School Safety

Bulletproof The Baby


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Rich, my editor at CNN sent me a story about bulletproof backpacks. He told me it made him sad. It makes me sad too that now bulletproof backpacks are on the back-to-school shopping list. That’s a little messed up.

If conservatives get their solution, there will be armed guards at every school, mall, Wal-Mart, theater, shopping center, nightclub, etc. For gun nuts, forcing parents to spend $300 on an item that protects your child if a shooter only aims at their back at the right time of day is a better solution than having fewer shooters.

It’s not that I’m against bulletproof backpacks. I’m against the need for bulletproof backpacks. We don’t need assault rifles in the hands of private ownership. We just don’t. I’m against this environment where parents can’t focus solely on their children’s education without worrying whether they’re going to come home alive.

Republicans are against increasing fundings in education. They’re against feeding the poor kids. But, they’ll gladly support increased spending to put armed guards in every school.

And the president? He and Melania posed with a baby who is now an orphan because its parents were killed by a white supremacist motivated by Trump’s rhetoric. Trump would rather focus on protecting his feelings than that child. They don’t make backpacks that will protect Donald Trump’s thin skin, but they do make a news network for that.

We shouldn’t need bulletproof backpacks to protect our children. You don’t need an assault rifle to protect yourself. Nobody needs a narcissistic, whiny, thin-skinned, man-baby president.

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To Protect And Something Something


While an active shooter was killing his former classmates last week in Parkland, Florida, the only cop on the scene stayed outside and took cover. There are now reports that other officers arriving at the scene also remained outside choosing to hide behind their cars.

Trump has called the School Resource Deputy a coward. He and others are choosing to ignore that a gun on campus didn’t stop the slaughter as they argue for more guns on school campuses.

Trump and the good folks at the NRA, who value assault weapons over children’s lives, want to put guns in the hands of teachers. Trump says it will be different for teachers since they’ll know the students they’re protecting. The cop at the school knew those students too as he worked there since 2010.

The deputy failed to protect and defend as he swore to do. He has resigned in disgrace since this information went public. Maybe Trump should think about resigning too.

Donald Trump has refused to protect and defend this nation, which he swore to do when he took the oath of office on inauguration day.

When NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre and spokesgoon Dana Loesch spoke at CPAC Thursday, they blamed dozens of individuals, institutions, and circumstances for mass shootings without blaming guns. When Donald Trump finally acknowledged Russia hacked the 2016 election, he blamed dozens without blaming Russia.

That’s because Donald Trump is a coward, and he should resign.

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