Sanctuary City

Sanctuary Cities


I’m not against “sanctuary cities.” Compassion, empathy and fairness should be more common. But when someone is in this country illegally and has been convicted of felonies over seven times then a phone call from the jail or sheriff’s department can’t be made to make sure the guy is deported?

I don’t think the blame lies entirely with one department. The sanctuary cities should change their policy where those convicted of violent crimes, or had been deported in the past, don’t qualify for sanctuary. It’d be nice if we weren’t providing a safe place for someone here illegally to go out and shoot a U.S. citizen.

This is 2015. This is the internet age. We know Lindsay Lohan made a nipple slip three minutes after. We move rocks on Mars. You can get cat pictures and selfies on your phone. It seems the departments in the largest funded and technologically advanced government on the planet could make phone calls and coordinate with each other when one is about to send a potential murderer out on the street.