The NRA Is Fatale


There are several reasons why Russia targets conservatives and their organizations for disinformation and espionage.

The first reason is they’re stupid. You may think I’m generalizing Trump supporters, but I don’t think I am. These are people who were standing in the rain during Trump’s inauguration and the newly sworn in president told them that it wasn’t raining, and they said, while being drenched, “Yeah…it’s not raining.” So, if you need morons to believe Hillary Clinton is running a child sex slave ring out of the basement of a pizza shop that doesn’t have a basement, look no further than the drenched idiots singing It’s A Sun Shine Day.

Another reason; they don’t care if information is true as long as it confirms their bias. Look at the birther campaign. There is not one tiny fragment of evidence to support that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Yet, many people still believe this debunked lie. Unfortunately, one of them is now president of the United States. It also helps if the targets for your disinformation campaign are racists.

The biggest reason Russian spies target conservative groups is the one rarely acknowledged. Republicans welcomes, encourage, and enable it. You don’t see Donald Trump doing anything to discourage or combat the current disinformation campaign by Russian troll farms. And, yes. They’re still attacking us. Trump was told after the election that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the cyber attack on our election. What did Trump do? He’s spent every day since denying the assault was inflicted by Russia. Even yesterday, he denied they were still attacking us.

Take a look at Jacob Wohl. You may think Mr. Wohl is a bad example as he’s only 20-years-old and runs a fake news site. But, he’s been retweeted by the president, and he has over 154,000 followers on Twitter. Yesterday, this young idiot tweeted, “If Russia assists MAGA Candidates on the internet in this year’s midterms, that’s not the end of the world.” He also tweets a lot of conspiracy theories and fake news, proving my first two examples by his number of followers eating that stuff up.

Enter Maria Butina. Ms. Butina is a young, attractive Russian spy. She targeted conservative groups like the National Rifle Association and the National Prayer Breakfast to influence powerful Republicans. She was secretly in contact with Russian intelligence operatives, a senior Russian official and a billionaire oligarch close to the Kremlin whom she called her “funder.” And, she used sex in her covert operation, which might be what they’re praying for at that National Prayer Breakfast group. Who doesn’t want sex with their pancakes?

Butina lied on her Visa application to attend American University in Washington, D.C. She was living with a Republican operative twice her age that she privately disdained, but he was doing her homework. For a Republican, doing her homework and helping her attack our nation is worth it if the sex is good….or at the very least…it’s sex.

Butina was caught by the FBI while she was planning to leave the country. They’ve charged her with conspiracy and illegally acting as an agent for the Russian government. While she was in Federal Court for a hearing yesterday, Donald Trump was telling journalists that Russia isn’t trying to attack our next election.

While the NRA touts itself as a patriotic organization, they were an easy tool for America’s enemies to be used to sabotage our Democracy. Before Butina moved to the U.S., she was flown over multiple times by the NRA for various gun-nut events. Her contacts with the NRA got her very close to high-level Republicans, evidenced by her Facebook page where she posted photos of herself with former presidential candidates Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal, and former US Sen. Rick Santorum. She met Donald Trump Jr. at an NRA convention in Louisville. She even got close to Donald Trump Sr., meeting him on one occasion and asking a question from the audience at another. She attended his inauguration which got her handler to refer to her as a “daredevil.”

In 2015, an NRA delegation including GOP activist Paul Erickson, former NRA president David Keene, NRA Vice President Pete Brownell, major NRA donor Joe Gregory, and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke traveled to Moscow, where they met with Kremlin officials. It was an event Butina helped organize. Clarke filed a report that Butina’s organization paid $6,000 for his trip. NRA spokesgoon Dana Loesch at first denied there was an official trip to Moscow, and then later said this trip wasn’t “official.”

After Trump won the election, Butina contacted her handler with the message, “I am ready for further orders.”

Currently, the FBI is investigating if Russians illegally funneled money to the Trump campaign through the NRA.

Russians refer to the people in the NRA and other assorted Republicans as “useful idiots,” implying they’re being fooled into helping them. They are idiots, but, what if they’re not being fooled, and they’re going along willingly? According to Mr. Wohl, it wouldn’t be the “end of the world.” It could just be the end of our democracy.

What are you willing to sell your country out for, a conservative Supreme Court, an end to legal abortion, an AK-47 in every home? Sex with a Russian ginger?

Patriotism seems to be a thing of the past for conservatives much like ethics, principles, reading, knowing stuff, etc. A Russian spy in the NRA isn’t a big deal to them, but it’s a big deal to me because the NRA controls Congress and the presidency. What do you want to bet Maria Butina isn’t the only spy infiltrating conservative groups?

I can think of one big orange one currently in the White House

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Watch me draw.



