Sanctuary Cities

Meet The Millers


In another move to prove he and his sycophantic supporters are vile, disgusting, horrible, and just downright cruel human beings, Donald Trump is threatening to dump immigrants into sanctuary cities.

Cities that are considered “sanctuaries” for immigrants in this nation illegally are mostly Democratic. What these cities don’t do is extend their resources to the federal government in pursuing immigrants. It means an immigrant can report a crime without fearing his good samaritanship will get him deported. It makes sense.

After it was reported that this vile idea from Senior White House Goon Stephen Miller was being considered, the White House issued a statement saying it was proposed but quickly rejected. Reminding his staff that it’s not smart to put your name on any official statement because you’ll get cut off at the knees, Donald Trump tweeted that he was taking the idea seriously.

If you support this proposal then you’re as horrible and cruel as Donald Trump, who has staked his entire presidency on the border situation. He’s created a crisis where one didn’t exist. He promised a border wall and that Mexico would pay for it. Failing that, he shut down the government for funding and failed there too, caving to Nancy Pelosi. Trump has gotten so desperate for his vanity project that he’s placed a plaque with his name on it at a section of border fencing that was funded before his presidency.

Trump has made the claim that immigrants are animals, rapists, and murderers. If that’s the case, isn’t dumping them on cities placing Americans in danger? Is Trump hoping there’s a murder from an immigrant so he can divide the nation on this even further? Does he believe trucking in busloads of immigrants like unwanted cats that grew out of the cute kitten stage will sway the citizens in those cities to support his racist policies?

Undocumented immigrants commit fewer crimes than American citizens. Still, Trump has framed them as gangsters and terrorists coming into this nation to spread drugs, weapons and to murder God-fearing Christians. While he’s accused them of being animals, he’s treating them as such by making them political pawns and weapons. It’s also an attempt to stoke racial tensions and fears. The funny thing is, Republicans accused Obama of being the most divisive president in American history.

It was also reported that Trump told his former director of Border Patrol that he would pardon him if he was jailed for violating immigration laws on Trump’s orders. If this is true or Trump does dump immigrants in cities to punish his political enemies, then he should be impeached.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Donald Trump is a failed president because he failed at being a human being years ago.

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Walls and Sanctuaries


The divide in America between the Left and the Right is growing wider as Trump attempts to not just crack down on people in this nation illegally, but also cities that voted against him.

Sanctuary cities are locations where local authorities don’t rat immigrants out to the feds if they’re here illegally. The reason being is that they don’t want people afraid to cooperate with local police or when they need help. It’s compassionate and humane. Trump doesn’t like that.

He’s threatening to withhold federal funding for cities that offer sanctuary. The problem with that is it may be illegal and unconstitutional. Let’s not mention how much these cities kick in to the federal budget. One also wonders how Cheeto-Potentate will handle future Trump Hotel locations in these cities after he’s done bullying them.

Our new paranoid president is issuing executive orders at a rate that’ll surpass Obama’s before his first week is over. On Wednesday he focused on immigration.

Trump is ordering the construction of his stupid wall on the border with Mexico, which you will pay for (Trump won’t because he doesn’t pay taxes). He’s cracking down on the number of Syrian refugees allowed into this nation. We can expect Trump to unleash deportation goon squads soon.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto issued a statement on Mexican television that his nation will never pay for the wall. He’s also scheduled to visit the U.S. soon and he’s now considering canceling his trip.

Trump had a busy day. Between talking about stealing Iraq’s oil, bringing back torture, hating on immigrants and refugees, and making one of our neighbors truly hate us, it’s amazing he can find any time to create new conspiracy theories. But he did as he continued to claim millions of illegal voters voted against him in the election which is what cost him the popular vote. If millions of people voted illegally, Trump would have won in a genuine landslide.

America is under attack but it’s from within. One wonders if these sanctuary cities should build walls to keep Trump out. I also wonder which one I should move to.

Creative note: I’m not a big fan of drawing “stuff.” A lot of cartoonists really enjoy drawing buildings, landmarks, planes, tanks, technical machinery, etc. I do too here and there depending on how I’m using it. It took me a while to realize I was more into drawing people than things. I did enjoy drawing the landmarks in this cartoon. I went to school so I was familiar with the landmarks though I did have to Google an image of each. I also Googled a list of the sanctuary cities just so I could be accurate. I was really disappointed St. Louis wasn’t one of them. If you can figure which city the star is from then you can award yourself a Claytoonz brownie point.

As I was drawing this it brought to mind the cover of the Foo Fighters last album, Sonic Highways. It combines the cities where they recorded the album. It consists of eight cities and one song for each. I’m a huge Foo Fighter fan and it’s the only album of theirs I don’t own. Everything I heard from it truly sucks. It was a pretty bitchin’ cover though.

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