Russia Trump

Lawyering Up


For the past two years, Trump sycophants have been barking “what evidence is there that Trump colluded with Russia”? It’s as if Robert Mueller is supposed to call each and every one of them directly each time he discovers something new. Never mind that there is evidence that Trump worked with Russia, such as calling Russia out to hack his opponent on the campaign trail, reading Wikileaks out loud at Trump rallies, and having Russians visiting his campaign headquarters to meet his son, son-in-law, and campaign manager. But after this week, the Sycophants should be having a harder time asking their stupid question. The mountain of evidence just got higher.

Sycophants aren’t the only ones who will struggle with their talking point. Donald Trump himself will have a harder time saying “no collusion” now that we know his campaign manager and current prisoner of the federal government Paul Manafort was sharing internal campaign polling data with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian national with suspected ties to Russian intelligence and who has been indicted by the Special Counsel’s office. Kilimnik formerly worked for Manafort’s consulting firm. Manafort had also discussed a Ukrainian peace plan, which would lift sanctions on Russia, with Kilimnik, who is believed to be hiding in Moscow at this time. Manafort, deep in debt to very dangerous pro-Russian oligarchs, was working for the Trump campaign without pay only because he’s such a nice guy.

Why was Manafort sharing polling data with a Russian national who has ties to Russian intelligence? There have been questions since the election about how Russian hackers knew to target specific areas and people, like Wisconsinites who didn’t like Hillary Clinton but would never vote for Trump. Trump beat Clinton by around 80,000 votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, a total lower than candidate Jill Stein’s. Russian hackers promoted Stein’s candidacy in those states. How did they know to do that?

Now, we have learned that the FBI has been investigating Donald Trump which is a big deal. The FBI doesn’t normally investigate a president, especially into if he was secretly working to benefit Russia against American interest.

The FBI, much like anyone with eyes, ears, and their head not currently up their own ass, was suspicious of Trump’s attitude toward Russia. They were holding off on an investigation until he fired FBI Director James Comey and told NBC’s Lester Holt that he fired Comey to relieve the stress of the Russia investigation. He told the same thing to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister.

Counterintelligence investigators had to consider whether the president’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security. Agents also sought to determine whether Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow’s influence.

If Trump had fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation, the act would have been a national security issue because it would have hurt the bureau’s effort to learn how Moscow interfered in the 2016 election and whether any Americans were involved. That’s what they call obstruction. Donald Trump is a national security threat.

Trump recently added seventeen lawyers to his defense team. What’s more shocking than the FBI investigating a president is that one of the lawyers is Not Natalia Veselnitskaya. That probably would have looked too weird.

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Flynn Flam


Donald Trump asked then FBI Director James Comey to drop the bureau’s investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Trump did this because Flynn “is a good guy.” Trump did not want the investigation stopped because Flynn is a good guy. He wanted it ended because of what Flynn knows. Trump has asked Senators to end their investigations of Flynn also. Flynn might be the only person other than Vladimir Putin who Trump hasn’t derided or made an immature nickname for…yet.

Flynn was by Trump’s side through much of the campaign. After Trump secured the Republican nomination, he started receiving security briefings. Flynn attended these briefings which included details on Russia’s meddling in our election. During this time and after Trump won the presidency, Flynn was in secret talks with Russia trying to undermine current U.S. foreign policy.

Flynn was working as a lobbyist for the Turkish government while he was working on the Trump campaign and advocated for the U.S. government to expel a rebel cleric and enemy of the Turkish president. He lied about his involvement with Turkey on his foreign-agent disclosure forms.

Flynn also failed to report to the Defense Department’s inspector general’s office about his trip to Russia, where he sat next to Putin during a celebration for a Russian propaganda outlet. He also failed to report how much he was paid and later said in interviews that he didn’t know if he was paid.

When Trump first met President Obama at the White House, the legitimately-elected president told the one propped by Putin not to hire Flynn. Obama knew Flynn was compromised with Russia. Trump hired Flynn as his National Security Adviser anyway. Later, acting-Attorney General Sally Yates told the White House that Flynn was subject to blackmail from the Russians. Trump fired Yates.

