep state” are out to get him. There are seventeen investigations against him because he’s brought it upon himself. He’s a crooked individual, and he’s operated his businesses like shell games for his entire professional career of being a conman. Running for and becoming president has exposed those cons.

A lot of people already knew Trump was a crook before he ran for president. American banks stopped loaning to him years ago and a lot of lawyers and contractors refuse to work for him. Trump even talks like a crook, saying his former lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen is a “rat.” Calling someone a “rat” implies there was something to rat about.

His current lawyer and scary mouthpiece Rudy Giuliani have gone from arguing Trump is innocent to the laws he’s broken aren’t that big of a deal. When Rudy argues that nobody got killed, it makes me think we’re going to find a body. Some Republican Senators have accepted Trump is guilty of crimes though they won’t do anything about it. Utah’s Orrin Hatch even said, “I don’t care.” But how much longer will they remain not to care with seventeen investigations piling up evidence of criminal activity and many former friends and business associates flipping on him? Does anyone believe seventeen probes won’t reveal some crimes?

Keeping track of all those investigations can be difficult without a scorecard. Keeping track of all the firings and resignations from the administration is hard enough. Fortunately, Wired has published a guide to each investigation.

There’s the attack on our election by Russia and if Trump colluded or is obstructing justice. Wikileaks is being investigated and there are questions if Trump or his associates knew in advance of their leaks. Investigators are looking into whether Israel, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates helped the Trump campaign. Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort is going to prison. There’s the Trump Tower Moscow project. At least fourteen Trump campaign surrogates had contact with Russians. New York prosecutors are looking into his company’s financial shenanigans. There’s paying off women with hush money which were campaign finance violations. The Inauguration funding is missing over $40 million, and there are signs Trump profited, questions if foreigners made contributions, and there were several Russians in attendance at the event. Trump’s super PAC is being investigated. We have foreign lobbying. The NRA received money from Russia and some of that may have gone into the Trump campaign. The administration may have been making a deal with Turkey to hand over a U.S. resident they accuse of being a criminal. The New York Times exposed Trump for decades of unpaid taxes and other assorted financial schemes. His charity, the Trump Foundation coordinated with the campaign and was also a slush fund for The Donald. Finally, we have lawsuits over emoluments, where Trump is making money off the presidency.

These investigations aren’t just hitting Trump. Also, entwined are three of his kids, Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka. Even Melania might have a finger in the Inauguration scheme.

Is it any wonder Trump had a hard time finding a Chief of Staff? You would need to hire a lawyer just to take the job as you’re sure to receive a subpoena at some point. Trump basically forced his Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney to take the job. Even then, he would only accept on the condition that he has “acting” as part of his title, as in, he doesn’t want to be there for the long haul. Who can blame him? The job could have you “acting” like you’re going to prison.

Prison is a place where you could land if you work for Donald Trump. Ask Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

There is blood in the water attracting sharks. The sharks are better than you. If you work for Trump, some of that blood will be yours.

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