Release The Memo

Color My Memo


According to Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, the key to destroying the Trump campaign was through….Carter Page. Yeah, OK then.

The Republican talking point is that the FBI had it out for Trump and was trying to elect Hillary Clinton. That ignores the fact the FBI made a huge statement about reopening the investigation into Clinton (mere days before the election) and her server and withheld from the public that they were also investigating figures in the Trump campaign.

The memo written by Congressman Devin Nunes, chairman of the Intelligence Committee, obstructs the very mission of the committee that bears “intelligence” in the name.

The committee led by Republicans has stopped investigating and has begun obstructing. The “memo” is only about obstructing. It’s totally political, and if it only contained the notes that are displayed in this cartoon, Republicans would say it vindicates Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. went on Fox/Trump TV and stated this memo is revenge for his family. He has yet to learn that he shouldn’t talk to the press. His statement reveals that everything about the Trump presidency is about Trump.

When Trump was leaving the Capitol after his State of the Union speech, he told a Republican Congressman the memo would be released, despite the fact he hadn’t read it yet. Or had he?

When Devin Nunes was asked by colleagues if the White House had any input into the memo, he refused to answer. The question would have been harmless if the answer would have also been harmless. Nunes has a reputation that he can’t be trusted with classified information. He’s also shown he is a stooge for Trump, as he’s used his position as chairman to deflect for Trump, and even inform Trump where the investigation is going.

The memo fails to accuse the FBI of breaking the law. The memo actually states that the FBI followed proper procedure. But, it does its job in that Trump sycophants can continue to believe in conspiracies.

The memo is not about an American’s rights being violated or justice. That American being Carter Page. The memo deflects from the fact that Trump had a Russian-paid mole on his campaign team. Well, at least one Russian mole. The memo isn’t about all the information being released to the public, as we’ve yet to see the Democrat’s memo. The memo is a pretense to help Trump get rid of people who are actually investigating him.

If we’re not in a Constitutional crisis, we’re nearing it. We’re almost at point break.

One of two things needs to happen. The Democrats need to take Congress because Republicans have proven that no matter what laws Trump breaks, they will not defend our nation from him. The other thing, Robert Mueller needs to find a way to indict Donald Trump without an impeachment because the Republican congress will not do their job.

Creative notes: I drew this cartoon Sunday afternoon. I drew the rough, took a nap, then woke up and completed the cartoon. I went out to watch the Super Bowl instead of publishing it because I was working on something else while I was working on the cartoon.

Here’s the thing: A new feature is coming. It’s going to be a companion piece to the cartoons, much like my columns. I teased about it on social media and now I’m teasing you.

I wrote that it scares me and some people took that as in it’s dangerous or crosses lines. It doesn’t really do that. It’s scary in that it intimidates me with the tech I have to learn. I’m getting old and I’m stupid and learning new things is hard. The fear is in that it’s going to expose me more to the public. Plus, it’ll make me do three things for each cartoon. Draw cartoon, write blog, new project. Like I don’t get enough sleep already.

I believe there’s nothing wrong with fear, as long as you confront it. I believe this project is worth it. I’ve set my mind on it and I’m stubborn, so it’ll be done. In fact, it’s almost there.

I have three more things to learn and then you can see it. No other cartoonist is doing this and I believe it’ll be copied, and maybe someone will do it better. What do I know? Maybe it’ll be as much of a dud as the Nunes Memo. I’m trying to undersell it and keep expectations low, even though I’m putting a lot of work into this.

But, like I said on social media, if you like my cartoons, the columns, and my overall weirdness, then you’re probably going to like the new feature. I hope you check it out…when it gets here. I’m more curious than anyone else could be about how it turns out.

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