Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Need Another Hint


A White House ripe with dumbasses is now trying to convince us they’re stupid.

Trump’s spokes-goon, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama weren’t talking about her boss when they gave speeches denouncing nationalism, being divisive just to be divisive and to rile up your base, engaging in fabrications, chasing conspiracy theories, and that bigotry and prejudice is not part of the American creed.

Yeah, it’s a head-scratcher. Who could they be referring to? Did none of that sound familiar to Ms. Huckabee Sanders?

Last week, John McCain talked about “spurious nationalism” and again, the White House played dumb. Steve Bannon didn’t because that bitch loves him some fascist nationalism. He went after both McCain and Bush while speaking in front of very hateful audiences. He got a crowd to boo John McCain, and someone in the audience yelled: “hang him.”

Yesterday, McCain went after Trump again without naming him. The Arizona Senator, Vietnam veteran, and former prisoner of war complained about trust-fund babies who were able to avoid the draft by whining about bone spurs. Guess who got out of going to Vietnam because of bone spurs? McCain said he wasn’t talking specifically about Trump, but yeah sure. Let’s talk about someone who avoided the draft with a bone spur deferment the same week he’s in a feud with a Gold-Star widow.  I hope McCain doesn’t believe we’re that stupid. We’re not Trump voters.

Trump is really good at mouthing patriotism and support for the military until someone attached to the military hurts his feelings. This a man who is aghast that anyone would kneel during the national anthem, but will attack POWs and Gold Star families.

Trump is trying to convince us that he expressed compassion, respect, and empathy to the Gold Star widow. It’s a hard sell when he’s feuding with her. If he truly had empathy he would never have responded to her criticism, or had sent out a four-star general to engage in attacking a congresswoman over the issue. If Trump was presidential or an actual adult, he would have let it go. He definitely wouldn’t have sent out John Kelly who pushed lies about the congresswoman.

Here’s the thing, kids. If you’re attacking the widow, or the congresswoman, calling her “wacky” as Trump did, or even debasing yourself by making fun of her red cowboy hat and her fashion choices, you’re just as bad as Trump. You’re choosing an unpatriotic man-baby over people who have actually sacrificed.

Trump doesn’t know about sacrifice, but he’s really good with feuding with those who do. Trump said his sleeping around was his “own personal Vietnam.” While attacking a Gold family when he was campaigning, he said, “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I’ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I’ve had tremendous success. I think I’ve done a lot.” No, Donald. Other people sacrificed for you to get rich. Not you.

More people need to speak out against Trump, especially Republicans. They need to denounce his racism, bigotry, nationalism, fascism, narcissism, nepotism, immaturity, his lies, his love for conspiracies, his attacks on the First Amendment, and stick up for the little people he is attacking who have sacrificed for this nation. And if they want, they can make fun of his hair too.

And as for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who sticks up for liars, pushes lies, and tells us we shouldn’t question the lies of a four-star general. Buy yourself a hat, because you don’t have any cattle either.

Creative notes: I do miss drawing Obama. I really miss drawing Bush. But, I shouldn’t complain because this administration has given me a buffet of ugly to draw. Stephen Miller, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, Trump himself…it’s a field day. This is my first time to caricature the Huckster, and I wouldn’t say she’s ugly, but she has a very condescending look about her.

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