Not Exonerated

Trump’s Dinghy


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The new normal is that it was not “unreasonable” to ask the Navy to hide a ship with the name “John McCain” on it in order to avoid offending a thin-skinned Trump and that whoever did it had the “best intentions.”

In North Korea, they kill staffers who disappointed Kim Jong Un. In what’s becoming our banana republic without bananas, staffers are scrambling to appease our Dear Leader, even on foreign soil

Donald Trump attacked John McCain while campaigning for president. If you believe a man can say McCain was only a war hero because he was captured and that he “likes those who weren’t captured” can also be supportive of the military, then you might be in a cult. Donald Trump attacked John McCain after the election. Donald Trump attacked John McCain while McCain was dying. Donald Trump has continued to attack John McCain after he died.

Donald Trump is fighting a dead guy and losing.

Donald Trump is a 72-year-old man baby and in the new normal, it’s perfectly justified to patronize and feed his insecure little orange ego, even to the point of being an international embarrassment. That’s how Trump cultists and Republicans see it. It’s why he needs two scoops of ice cream to everybody else’s one. The president of the United States has to constantly be told he’s the most important baby at the party.

From telling Donald Trump a report that clearly says he’s not exonerated totally exonerates him from hiding a boat named after John McCain’s grandfather with your tiny Republican dinghy in order to avoid a Trump tantrum, Republicans have become nothing but sycophants catering to a pathetic, whiny, little victimized elderly man baby. For them, this is the new normal.

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