Pam Bondi

Trump’s Dershowitz Defense


I couldn’t have an opinion on Ken Starr being on Trump’s legal defense team without also having an opinion on Alan Dershowitz also being added.

It’s not that Starr and Dershowitz are bad lawyers. Contrary to that, they’re exceptional lawyers. Usually, for a lawyer to be a pundit and prognosticator on cable news, that lawyer has to be good. But, after years spent being a television talking head, the fame can get in the way of being a good lawyer.

The thing you have to ask here which I’m positive Donald Trump didn’t; Do you want to hear what these lawyers argue or do you just want them to be seen? Donald Trump loves to hire people he sees on Fox News, including lawyers.

Donald Trump surrounds himself with bad actors. Have you seen the goons associated with him? One of those bad actors he put on his team to argue against impeachment is Pam Bondi, former Attorney General for Florida who once talked then-Governor Rick Scott into postponing an execution because it conflicted with her reelection-fundraising event. Bondi isn’t so much a good lawyer as in she’s the kind of lawyer Trump needs. She’s a corrupt lawyer.

Bondi once co-hosted Fox and Friends while still serving as the state’s AG. Fox News said it had been approved by the Florida Commission on Ethics but guess what. It wasn’t.

Here’s the best part about Pam Bondi: As Attorney General, her office received 22 complaints about fraud concerning Trump University (yes. THAT Trump University). Her office announced it was considering joining a New York state lawsuit against Trump University on tax fraud. Then, lo and behold, Pam Bondi’s political action committee, established to support her reelection, received $25,000 from…wait for it…the Donald J. Trump Foundation. You remember the Trump Foundation, right? It’s the foundation that’s supposed to be a charity but it’s not. Instead of giving money to children with cancer, Trump uses it to stage political events, purchase sports memorabilia and portraits for himself, pay off lawsuits for bedbug-ridden golf resorts and…to make political contributions. Donald Trump stopped a potential investigation into his fraudulent university by paying off a politician from his fraudulent charity. This is why satire is hard.

Guess what happened after Bondi received that 25 grand. She declined to join the lawsuit. Trump was fined and ordered to repay the contribution back to his “foundation” and it was ultimately shut down by the state of New York. As it turns out, while Bondi was talking about joining the lawsuit against Trump, she personally solicited the donation from Trump. Later, she endorsed him for president. Trump isn’t the only entity she received campaign funds from that her office was contemplating investigating.

Ironically, Pam Bondi led a Lock-Her-Up chant at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

But back to Alan Dershowitz who appears to be in conflict with himself representing Donald Trump. He says he voted for Hillary Clinton and has endorsed Joe Biden for the 2020 campaign. His first conflict is that he’s on the same team as Ken Starr, who he once criticized for leaking grand jury testimony and concealing his conflict of interest from the court, and called a “threat to democracy.” Maybe after defending the current threat to democracy, those two can go hash it out over a beer.

Dershowitz and Starr have built their careers around moral narratives. Bu how can you have any morals when you defend a client who doesn’t have any?

Everyone deserves the right to an attorney, and Dershowitz takes bad guys as clients. He once told Professor Evan Mandery of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, “If Hitler were to call me today, saying he’s in the jungles of Brazil, I would defend him.” Dershowitz, who has defended O.J. Simpson, Jeffrey Epstein, and Harvey Weinstein, has now chosen a client who is as close to Hitler as he’ll ever get. Even Hitler didn’t steal from a children’s charity.

Dershowitz says he’s participating in this impeachment trial to “defend the integrity of the Constitution and to prevent the creation of a dangerous constitutional precedent.” In one of his books, the constitutional law professor said the impeachment of Richard Nixon would have been proper because “his crimes went to the essence of what an impeachable offense should be: he subverted the Constitution to his own partisan benefit, and in the process endangered the liberties of all Americans.”

If Nixon should have been impeached and his crimes “went to the essence of what an impeachable offense should be,” then what the hell did Donald Trump do?

Donald Trump illegally withheld military aid, taxpayer money, from a foreign power in a shakedown to attack a political opponent and help his reelection campaign. It was illegal for him to withhold the money and it was illegal for him to seek help from a foreign power. He also obstructed justice along the way. That’s not impeachable?

Not only does Dershowitz have to argue that none of that is impeachable, but it’s not even wrong because Donald Trump wants his legal team to fight that his phone call with Zelensky was “perfect.” That sounds like the sort of bullshit Pam Bondi would sell, not Starr and Dershowitz.

O.J., Epstein, and Weinstein all have one thing in common. Most people believe they’re guilty of everything they’ve been accused of, from murder to rape to raping minors. Which bad guy defense does Donald Trump want? Dershowitz doesn’t believe Trump did anything to be impeached. Does he also believe O.J., Epstein, and Weinstein were all innocent?

Everyone deserves to be defended. So does the United States of America. We need to be defended from Donald J. Trump.

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Trump Foundation


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi does not want to be bullied by Hillary Clinton. She likes it much better when she’s bribed.

For months we’ve heard about the corruptness of The Clinton Foundation. The foundation is a charity. It focuses on global health, climate change, improving opportunities for girls and women and a variety of other activities. You know. Good stuff.

Though there’s been accusations of pay-to-play with the foundation, all investigators can find are contributors seeking meetings with world leaders. That’s about it.

Now we have the Trump Foundation. This is also a charity. Supposedly. Donald Trump established it and other people put money into it. Donald Trump does not. Who benefits from the Trump Foundation? Starving children? Aids victims? People with small hands and funky hair? We’re not sure except that public office holders threatening to investigate a Trump business will get a payout.

You may ask “isn’t that illegal?”. Using a charity to make a political contribution? It sure sounds illegal. It is. How would you feel if the quarters you gave a Salvation Army Santa was spent on a 40?

Here’s what happened:

Trump University was scamming people in Florida. Pam Bondi looks into opening an investigation on Trump University. She also asks Donald Trump for a political contribution.

Trump’s charity gives $25,000 to a pac supporting her. And surprise! Days later she drops all interests in an investigation of Trump U. She later receives a swanky fundraiser at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida and more donations from Melania Trump.

The IRS frowned on this and they fined the Trump Foundation at least $2.500. Trump’s team says it was a mistake because the Bondi pac had a similar name to a charity. Sure. “Bondi For AG” sounds a lot like “Unicef.”

How could a Trump initiative make such a HUGE mistake when Trump always hires the best people? He’s shrugged his shoulders blowing it of as a mistake, but he’s also claimed during the Republican debates that when he gives politicians money that they do what he wants. Hey, Pamela. Did you do what he wanted? Did he want it nasty?

Of these two foundations, which of their law breaking have you heard more about? The bar is set seriously low for Trump.

It comes down to this: Clinton’s foundation has been accused. Trump’s foundation has been found guilty of breaking the law by the Internal Freaking Revenue Service of taking money intended by donors to help the needy but instead given to a political candidate so she doesn’t investigate a Trump business shadier than the Plexus diet drink pyramid scheme.

Now which one of these is corrupt?


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