Flynn lasted on the job for 24 days. Trump says he fired Flynn for lying to Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russia, while also defending his contacts with Russia. He didn’t fire him for lying to Pence. Trump fired Flynn because The Washington Post found out about his lies. Firing Flynn, then asking for investigations to cease looking into Flynn, and firing the director of the FBI, is all part of Trump’s cover-up and obstruction of justice.

Flynn has now struck a plea bargain with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and he has pled guilty to lying to the FBI. Defenders of Trump claim this confession doesn’t have anything to do with Trump. They are overlooking why Mueller would agree to a deal with Flynn. The deal is made because Flynn is now cooperating with the Special Counsel’s office. Flynn was directed to talk to Russia by Jared Kushner and has said others on the transition team, headed by Pence, knew about the interactions.

Flynn can’t be explained away by the administration as a coffee boy or someone who didn’t have much of an impact with the campaign. As the expression goes, Flynn was “in like Flynn.” Flynn was by Trump’s side, speaking at rallies, attending strategy meetings and security briefings. Flynn was probably more involved and connected to Trump than anyone else not related to Trump.

Flynn violated the Logan Act, a federal law that imposes fines and/or imprisonment for unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. Flynn told Russia not to retaliate against the United States for enacting sanctions against them, and tried to get the Russians to vote or delay a vote against Israel. Nobody has ever been prosecuted for breaking this law, but we’re in a lot of new territory with the Trump administration. Flynn’s plea will likely keep him out of prison, and send others there instead.

Trump’s lawyer, Ty Cobb, referred to Flynn Friday as a former official of the Obama administration. That’s true, but Obama fired Flynn and told Trump not to hire him, proving that our previous president has a lot better judgement than our current one.

Flynn famously joined the crowd at the Republican National Convention in shouting “lock her up,” and stated, “if I did one tenth as she did,” referring to Hillary Clinton, “I would be in jail.” As Flynn left the courthouse Friday, a small crowd greeted him with “lock him up.” Being that Flynn is a Republican I am not sure he can appreciate the irony.

Trump’s administration is in a contest with those of Reagan and Nixon for which will have the most members indicted, charged, and sent to prison. I have my money on the Trump administration.

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Facebook’s Collusion


At this rate, I’m kinda expecting a revelation that Mark Zuckerberg was at the Donald Trump Jr. Russian meeting.

Like you, I’m constantly annoyed with Facebook while utilizing it on a daily basis. The bothersome stuff, while annoying me, doesn’t affect my life in the slightest…or it didn’t until now.

I’m the type of person where a messed-up food order at McDonald’s won’t faze me, while I’ll watch a good friend of mine use the opportunity to go ballistic, and the next thing you know he returns an hour later from his food run with my Big Mac and the full story on how he unloaded what-for and made a 16-year-old struggling with acne cry. While I’ll get over that there are pickles on my sandwich, other little things will totally piss me off.

I’m annoyed with the petty stuff on Facebook. Your food pictures irk me. Why do you do that? Am I supposed to be impressed you ordered sushi? Do you want an “attaboy?” One of my friends posts nearly every single meal she eats. She once posted a picture of cereal. I shit you not. But c’mon. Any doofus with opposable thumbs can put a sandwich together.

Another annoyance; vacation pictures. Vacation slides have been joked about, derided, and hated ever since the photo slide technology was invented. It was why people in the 1970s couldn’t get their friends to come to their dinner parties. Nobody wants to see your vacation photos. I’m telling you this as your friend. Cut it out. You have turned Facebook into one, long, boring vacation slide. I don’t even need to know you went on vacation, but if I do know then I’m going to assume you enjoyed yourself. I don’t need the pictures of you giving the devil-horn sign with your tongue out while you’re at Sandals. I’m not against vacations and I hope to take one again someday…but if I do take one, I know without a doubt that nobody is going to need evidence that it actually happened. OK, maybe in my case they will.

Tagging your location isn’t just annoying, it’s stupid. Like the vacation pics, you’re just bragging about how great your life is, and convincing no one. What you’re actually doing is making stalking you very convenient and alerting burglars that right now is a great time to break into your house. And thanks to Facebook they know what breed of dog you have.

