Phelps Face



Until yesterday I had never heard of the term “cupping.” At least not in this context. Then 19-times Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps showed up at the Rio Olympics with purple dots all over his body. The entire universe started wondering what was up.

The purple dots are the result of cupping which is Chinese therapy that’s been around for thousands of years. The purpose is to relieve sore muscles. The process involves heated cups placed on the skin, often attached to a sucking machine. It pulls the skin inside the cup and leaves a great big bruise. Basically it’s giving yourself a hickey with a vacuum cleaner.

There’s no scientific evidence that it actually provides any benefit, but if it’s in a user’s head, they’ll swear by it. No word yet on if any of the athletes have resorted to using leeches. That’s been around thousands of years too.

Donald Trump is falling further behind in the polls. Apparently being stupid, insane, and insulting war mothers doesn’t inspire people to want to vote for you. Go figure. I’m sure the entire system is rigged against out of touch billionaires who make stupid and racist comments.

Trump released an economic plan on Monday that will probably have less of an effect on lifting his polls than cupping.

There are dumber things than cupping. Voting for Trump is one of them.

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