Obamacare Fail

Negan Trump


Did you see the premiere for season 7 of The Walking Dead? It was brutal. So brutal that a lot of people complained about the blood, gore, and just sheer brutality. They want that sort of stuff off television so they don’t make the stupid mistake of letting their children watch it again.

Seriously, the show is in its seventh season. The gore and brutality isn’t a new thing. People complaining that they let their kids watch are also announcing their sloppy parenting skills. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

But Negan is one scary guy.

The increase in insurance premiums for a lot of people covered by Obamacare might be the GOP’s best issue to save the Senate and House. Well, the House isn’t in real danger but they’ll lose some seats. The Senate is in real trouble and Trump has no shot at the White House.

The increase isn’t hitting most people but a lot of people hate Obamacare just because they enjoy hating things. If they started calling french fries “Obama fries” Republicans would stop eating potatoes.

The other thing is, what will the GOP replace it with? Trumpcare?

“Trumpcare.” Now that’s an oxymoron.

I just discovered that if you use the hashtag #TWD on Twitter, a baseball bat symbol is displayed next to it.

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