Other annoyances are game requests (I don’t want to play Candy Crush with you), Facebook Live notifications (I get these things from people I didn’t even know I was friends with), the vague post (which are the only type of posts my teenage nieces give and I never respond to, because I’m afraid they’ll tell me), the social experiments (the “let’s see how far this posts can go” and the “if you love Jesus, you’ll share.” Fuck you), pokes (people still do that and I still don’t know why), selfies (We get it. You’re pretty and insecure), and political memes. I hate political memes. I could easily write another 1,000 words ranting about political memes.

Some people hate political posts or that cartoonist who shares his cartoons every time one of his clients publishes them online. You have every right to hate those and, you can bite me.

But now, there is something annoying about Facebook that may have affected our lives. Russians.

Facebook was the target for Russian trolls and useful idiots sharing fake news during the campaign, but Facebook assured us that no foreign outlets were purchasing ads from them. And just like every single member of the Trump campaign, they had collusion with Russia that they conveniently forgot about.

Now, it turns out that $100,000 was spent on political campaign ads that Facebook has traced back to a “Russian Troll Farm.” I don’t want the troll farm image in my head, but I think that crop is yielding in the White House. Also, expect more revelations about Russian ads. I don’t believe for a minute that it stopped at $100,000.

Russians didn’t just purchase a few ads. They engineered these things to select certain demographics and particular regions. For example, white housewives in Wisconsin. Investigators want to know if they had any help from U.S. political operatives who may have pointed them in which direction to target these demographics. Maybe, but the American operatives working for Hillary Clinton weren’t smart enough to go after demographics in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Anyone with a basic understanding of math with a copy of an electoral map should know where to target political ads, and where the stupid people live.

Most of all, I believe this destroys an argument Republicans and people in American intelligence agencies have been using. That argument is; Russian meddling had no effect on the outcome of our election.

Facebook says the Russians used the ads to “manipulate.” No shit, Sherlock. Every ad in the world is created to manipulate. How many will purchase a Kia this year because of Motorhead and a guinea pig? I don’t know, but someone somewhere believes that’s going to happen because they put a lot of money into that campaign.

Whether someone’s pitching Coca-Cola or Donald Trump, they’re not spending ad money just to blow through a budget. They expect results. I do believe that if a high tide throws an octopus into the backseat of my car through the sunroof that Farmers insurance won’t let me down….or that if I have Allstate then my children will be better behaved while we stand gleaming and lovingly together in front of the Statue of Liberty. But, not every ad works that well. Like, Domino’s telling you that their pizza doesn’t suck anymore, or Panera telling me that their salads are “clean,” or that new car commercial giving me the impression that I’ll find riding in a boxcar with hobos much more comfortable than their automobile.

The Russians expected their ads to work. They wanted chaos for their money and nobody can say that we didn’t get chaos. Nobody can say the Russians didn’t get the election results they wanted. We got a hell of a lot more than $100,000 worth of chaos.

I believe the Russians affected our election. We are a nation that gave us Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo-Boo, but I’m not entirely convinced that we’re dumb enough to elect Donald Trump as president on our own. I’d like to think we’d need a push. I know there’s a large portion of our nation who can be manipulated to vote for fuckery. We’re stupid. But are we stupid enough to do this on our own?

Mark Zuckerberg and all the other Facebook executives want us to believe they had no influence on the election. I’d try to believe that too if I wanted to sleep well at night. But, Facebook is worth over $435 billion dollars. Your social media platform doesn’t acquire that much wealth without it having some influence.

Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t just cat and food pictures. It’s a news outlet for many of us. It’s very influential. It’s also complicit.

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Partisan Hacks


During yesterday’s Senate hearing on Russia’s involvement with the 2016 election of Donald Trump, and whether or not members of the Trump team were complicit, Sally Yates said “To state the obvious, you don’t want your national security adviser compromised by the Russians.” I’m going to state something else obvious and that is it’s not obvious to partisan hacks.

