Queen Elizabeth II

UK Baby Baby


When Donald Trump pays an international visit, he’s not courted and given pomp and pageantry because he’s liked, admired, and well respected. He’s given all that because of the direct opposite. He’s given, no pun intended, the royal treatment because foreign leaders understand his fragile ego soaks it up and it makes it easier for them to manipulate him. Trump’s visit the United Kingdom is only the third time a state visit has been given to an American president (the other two being George W. Bush and Barack Obama).

Trump has been given state dinners, parades, and even a sword dance. Basically, he’s feted this way because he’s a baby. The majority of the UK’s citizens understand this and have chosen to welcome Trump, once again, with a giant blimp of a Trump baby.

Trump displayed his level of class for his host by calling Princess Meghan Markle “nasty,” then denying it happened, despite there being audio of it. He used the same insult for London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan. Then, he griped about the impression CNN is giving the world of the United States (while watching local coverage in London), and suggested consumers should boycott the network and its parent company, AT&T. He’s also attempted to interfere in the debates over Brexit and the decision on who will serve as the next prime minister.

Trump stated, “Haven’t seen any protests yet, but I’m sure the ‘fake news’ will be working hard to find them.” Yeah, I’m not sure finding them will be that difficult when they’re flying a giant orange balloon shaped like a Trump baby. Last year during Trump’s visit, over 250,000 crammed the streets of London, with a further 150,000 around the UK to protests America’s baby. Hearing of the balloon, Trump decided to avoid London because it hurt his feelings, which makes me think we should put a Trump baby on every street corner in the United States.

Trump has a 70 percent negative rating in the UK. You don’t have to be a far-left liberal to see that Donald Trump is a xenophobic, racist, sexist, Nazi-defending ignoramus. Trump should be protested and unwelcomed everywhere he visits. Protesting is standing against the hateful agenda of Donald Trump. This treatment shouldn’t just be expressed by the citizens, but by government leaders as well.

It’s disappointing that world leaders patronize the actual Trump baby, even if it’s for the benefit of alliances and trade. Trump doesn’t deserve tea with the Queen. He deserves a milkshake. Stop patronizing and start protesting.

Music and humor are the two things I’m proud of most with my British ancestry. Now, when citing the Beatles, Monty Python, and the guys who gave us Shaun of the Dead, I can also point to the protesters who fly the Trump Baby.

Thank, you UK. Fly, baby, fly.

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