Putin Peacemaker

Whose Quagmire Is It Anyway?


Does everyone in the United States have short memories? It was just a couple years ago Obama had  a serious hankering to start bombing Syrian troops. Public opposition derailed his plans and today we’re yelling at him for not doing anything. We are a fickle people.

Donald Trump thinks it’s a good thing Putin’s Russia is in Syria. I would agree with him if Putin wasn’t using the guise of fighting terrorism to actually fight those who oppose a brutal dictator. Putin’s venture into Syria doesn’t have anything to do with fighting terrorism and is only a venture to stabilize Assad.

We’re going to take as much action on Putin in Syria as we did with Putin in Ukraine, or Putin in Georgia (not the Georgia Jimmy Carter’s from).

Here in the United States, nobody has an answer for Syria. All we have is criticism. Criticism isn’t all bad, unless it’s all you got…and you’re a political cartoonist.

I also find it bizarre that conservatives seem to be idolizing Putin, take him at his word and state that he’s so honest. Admire a Russian strongman who’s overcompensating for something while you create lies about your American president. Such patriotism. Maybe Putin reminds them of Bush and they can see his soul.

I was wondering what an actual “Quagmire” would look like, other than quicksand. When I did a Google Image search, I got this.

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Getting Serious With Putin


Golly, did Vladimir Putin dis Obama at Monday’s meeting at the United Nations? You can bet rubles on it.

Putin has a history of throwing his weight around world leaders. Knowing German leader Angela Merkel has a fear of dogs, Putin brought his huge labrador into their meetings. So yesterday he chose to make Obama wait 20 minutes for their lunch date.  What a nice guy. I’m sure there’s something more important than meeting with the leader of the free world.

The United States wants Bashar Assad out of Syria. Russia thinks we have to work with him. Francois Hollande, president of France put it best saying “you can’t put together victims and the people who are killing them. Assad is the origin of this problem, and cannot be part of the solution”.

Hard truth time. Putin makes good points regarding fighting ISIS, but they’re wrong about Assad. When Russia helps Assad fight ISIS, Assad will most likely be targeting rebels in his civil war, and civilians.

Other hard truth: Obama has no strategy for Syria. It will be his only failure in the eyes of historians. But beyond Obama the United States does not have credibility in establishing leaders in the Middle East. It doesn’t matter if the president is a Democrat or a Republican. American Foreign policy usually sucks. Despite the right wing love affair, it sucked under Reagan. Yes. It sucked under Reagan.

We have destabilized the Middle East. We did that long before Iraq. We did that in the 1950’s. We spent decades supporting Israel without question. We supported coups in Iran. We bombed Iraq for oil prices. A decade later we invaded Iraq because someone attacked us from Afghanistan. We invaded Afghanistan. We supported the Arab Spring in Libya and Egypt. Which of these has worked out? For that matter it doesn’t work out for Russia either.

We created an atmosphere for ISIS. Russia created an atmosphere for the Taliban. It seems the only solution is to mess up a country together. That’ll be new.

Yeah, this is gonna work out.

I love the movie Airplane. Yeah, you kinda see the punchline coming. I wonder if younger people won’t understand the reference.