Regenerating Trump


There has been a lot of talk that the experimental cocktail created by Regeneron that regenerated Trump from the Trump Virus was developed from stem cells which is acquired from aborted fetuses. Why, if that was true, it would make a huge hypocrite out of Donald Trump and every right-to-life extremist who supports him.

But it’s not true? If that’s the case, then why did I draw this cartoon?

It’s not true. According to the manufacturer, Regeneron, no human embryonic stem cells or recently harvested fetal tissues were used in the REGN-COV2, the drug administered to Donald Trump. But there’s a big but here and which included all I needed to draw this cartoon.

Regeneron uses stem cells in its research, usually mouse embryonic stem cells and human blood stem cells. According to Snopes, The “antibody cocktail” given to Trump is a combination of two human-made proteins and was developed using a decades-old cell line derived from embryonic kidney tissues obtained from an aborted human fetus in 1973.

Did you catch that last part? It was developed using embryonic kidney tissues obtained from an aborted HUMAN fetus.

Cut to the chase: If it wasn’t for abortion, and abortion being legal, Donald Trump would not have had this drug to save his life. He would not have received this drug he has called a “cure.” It wouldn’t have made him feel the “best he has in 20 years.” Without this drug, he wouldn’t have told people not to “fear the virus” and they shouldn’t let it “dominate their lives.” Without this drug, he wouldn’t have been around to say catching the virus is a “blessing from God.”

This is the drug, from an aborted fetus, that Donald Trump says he’s going to provide to every American who contracts the coronavirus, for free.

Meanwhile, he’s trying to take away your insurance, your right to obtain coverage even if you have a pre-existing condition, to prevent you from keeping your child on your insurance until he or she is 26, even if he or she has Downs Syndrome, all while he’s putting a religious extremist on the Supreme Court who will vote to outlaw abortion.

Of course, it’s a lie that Donald Trump will give this “miracle cure” to everyone for free. This guy can’t even provide enough testing for the virus. But even if he did, will evangelical whackanoodle fucknuts accept a “cure” created from an abortion fetus? Probably, because every evangelical voting for Donald Trump in this nation is a hypocrite.

Since Donald Trump is a hypocrite about everything, it’s only natural that he’s still weebling around today thanks to the benefits of abortion being legal.

So, if you’re a Donald Trump supporter only because he’s “pro-life,” how does that hypocritical Kool-Aid cocktail taste?

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