I like hockey but I have never been a consistent follower. I’d love to say the Caps are my team since they just won the Stanley Cup, and they are my region’s team, but I don’t want to go all bandwagony on you.

About ten years ago, you couldn’t find a hockey fan in this town. Then, they seemed to appear overnight. There were Caps fans everywhere, and they were loud. You couldn’t go into a bar in this town without a collection of hockey goobers shouting in unison, “C.A.P.S. Caps! Caps! Caps!” All of a sudden it seemed like everyone who had never watched one game of hockey knew everything there was about hockey, or at the very least, really good at coordinated shouting.

I follow the NHL like I follow basketball. I start paying some attention during the playoffs and might increase it during conference finals, and either stick with it or give up during the championship series. I was rooting for the Caps during this run because I’d always like to see them do well.  I was rooting for the Sharks in the West because I really like their logo. I like sharks.

But, it was like the Capitals had a curse on them and couldn’t get out of the first round, even when they were the top seed. Plus, during the finals, they were playing the team in Tampa…and I think Southern hockey teams are unnatural, like ketchup. I think Washington, D.C. should be as far south as the NHL should go. Now, there are teams in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, and Los Angeles and Anaheim. Now, Las Vegas. What’s up with a sport played on ice being in the desert? And then, the Caps face a team from the desert in the championship.

To make matters worse, the Vegas Golden Knights are in their inaugural year (and their logo sucks. You see how I am about logos). Screw that. Those fans haven’t suffered enough yet to have a championship (same reason I hate the Florida Marlins). Hell, they haven’t even followed hockey long enough to know what it is. Forget explaining icing to them. Explain ice. And, half the experts were picking them to beat the Caps. From hockey finals to elections, sometimes the experts suck.

The Caps lost the first game, which I actually watched, then they won the next four to take the championship. I watched about ten minutes of last night’s game before I got distracted by politics. I never did watch any of the other games.

Around 3:00 A.M., I started working on today’s cartoon and then I thought I should do something on the Caps…mostly because I live here and nobody else will. So, I started over and here you go.

I had to Google each of the players, the actual Stanley Cup, the coach, the logo, and the uniforms. I knew there were at least three Russians on the team, but the only one I was familiar with was Alex Ovechkin because he’s been on the team for at least a decade. It seems he joined the team right about the same time everyone started that unison shouting.

Congratulations, Capitals, but mostly to all my friends who have been shouting in my ears over the past decade.

Now, Donald Trump has an opportunity to host Russians in the White House again. I hope he doesn’t give them more government secrets.

Watch me draw.

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To Protect And Something Something


While an active shooter was killing his former classmates last week in Parkland, Florida, the only cop on the scene stayed outside and took cover. There are now reports that other officers arriving at the scene also remained outside choosing to hide behind their cars.

Trump has called the School Resource Deputy a coward. He and others are choosing to ignore that a gun on campus didn’t stop the slaughter as they argue for more guns on school campuses.

Trump and the good folks at the NRA, who value assault weapons over children’s lives, want to put guns in the hands of teachers. Trump says it will be different for teachers since they’ll know the students they’re protecting. The cop at the school knew those students too as he worked there since 2010.

The deputy failed to protect and defend as he swore to do. He has resigned in disgrace since this information went public. Maybe Trump should think about resigning too.

Donald Trump has refused to protect and defend this nation, which he swore to do when he took the oath of office on inauguration day.

When NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre and spokesgoon Dana Loesch spoke at CPAC Thursday, they blamed dozens of individuals, institutions, and circumstances for mass shootings without blaming guns. When Donald Trump finally acknowledged Russia hacked the 2016 election, he blamed dozens without blaming Russia.

That’s because Donald Trump is a coward, and he should resign.

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Russian For Transparency


I’m going to dinner with two of my best friends who are coming in from out of town, and I haven’t seen them in a really long time. So, column will come later.

Update 11:39 A.M., 07/15/2017

Here’s your column:

I expect any day now for Donald Trump to tell us that he’s not a tool of the Russian government and Vladimir Putin, who is actually a nice guy who is misunderstood….unlike that Moose and Squirrel who should die while exiled in Siberia!!!

I don’t know which is dumber. The right wing trolls who believe Natalia Veselnitskaya was a plant by the Democrats, or the Trump team telling us how transparent Donald Trump Jr. has been.

Even if Veselnitskaya was a Democratic plant, Junior still took the meeting. If she was a plant by Bigfoot and B.D. Cooper, he still took the meeting. If she was a plant by the Lollipop Guild and the Wicked Witch of the East, he still took that meeting. He went to the meeting, described beforehand as harmful information on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. He took that meeting.