I was inspired by former Georgia congressman Jack Kingston who referred to Yates as a “partisan hack.” He also got the impression from yesterday’s hearing before the Judiciary committee that Senator and all-around human sludge Ted Cruz got the best of Yates. Kingston must have watched a different hearing in an alternate reality. The man is a Trump sycophant and has made it his mission in life to tell the world that Donald Trump is infallible and he poops sunshine and rainbows. Ted Cruz is a fairly recent convert to being a Trump sycophant, as once upon a time he used his condescending smugness to defend his wife and father from personal attacks from Donald Trump. Now he uses that same charm to be to Trump what Stephen Colbert accused Trump of being to Vladimir Putin. If you don’t recollect what that is, let’s just say you can’t talk with your mouth full.

A partisan hack is one who avoids the key issue of a hearing and instead brings up other topics as a form of deflection. Such as when Cruz brought up how Yates, as acting Attorney General, would not defend Trump’s Muslim travel ban.

Cruz cited a portion of U.S. code that allows the president to block immigrants from entering the country if allowing such entry would be “detrimental to the interests of the United States.” Yates pulled out the rest of that code which says “visas cannot be denied due to someone’s race, nationality or place of birth.”

It reminded me of Charlie Brown’s fastball getting hit back at him so hard that he spins through the air and it knocks all his clothes off. Yesterday Cruz’s ass was showing.

I am glad that Cruz brought up the travel ban Yates wouldn’t defend which got her fired. It served to remind us that after Yates warned the Trump administration about Michael Flynn’s danger of being blackmailed by Russia for lying about his conversations with their ambassador, that Trump fired her, not Flynn. Instead, he kept Flynn for 18 more days and allowed to the guy to sit in on his phone call with Putin.

Cruz also got the wind knocked out of him with his final question which was “in over 200 years of the Department of Justice’s history, are you aware of any instance in which the Department of Justice has formally approved the legality of a policy, and then, three days later, the Attorney General has directed the Department not to follow that policy, and to defy that policy?” Yates replied, “I’m not, but I’m also not aware of a situation where the Office of Legal Counsel was advised not to tell the Attorney General about it until after it was over.” Ouch! Ted might wanna get some Calamine for those burns.

Cruz also wasted some of his time on Hillary Clinton’s emails when everyone thought this was a hearing on Russia. Seriously, Texas, you gotta get rid of this guy in your next election. Let’s get beyond the ick and condescension of the man and just ask, what sort of Texan becomes a troll for a man who calls his wife ugly and accuses his father of murder?

People in Washington ask “why do people immediately hate Ted Cruz?” Because it saves time.

Another partisan hack is someone doing the president’s bidding, even if that command came from a tweet. Trump conducted a tweet storm in the A.M. yesterday calling the Russia story a hoax, blaming Obama for Flynn even though Trump is the one who hired him, and that the Senate should ask Yates who leaked the information about Flynn being a potential target of blackmail. Senator Charles Grassley did just that and asked Yates if she leaked information to the media or whether she asked the intelligence community to reveal Flynn’s identity to her. That would be a no. Senator Lindsey Graham, whose phone number Trump once gave out at a rally, was also upset about information provided to The Washington Post.

The newest member of the Senate, John Kennedy from my home state of Louisiana no less, was still focused on the travel ban when he stupidly asked Yates “who appointed her to the Supreme Court.” They should ban him from traveling outside Louisiana. Just as everyone was wondering what in the hell he was doing on this committee, he asked former director of national intelligence. Agency James Clapper who was also testifying, if he has ever leaked classified or UNCLASSIFIED information to the press. As Clapper pointed out to the senator, revealing unclassified information is not leaking. Here’s something unclassified: Senator John Kennedy is a dumbass.  Maybe the voters of my home state are stupid enough to send him to the United States Senate, but are his colleagues so dense that they appoint the man to an important committee? Treason is kinda serious business, one would think.

What we did learn yesterday, even before the hearing started, was that President Obama warned Trump not to hire Flynn. Trump hired him anyway. Then Trump kept the guy on staff after his Attorney General warned him. He kept him on staff for 18 days and only fired him after The Washington Post got wind of his sleazing around with Russians. Today Trump is still defending Flynn.

Pundits question if it’s out of a sense of loyalty that Trump hung on to Flynn and still defends the guy. I don’t think so. It’s narcissism. Trump can’t admit a mistake. Even hiring him has to be Obama’s fault. This is not a sane presidency.

