Self Isolation

Famous Last Words


If you want to, feel free to print this out and use a Sharpie to write the names of yourself and significant other on these characters. Don’t use the Sharpie as a weapon.

We’re day 6 in the federal government’s request that we self-isolate. Have you killed anyone yet? I’m fortunate in that I live alone because I am a loner and people piss me off when they’re doing normal things, like breathing.

I moved into my apartment three weeks ago and it’s the first time in about 20 years that I’ve lived alone if you don’t count a couple months between roommates after I was laid off in 2012. I gotta say, I couldn’t have better timing.

But one thing that’s really cool is that I’ve had several friends call and check up on me. That makes me feel good because if I die alone, then maybe my body will be found within a few days.

I hope we get back to normal, or something that resembles it. I hope businesses open again soon. I hope businesses will start rehiring the people they laid off. I hope we can greet fellow human beings in a normal fashion. I’m looking forward to talking to someone and being closer than six feet. I don’t care what your politics are, I want you to come through this OK, even if you’re a Trump-supporting asshole.

Take care of yourself and those around you. And if you go a few days without seeing a cartoon from me, please send somebody to come look for my body.

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