When he got the emails saying the Kremlin wanted his daddy to win, the trust-fund baby didn’t reply with, “What? Russia wants my father to win? Why would they want that? He’s a proud American patriot. That’s just crazy? They must have him confused with someone else because daddy Trump is an American first and would never be Putin’s bitch”. No. He replied with “I love it.” It’s like he was going to McDonalds for a Happy Meal. I’m lovin’ it! It’s as if he was already aware that the Kremlin wanted his dad to be president and serve four years with Putin’s hand up his butt controlling his every movement.

Trump defenders argue that Junior didn’t get anything out of the meeting and it was a disappointment. Well if you rob a bank and the safe is empty, that would be disappointing too but you still broke into the bank. And really? Disappointment? Darn. The treason didn’t work out.

The president says a lot of people would have taken that meeting. Yes. A lot of people without ethics with the intent to commit treason, which is how Trump defenders are sounding.

The president and his team also tell us that only Russian adoptions were discussed, as if that’s to ease our concerns. The president is either being dishonest or stupid with that explanation, which in his case can be both. When they mention adoptions what they are really talking about are sanctions. If they had dirt on Hillary Clinton, that’s quid pro quo. They wanted something in return for that. That also further explains why Vladimir Putin wanted Trump elected.

And quite frankly, you’re not transparent when you don’t reveal all the information at once. Junior went on Sean Hannity’s show, who was light on him, and said that there wasn’t any more information about the meeting. He had given it all. Then news is revealed that at least eight people were in that room. You had Junior dumbass, Jared “I want a secret cable from the Russian embassy” Kushner, Paul “let’s make a deal with Russia” Manafort, Ms. Veselnitskaya, a former Soviet intel officer who is now a lobbyist for that government, Rob Goldstone who is the Trump supporting Russia lover who set up the meeting, and two translators. Don’t be surprised if more details come out, like Putin was on the speakerphone.

Here’s the thing, Trump sycophants. I know you love Trump. I know it’s not about policy with you guys. I know you’re willing to lose your health-care coverage for him. I know it’s about the cult of personality, and has nothing to do with capable leadership. I understand you would rather be ruled than governed. But is it all that above patriotism for you? You gotta stop making excuses for traitors, really stupid idiotic traitors at that.

Isn’t it kinda funny that the jerks who spent the past eight years describing themselves as patriots, and accusing Obama of siding with terrorists, are now the ones who are selling out their nation? It’s bizarre that Republicans, the party of Reagan, is now selling us out to the Russians. It’s almost as ironic as the Trump presidency being brought down by an email scandal.

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Sign Your Name


One of the big questions being overlooked concerning Representative Devin Nunes running to the White House to wash Donald Trump’s balls is: Who let him in?

Let’s catch up: Nunes is the chairman of the House committee investigating whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians or not (hell yeah they did). Last week he received a hot tip from an anonymous source that members of the Trump transition were caught inadvertently in surveillance operations that were targeting foreign spies. For some reasons Russian spies like to talk to members of the Trump team. A lot. This hot info would supposedly vindicate Trump’s lie that Obama spied on him.

To acquire this information Nunes apparently needed to view it in a safe room. They have these in Washington and they’re called “Sensitive Compartment Information Facilities,” or a “SCIF.” These rooms meet very strict security standards, unless that room in the White House and the Russian spies are the ones who are letting you use it.

Nunes ditched his staff, he switched cars, and ran to the White House with this hot lead. The next day he returned to the White House to inform the Trump people all about it. He neglected to inform members of his committee and still refuses to tell the co-chair, who is a Democrat.

The first question is: Did the lead come from the White House? Did Steve Bannon or Jared Kushner inform Nunes of this tip? Maybe we would know if we knew who signed Nunes into the White House. Did someone from the White House give Nunes this information so that he would give Trump cover? Why did Nunes need to use the SCIF at the White House since there are others in D.C., even one available for the House Intelligence Committee.

The White House, specifically Sean Spicer, says it’s possible that Nunes came to the White House without any members of the administration knowing. That’s bull puckey. It’s impossible for Nunes to get into the White House, less enough a SCIF, without being escorted by someone with an official White House badge. I seriously doubt the head chef let him in. He would also need access to the White House computer system to acquire the information he claims he has. You’re not getting on my computers without a password so I seriously doubt there’s public access on a White House computer. It’s not the public library open to hobos.

So who let Nunes in? Do you remember all those conservative memes and people on the internet bitching about the amount of times Al Sharpton visited the Obama White House? Do you know how they know how many times Sharpton visited? Because those visits were public information. Since Trump has taken over, all White House visits have become confidential information. Why? Spicer says he needs to look into it, which would take a minute. It’s been days and we still don’t know.

The House inquiry is toast. It’s impossible to have a non-partisan investigation when the chairman, Nunes, was a member of the Trump transition. How deep can the committee investigate when the chair won’t share his information with his colleagues?

