Obama Speech

Presidential Street Value


The stupids and hypocrites are at it again. They’re throwing their arms in the air and getting all red ass over Obama accepting $400,000 to give a speech to a Wall Street firm. Oh my goodness and heavens to Betsy, whatever the hell that may mean.

Trevor Noah brought up a good point in that these people want the practice of former presidents accepting lucrative speaking fees to stop at Obama. You know, the black guy. It was OK for Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush Deuce, but hey, it should stop when the president with the least scandals of any administration in modern history does it….who also happens to be black.

Noah brought up another point I, and I’m sure many others, was just perplexed over. What about the current president?

Obama waited until he left office to make money off his presidential stature (which he’ll probably donate to charity). Trump was doing it before he even walked into the office and has been doing ever since God parted the clouds and stopped the rain for him to deliver his terrifying inauguration speech.

The guy has NOT put his business into a blind trust. He’s still talking to his sons about profits. He’s appointed his daughter to an unpaid job in the White House, for which I’m sure she’s worth every penny. Kellyanne Conway has gone on television to hawk Ivanka products made in China. The Trump Hotel in Washington is the most popular attraction for foreign dignitaries. His favorite golf club, Mar-a-Lago, doubled their membership fees after Trump was elected. Trump goes to this club nearly every weekend where members buy access to him, get to pose for selfies while holding the nuclear football, attend security briefings, and eat chocolate cake with the president.

On top of all that, what the hell happened to all the cash donated to the Trump inauguration? I hate to link to a Huffington Post piece, but they’ve done some real reporting on this. Did you hear about this crap? Well if you ever complained about “pay-for-play” regarding the Clintons and their foundation, then you need to sit down and listen.

The Trump inauguration was tiny compared to Obama’s. Trump’s shindig had baton twirlers, tractors, and the rock band Three Doors Down. It was also sparsely attended. Yet Trump raised more than twice what Obama did for his inauguration hoedown. Trump raised over $107 million for his party full of empty bleachers. The donations came from everywhere and the accounting has been terrible.

Venezuela’s state-owned oil company donated $500,000 to the Trump inauguration and then businessmen with ties to Venezuela got to have a meeting with Steve Bannon. That’s the part you need to pay attention to, pay-for-play screamers.

Did you see the film Hidden Figures? You should. It’s awesome and I watched it last weekend. It tells the story of Katherine Johnson and other black females who worked for NASA and helped the first American go to space. The Trump Inauguration committee listed her as donating $25,000 to the party. It’s a common name so maybe it’s not her, except the address for the donation was NASA. The real honest-to-god and she worked for NASA and became an American hero, Katherine Johnson did NOT give money to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

I really want to find out what’s going on with this all this money. I’m sure conservatives do too since they won’t tolerate any pay-for-play, right?

Basically I’m not worried about Obama making money for giving a speech. At least he uses complete sentences and didn’t use the office to make money while he was still in that office. I think while Obama gives the speech that Trump should be in the audience. He might learn something. He should be forced to buy a ticket.

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