RoJo Is A Racist Mofo


On Sundays, my CNN cartoon is published and I try to bask in that accomplishment and not draw anything all day. Maybe I’ll watch a movie on Disney+ or Netflix and avoid news all together. That was my plan for this Sunday, but then Ron Johnson pissed me off.

I think when my copy editor Laura sees this, she’s going to tell me it’s more reality than it is a cartoon. Why? Because this is the gist of what Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson said on a right-wing radio show.

Senator Johnson, who some call “Rojo,” isn’t just a racist senator. He’s a stupid dishonest one too. But then again, he is a Republican and a massive Trump supporter…so being racist, stupid, and a liar comes with the territory.

Ron Johnson watched while the United States Capitol building was attacked by white supremacist terrorist Trump supporters. They broke into the building. The damaged property. They defecated and urinated in the halls. They stole property. They desecrated our Capitol. They injured over 100 Capitol Police officers and they killed one. They attacked cops and beat them with flag poles and fire extinguishers. Over 40 have been arrested so far. Ron Johnson said he only saw law-abiding citizens. It gets worse.

On “The Joe Pag Show,” a radio show I’m assuming has an audience of racist troglodytes, Ron Johnson said he “never felt threatened” by the pro-Trump mob because…wait for it…they weren’t black.

Johnson said, “I knew those are people that love this country, that truly respect law enforcement, would never do anything to break the law, so I wasn’t concerned.”

They broke the law just be entering the building, dumbass. How much respect do you have for the law when you break and climb into windows? How much respect for the law do you have when you’re walking out with the Speaker’s podium? How much respect do you have for this country when you take a shit on the floor of the United States Capitol? How much love do you have for this country when you try to overturn an election and stage a bloody coup attempt?

That was the stupid dishonest part of Johnson’s statements. It was followed by a racist one.

He said, “Had the tables been turned and President Trump won the election and those were tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters, I might have been a little concerned.”

Basically, white people with nooses, storming the capitol, waving Confederate flags, wearing “Camp Auschwitz” shirts, leaving pipe bombs, killing cops, isn’t concerning…but if one of them had an afro, then I guess the person crapping on the floors would have been Ron Johnson. And you know what? I bet if it had been a non-violent Black Lives Matter protest at the Capitol, the National Guard would have swooped in a lot quicker than they did last January 6 when Donald Trump sent white terrorists to overturn a free election and stop a Constitutional process.

Also, it’s really bizarre Ron Johnson is saying he would have only been concerned if antifa was a part of the rioters when in the past he claimed it was antifa who did the rioting. C’mon, guys. You gotta keep your bullshit talking points straight. Pick a stupid lie and stick to it.

From personal experience, I was never concerned about the crowd I was with when I was walking with Black Lives Matter in New York City on June 1, 2020. I wasn’t even worried when I saw a few stores get looted by the minority of protesters. Even then, they were nice and one even offered me a Jeter jersey. I had great conversations with the protesters and many thanked me for “helping their cause” and for “lending my whiteness.” One girl called me “white brother” which I liked very much. Some of the best Americans I ever met were marching in Manhattan that night to selflessly advance civil rights for every person this nation.

What did concern me was when white people started dropping water bottles on the marchers out of their penthouses. It concerned me when cops started screaming at us while raising their batons. It was greatly concerning when after screaming at me and a few others (who happened to be Asian) to go in a different direction, that after we complied, they kept following and screaming at us. I was greatly concerned when the New York City Police told me I would be arrested if I broke curfew…while they were blocking me from entering my hotel.

Not one black person or member of antifa concerned me that night. But if Ron Johnson had been there, well…he’d probably be up in a building dropping water bottles on peaceful protesters because he would have been concerned because the majority of the crowd was not white.

I saw people in Manhattan, of all colors and races, spend their own money on water and face masks, then hand them out to strangers who were protesting. It was one of the most unifying events I have ever witnessed or been a part of. I felt genuine love between the protesters. What I saw on January 6 at the Capitol was hate, fear, and rage inspired by people like Ron Johnson who told them lies.

You canNOT compare a Black Lives Matter rally or march to white nationalist terrorism in the name of Donald Trump. Black Lives Matter seeks equality for all. They’re demanding that cops stop murdering unarmed black people. Trump terrorists tried to destroy our democracy and install a fascist dictator. If you don’t see the difference in that, well then you’re Ron Johnson.

Any senator who pledges more loyalty to Donald Trump than to his/her constituents is a lousy senator. Ron Johnson has put Trump before the truth and his country on multiple occasions.

Wisconsin’s motto is “Forward.” In 2022 when Rojo is up for reelection, they need to prove they believe in their motto and remove their racist, lying, stupid senator from Congress. If enough black people and anti-fascists turn out to vote, Ron Johnson will be justified in being “concerned.”

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