Nunes needs to step aside. He asked “why should I step aside?” Uh, because you’re compromised, dude. Nunes has briefed the president on information he’s not sharing with his committee. He’s canceling hearings with witnesses. He’s made statements in the past that Trump shouldn’t be investigated. We might as well let Chris Christie head the investigation at this point. Maybe Sean Hannity is available to look into it.

Thankfully there’s another investigation in the Senate, where they do take things a bit more seriously. The FBI is also investigating and who knows who else. What are the NSA and CIA up to?

Nunes’ presence in the White House is just one of several that bothers me. Too many members of the Trump administration are coming off as Putin moles.

When we elected Trump we might as well have handed the keys to Putin.

Creative notes and stuff: Sign Your Name is a bad-ass song from Terance Trent D’Arby released in the late 1980s. I can actually pull off a pretty decent cover of it on my acoustic guitar. Sheryl Crow has done a cover and I seriously recommend that you never ever listen to that version. It’s the suck. She took all the soul and funk out of it.

The Russian lettering on the mat was fun. That took some research.

Several months ago a friend asked me about drawing Putin shirtless. I told him I wasn’t doing it as it was becoming a cliche. I’ve changed my mind on that. It is a bit of a cliche but if I put him in a suit then I’d have to label him. With his shirt off everyone knows who he is. Plus, it’s more ridiculous and will probably make me more prone to be attacked by Russian hackers. I also hope they don’t mess with my food. I hear they’re into that.

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Rigged Russians


The situation between Donald Trump and Russia became even more unusual Monday. His campaign director, or whatever the hell his title is, was listed for receiving “off the books” cash payments from Ukraine.

Paul Manafort kept an office in Kiev, Ukraine for years while he did consulting work for that nation’s ruling party, which was very pro-Russia at the time. An anti-corruption probe from the current government is attempting to discover how their country’s elections were manipulated in the past, and the nation’s assets looted by former president Viktor Yanukovych. Handwritten ledgers show that Manafort received $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments from Yanukovych’s ruling Russian-loving party from 2002 to 2012. Yanukovych, was elected president amidst allegations of election fraud and voter intimidation, was ousted in 2014 and today lives in exile in Russia.

A credible campaign would have fired or asked for Manafort’s resignation before the day was over. At this time Manafort is still on the job, not just defending Trump but defending himself. He claims he never received the payments, and I guess he can prove it by showing us his books (Mr. Trump, that’s how you use sarcasm).

There’s questions regarding Trump’s fortune and how much of it is connected to Russia. It doesn’t help that he won’t release his tax returns. It’s kinda bizarre for him and the GOP to accuse Clinton of being a criminal, question the ties between her charity and the state department, yet he won’t be transparent himself.

In addition to all of the above, Trump has lavished praise on Russian president Vladimir Putin. Trump has stated Putin won’t go into Ukraine, although he’s already there. He seems comfortable with Russia annexing Crimea. Russia is suspected of hacking into the Democratic party’s email system and Trump has asked them to hack into Hillary Clinton’s server (though he said he was joking).  He’s stated the U.S. shouldn’t uphold its obligations to some NATO nations, which might give Putin a few ideas regarding Eastern European nations that were formerly party of the Soviet Union.

On top of all this, Trump’s daughter is vacationing in Croatia with Putin’s girlfriend, who is also Rupert Murdoch’s ex wife. Is there an online dating service for billionaire, right wing tyrants?

The New York Times investigated and published the story about Manafort and Ukraine. Trump is already complaining about the media and the “failing” New York Times. He’s says the media is printing lies about him but he’s probably really upset that the media prints his actual statements. Trump states he is running against the media, and not Hillary Clinton. Trump conveniently forgets all the free TV time and exposure he’s gained. Attacking the press is red meat for Republicans, even if it’s coming from a guy who invalidates The New York Times while believing the National Enquirer is Pulitzer worthy.

In addition to all of Trump’s previous crazy and stupid comments, he says if he loses the election it will be because it’s rigged. He specifically points at Pennsylvania and says the only way he’ll lose that state is if “cheating goes on” and is asking his supporters to police and bully at polling stations.

Trump might have a point if he loses the state after leading in the polls. Unfortunately for him he’s currently lagging behind Clinton by nine points. In fact, he doesn’t have the lead in a single swing state. He’s also allowing her to make red states Utah, Georgia, Arizona, and Kansas competitive.  Kansas where they don’t believe in evolution, climate change, or books. Clinton’s lead has reached the point that she’s holding off advertising in swing states Virginia, Colorado, and, you guessed it, Pennsylvania.

Trump complains about not leading in states while he hasn’t actually put any ads on the air or campaign boots on the ground. Is he running for president or does he think he’s in a reality show?

The only way Trump can win the election is if it’s rigged in his favor. No wonder he’s asking Putin for help.

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