Reince, Rough Up, Repeat


I expect a future Trump cabinet meeting to be conducted like a gathering of Dr. Evil’s henchmen, where they’re all sitting at a table in his lair with one in the chair that sends him to a malfunctioning fire pit. Poor Reince Priebus didn’t even get the luxury of being taken out by a fembot unless you consider Anthony Scaramucci a mechanical bitch.

Donald Trump is rarely correct about anything, but he was right about Priebus. He’s weak. After “resigning” as White House Chief of Staff Friday, Priebus swore his loyalty to Trump and explained his departure as the administration needing “fresh people.” What, are they fruit? Do people go rancid after six months? Trust me. If you’re a candidate to work for Trump, you started off failing the smell test.

This is how Trump treats loyalty. He attacks you constantly, often publicly as he’s doing with Jeff Sessions, and then he sends one of his goombahs after you. In this case, Scaramucci.

Scaramucci publicly chastised Priebus, calling him a “paranoid schizophrenic paranoiac” while accusing him of leaking. Scaramucci described himself as a “front stabber” in contrast to Priebus, who he considers a backstabber. But isn’t bitching to a reporter about a colleague in what you think is an off-the-record interview a form of backstabbing?

Scaramucci also said Stephen Bannon was promoting his own brand off the president’s, and that Bannon was “sucking his own cock.” Scaramucci would never suck his own as he’s too busy working on the president’s. He loves the president. He loves the president. He loves the president. Did he mention that he loves the president? Yeah, once or twice. He’s even imitating Trump where Alec Baldwin might wanna take notes.

This entire administration is running like a third-rate mob. Officials in the administration went after Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski this week and threatened government programs in her state if she didn’t support the GOP’s health-care bill. When do they start breaking thumbs?

Priebus was interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday afternoon, not just praising the president, but refusing to defend himself from The Mooch’s attacks. As Trump would describe it, weak. Instead of punishing the bully, Trump got rid of the victim. The bully is still there.

You can’t imagine anyone being treated this way who served in the Obama or Bush administrations. There’s always competition and backstabbing, but no public attacks encouraged by the president. But, Trump likes it when people get roughed up.

On Friday, the president of the United States endorsed police brutality. While speaking to law enforcement officials in Long Island, he diverted from praising himself in his speech to tell the cops they shouldn’t be concerned about hurting people while they’re being taken into custody. Trump told the cops, “please, don’t be too nice.” Being that they were cops, they wildly applauded the president’s endorsement of beating up suspects in their custody. What’s next for Trump? Endorsing planting evidence? Maybe Mark Fuhrman can replace Jeff Sessions.

After speaking to the police, the Suffolk County Police Department tweeted, “As a department, we do not and will not tolerate roughing up of prisoners.” It was the second time in the same week that a group Trump spoke to had to publicly distance themselves from the president. But, just as the Boy Scouts cheered Trump’s attacks on the media, Obama, and Hillary Clinton, the police in attendance applauded roughing up prisoners.

Trump’s fine with people being physically assaulted, grabbed by the vagina, thrown under the bus, trashed in public, and ridiculed and humiliated by the president of the United States. The only rough treatment Trump can’t tolerate is when someone questions his crowd size or disses Ivanka’s shoes.

This week has been described by many in the media as the worst week in the Trump presidency. They have a point as Trump lost his health-care bill, his new Communications Director publicly suffered the mouth trots, and his Chief of Staff resigned. But, saying this week is the worst yet is a bold statement as each of them has been a raging dumpster fire.

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