The hearing underscored that there’s a lot of shadiness going on with the Trump administration and Russia. It also confirmed that the Republicans are a party over country. We’re now beyond the point that the White House is covering up more than cooperating and their sycophants in the Congress are being complicit in the cover-up.

Sally Yates was once appointed by Republican Bob Barr. He’s served in Republican and Democratic administrations. She has always been regarded as being very professional and extremely confident in legal matters. She proved she’s a lot smarter than the Senate Republicans and wasn’t intimidated by them in the least bit.

If Yates is a partisan hack that doesn’t dispel the need for answers in the Russia investigation. If we can’t trust Yates, Clapper, and Comey, and we’re definitely not getting anything from the Trump administration, then let’s appoint a special counsel.

And let’s make it a female because Trump and Republicans really can’t deal with them.

Creative Notes: I’m not a big fan of drawing speech balloons emitting from buildings or other objects. It’s a very common concept used by conservative cartoonists (like boats sinking and people hanging or running off cliffs). You won’t see me do these a lot. I really like drawing people more.

The first version of this cartoon I spelled “adviser” as “advisor.” I saw both versions on different websites for news outlets. “Adviser” felt right to me and that’s how it’s spelled by The New York Times and The Washington Post, so I went with that.

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Putin Them Out The Window


People who oppose Russian President Vladimir Putin have a tendency to wind up dead, or seriously hurt. Maybe they’re just clumsy and naturally fall out of fourth story windows.

First off, the guy’s got the same name as “Vlad The Impaler,” the psychopath who was the inspiration for Dracula.

Putin hasn’t impaled anyone on spikes or bitten anyone on the neck yet, as far as we know, but many do turn up dead. Or maybe in Russia, they’re deadniks.

Denis Voronenkov, a critic of Putin who sought asylum in the Ukraine was shot dead in broad daylight Thursday in Kiev.

Boris Nemtsov (of course one of these guys would be named “Boris”) led massive rallies against Putin in Moscow. He was arrested several times until he was finally shot four times in the back, outside the Kremlin, in 2015. The killer remains at large.

Boris Berezovsky (OK. Maybe they’re all named “Boris”) was found dead inside a locked bathroom at his home in the United Kingdom, a noose around his neck, in what was at first deemed a suicide. Later the coroner couldn’t determine the cause of death. Berezovsky had accused the Putin government of poisoning another critic.

That critic was Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned in 2009. He was a former intelligent agent who turned whistle blower. Ain’t blowing no whistles no more.

Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova were both shot outside the Kremlin in 2009. Markelov was a human rights lawyer known for representing Chechen civilians in human rights cases again the Russian military. Baburova was a journalist. The government blamed Nazis but I don’t think Steve Bannon was even in the country at the time.

Markelov represented Anna Politkovskaya, who was a journalist who had written articles critical of Putin. She was killed in 2006.

Sergei Magnitsky was a lawyer who was beaten to death in prison in 2009.

Natalya Estemirova, another journalist, who investigated abductions and murders that had become commonplace in Chechnya. She was kidnapped, shot several times, once at point-blank-range to the head, and her body dumped in the woods. They never caught the bad guys.

Anna Politkovskaya was another reporter and had written a book titled “Putin’s Russia” which accused him of turning Russia into a police state. She was shot in an elevator in her apartment building.

Sergei Yushenkov had just registered an opposition party when he was gunned down outside his home in Moscow in 2003.

Yuri Shchekochikhin was a journalist covering crime and corruption. He died of “mysterious” causes in 2003. His medical documents were deemed classified by Russian authorities.

Let’s not forget the feminist punk band Pussy Riot. Three members of the group were sent to prison on charges of “hooliganism” after performing songs critical of Putin and accusing him of being a dictator. That would be the equivalent of George W. Bush throwing Green Day in prison for their album “American Idiot.” But this is America. Prison here is having to listen to Green Day.

Just about every Russian connected to the hacking story has fled the United States and are safely, supposedly, back in Russia. You have to remember, Putin has a style of leadership Donald Trump has expressed admiration for.

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