Goodbye To Hugh


This is a bonus cartoon for you today. Plus, I know the editors who subscribe to my syndication service will goo all over themselves when they see it. Editors LOVE cartoons about dead people.

Hugh Hefner is subject to valid criticism of sexism and for being a peddler of pornography. I do think there was more to him than that, and definitely to his magazine. Playboy wasn’t really about the naked women. Though Playboy was known for the centerfolds and the covers with beautiful women, the bulk of the magazine’s content was articles, interviews, and cartoons.

Hefner was a failed cartoonist which gave him an appreciation for cartoons. The cartoons in Playboy were either brilliant or something that you just didn’t understand. Many of the cartoons weren’t even about sex, but the gags were still usually too bold for most mainstream publications.

My favorite thing about Playboy was the interviews. No publication interviewed their celebrities with as much depth. My little brother made a crack to some friends once that I actually read Playboy for the articles. If you did buy the magazine solely to see naked women then you were wasting your money. But, if you found a stash of Playboys in your friend’s dad’s closet when you were 14, you made an amazing discovery and your world would never be the same…and your friend would have to fight you to get you out of that closet before his father came home.

Playboy’s articles, interviews, and cartoons were some of the best in the business. Playboy may be the most coveted publication for a gag cartoonist to be published. I know they also paid the most. I do know a few political cartoonists who will draw a cartoon for Playboy now and then.

I stopped looking at Playboy a couple decades ago, but I always liked knowing it was out there. I have a book of a collection of Playboy interviews (no pictures) and I have read it about ten times. I’d love to get a subscription to those alone.

Hef had high standards for the arts, and he was an advocate for Civil Rights. He dated and married Playmates. He threw lavish parties at his mansion, and he never changed out of his pajamas. Hefner lived to the age of 91. Say what you will about him, but I bet when you live in a mansion with naked women, your own personal zoo, and movie stars are visiting every day, the criticism doesn’t get to you as much. If he had a bigger ego then he probably would have run for president.

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The Last Centerfold


There’s very few reasons to actually read Playboy. You might want to read the short stories, cartoons, or interviews. The magazine was truly great in those areas.

Another reason to read Playboy is if you’re a 15-year-old boy in 1981, before the internet, and you’ve yet to touch a real live girl.

I really wasn’t interested in drawing a cartoon about Playboy discontinuing their monthly centerfold. I don’t care. Playboy has good features in their magazines which the naked photoshopped ladies brought readers to. But seriously, there’s like three naked ladies in each issue. You find that many naked people on a daily basis on the internet by accident. Can the magazine still sell copies without nudity? How much does it cost now? I’m guessing around six to seven bucks a copy. One thing is for sure, if they don’t have bunnies the parties at Hugh’s mansion might be a lot less interesting.

I saw a bunch of cartoons on this. I thought they were all boring. I didn’t want to touch it unless I could point out a real issue. Donald Trump’s exposure is a significant issue.

Trump is going to host Saturday Night Live. Oh sure. Other politicians will do a skit. Hillary Clinton recently did one. But that’s not hosting. Every single other candidate is going to complain about the free air time Trump is getting. They will each have a point.

Trump doesn’t have to advertise. Yesterday, after the debate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton each held a rally. So did Trump. Guess which one was carried live by CNN.

Now if Playboy did put The Donald in their final centerfold that would at least make sure nobody would miss the feature.

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