Trumpet Crumpets


Donald Trump is corrupt. His cult points at him donating his salary to different government agencies while ignoring his frequent trips to his own golf resorts and every foreign diplomat and Republican in Washington, D.C. booking hotel and party rooms at his hotels. Attorney General William Barr spent over $30,000 to rent a conference room at Trump’s Washington hotel for an asshole party. There are other hotels and conference rooms in Washington, D.C. Former Secretary of the Interior Scott Pruitt tried to buy a used mattress from the Trump hotel. There are better places to buy a mattress in the Washington, D.C, area, and maybe even get one at a better price that didn’t have Russian hookers doing lord-knows-what-disgusting things on it.

When Donald Trump visits his shitty golf resorts, the governments has to book rooms. That means they have to pay for them. In fact, they have to book rooms surrounding the dates for Trump’s visits for security purposes and the possibility that he’ll stay longer. We, you and I, still have to pay for those rooms. The Trump Organization isn’t cutting us any slack. Donald Trump even charges the Secret Service rent at Trump Tower and for the use of golf carts to follow him around while he cheats at golf by stealing little boys’ balls. The motherfucker literally charges the Secret Service to protect his fat orange ass.

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp. But the mere fact he’s continued Washington’s swampy ways is that he awards ambassadorships to campaign contributors. For example, the ambassadorship to the United Kingdom is probably the most lucrative diplomatic post we have and Donald Trump gave it to a guy named Woody. Woody Johnson is a billionaire and the owner of The New York Jets. He gave over a million dollars to the Trump Inauguration Committee where millions of dollars have just vanished. It’s like nobody’s even looking into that anymore. Zip. Bye-bye, money. For his donation, Woody got London.

Now, it’s been revealed that Woody was poking around trying to get the British Open, which is a golf tournament, to be awarded to…wait for it…oh fuck it, you know where this is going…to one of Donald Trump’s shitty resorts. Shockingly enough, he was trying to get it to one of Trump’s resorts in the UK and not one in the U.S.

When Donald Trump first banned travel from Europe because of the coronavirus pandemic, he made exceptions for nations that had…wait for it…oh you know this….exceptions for nations that had Trump resorts. Why? Because Donald Trump is corrupt. We need to talk about this a lot more often.

Woody apparently brought the subject up to Scotland’s Secretary of State. Scotland is where Trump’s Turnberry resort is located. In case you’re a Republican, Scotland is a country that’s part of the United Kindom. This is something that probably confused Trump previously as he’s shown confusion over what is the United Kingdom, England, Britain, and person, woman, man, camera, TV.

Woody told several colleagues he was going to make the request and his deputy, Lewis Lukens, a holdover from the Obama administration, told him it was a really bad idea. Asking for a personal favor, basically, a bribe to the president of the United States isn’t just not diplomatic, but it’s unethical and…wait for it again…has to be illegal.

Lukens was fired. Now, there’s confusion over whether he was fired for not liking the idea of asking host nations for bribes or if he was dismissed for saying something nice about President Obama at a diplomatic function. You know what type of little titty babies these people are in the Trump administration.

Woody Johnson tweeted, “I have followed the ethical rules and requirements of my office at all times,” which was about as much a denial as Congressman Ted Yoho’s apology to congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for calling her a “fucking bitch” was an actual apology.

Donald Trump claimed he never spoke to Woody Johnson about it which is either a lie or the truth as he could have spoken to someone else to speak to Johnson about it. And, while denying that he was trying to benefit his property as president (sic), Donald Trump promoted his property from the presidency. He said, “No, I never spoke to Woody Johnson about that, about Turnberry. Turnberry’s a highly respected course, as you know, one of the best in the world. I read a story about it today, and I never spoke to Woody Johnson about doing that, no.” Also, you can probably get a really sweet deal on a used mattress from Turdberry.

Is Donald Trump the kind of guy who’d use his office to profit? Is he the kind of guy who’d ask for a major golf tournament to be hosted at one of his resorts? We do know he’s the kind of guy who’d try to host the G-7 at one of his shitty resorts.

Turdberry is a major money sucker and Trump has lost millions in it. He’s been craving for a major golf tournament to be hosted at one of his resorts for years but he’s been denied again and again. Why? Because his golf courses are crap. Several of his resorts are losing money, like Doral in Miami which is why he wanted the G-7 to be hosted there. Also, Doral is full of bedbugs so be careful if you go mattress shopping from a Trump property.

Donald Trump is corrupt. He’s raking in millions without even asking…but he’s asking too. And there’s no better way to lose respect in the international community than for our president (sic) to be asking our allies for bribes. It’s a bribe. Make no mistake about it. Bribe, bribe, bribity, bribe, bribe. It’s a fucking bribe. It’s not just unethical, it’s a crime for which Donald Trump should eventually go to fucking federal prison…among all the other multiple crimes he’s committed that he should go to fucking federal prison for.

And the new normal in Trump corruption is that this story lasted a day. It was swept aside for his canceling a convention in Jacksonville and for, “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.” It’s scary enough the Trump cult doesn’t care about Trump’s corruption, but that the rest of have become used to it. This is a big freaking deal. Everyone needs to freak out about it. I am. Can we all agree it’s wrong for the president (sic) to enrich himself from his office? Can we agree it’s wrong for the president (sic) to ask for bribes?

And since Republicans in Washington won’t remove Donald Trump for being corrupt, the responsibility is on us. We need to remove him in November. It’s important.

Donald Trump is corrupt and his supporters have a Woody for it.

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Sorry, Texas


For the record, I was born in Texas.  I have a lot of friends in Texas who I respect.  However, I think this small secession movement that started up after Obama was re-elected is one born of ignorance and wishful thinking.  I would think it’d be unfair to question the intelligence of the majority of Texans, but this is a state that’s elected Rick Perry over and over, Sent Ted Cruz to the U.S. Senate, executes the mentally ill, puts out elementary text books that give Moses credit for influencing the U.S. Constitution and gave us Tom DeLay.