Bernie’s Little Drops Of Love For Little Debbie


A lot of people are really unhappy with the job Debbie Wasserman Schultz has performed as chair of the Democratic Party. The one person who is probably the most unhappy with her is Bernie Sanders.

One thing sitting Senators and Congressmen do not do….ever, is endorse a primary opponent against a current sitting representative in their own party. Guess what Bernie did. Bernie Sanders has endorsed Wasserman Schultz’s primary opponent. He has also stated that if he’s elected president that she will no longer be the chair of the DNC. Ouch! Feel that bern, baby.

Sanders even sent out an email for her opponent, Tim Canova, soliciting campaign donations, which apparently brought in a lot of cash.

Sanders feels Wasserman Schultz has favored Hillary Clinton throughout the Democratic primary. She actually worked on Hillary’s 2008 campaign so he might have a point. Other evidence he points to that shows she favors Clinton is her use of super delegates, which is like giving Clinton a running start. There were also closed closed primaries in several states which prevents independents from voting, which is very undemocratic for a party called the “Democratic party.” Worst of all, Wasserman Schultz scheduled very few debates, with some of those happening on Saturday nights. I’m really shocked Wasserman Schultz didn’t schedule any for 4:00 am Thursday morning on C-SPAN. Apparently the more people get of Hillary Clinton the less they like her. It’s probably the laugh. For me its’ the laugh and the Big Bird pants suit she wore for one of the debates. Obviously, her campaign is staffed entirely with yes people. Yes, ma’am, that suit is fabulous and not ridiculous looking at all.

Will Sanders’s support of Cavona against Debbie have any impact? I doubt it. In the Florida primary Hillary Clinton won that particular congressional district by 37%.

Even if these complaints against Wasserman Schultz weren’t out there in the political atmosphere, I would still believe she should be knocked out of the chairmanship. It’s a conflict of interest. She’s a sitting member of Congress. That’s her job. Not the blanket partisanship of chairing the party. We can blame President Obama for that as he’s the one who appointed her, which was probably done to appease Hillary after he thrashed her in the 2008 primaries.

Bernie may have “berned” some bridges in the Democratic Party. But what does he really care? He only recently became a Democrat as he’s spent his entire legislative career as an independent. He’ll probably go back to that status after the election.

Bernie’s birds pooping on Debbie’s hair would suck. But at least they’re not making a nest in it. I believe that’s physically possible.

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Hillary Is Progressive


There’s a really stupid argument right now in Campaign 2016 and it’s between the two most qualified for the presidency.

No, it’s not Trump angry at Ted Cruz for telling Iowa voters Ben Carson was withdrawing before they voted. It’s not Chris Christie calling Marco Rubio the “Bubble Boy.” It’s not even Jeb Bush pleading with his audience to clap.

It’s between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Bernie says Hillary isn’t really progressive and Hillary thinks that’s a personal attack. First, it’s not a personal attack. You’re ugly, you like Ted Cruz, you bought “The Art of The Deal,” you love Nickelback, those are personal attacks.

We’re arguing over labels now? I mean labels other than “socialist” that Republicans believe means communism. Hillary has claimed in the past she’s moderate. Now she wants people to know she’s progressive. Bernie says you can’t be both. Can you? I would have to spend a lot of time thinking about where you draw the line.

You can be progressive on a lot of issues and still think trickle-down works. You can be a liberal and want voucher schools. You can be a conservative and believe gays should be free to marry (which is actually a conservative position when you really think about it).

I don’t care about those labels. I want to know the issues. Do you believe in universal health care? Free college? Wars paid with tax cuts? Barring Muslims from entering the country? The separation of Church and State? Labels Schmabels.

These two candidates need to define who is the candidate that believes in “progress” for this nation and to prevent (here’s a few labels) the racist, xenophobic, bigoted, regressive policies of the Republicans from taking this nation backwards.

I am not lampooning Hillary Clinton because I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter. I haven’t made up my mind between the two of them. There’s a lot of animosity between Sanders’ and Clinton’s supporters and I’m not a part of that and don’t intend to jump in.

This is the first cartoon I’ve drawn this week that’s not disgusting by featuring political sex, vomit, or Ted Cruz. Are you proud of me? I had to draw this cartoon now because my next cartoon might feature a little bondage action. You’ve been warned.

I drew Flo about 40 times. That was a lot of erasing and I almost destroyed my paper doing it. She has a lot of features in a limited amount of space. I looked at photos of her and then I looked at caricatures of her. The way other people draw doesn’t work for me so I went back to the photos. I finally got one down I could live with and I don’t think the way I drew her is indicative of my usual style. Now that it’s done, I like it better than I did before. I’ll hate it tomorrow.

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