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Racist TV

Republicans are working overtime in several yee-haw states to make it illegal for public schools to teach that America is a racist country despite the fact nobody is teaching it, and despite the fact America IS a racist country.

Republicans refuse to believe this is a racist country and think even mentioning our racist past will put children through emotional trauma from white guilt. These fucknut fuckers also refuse to believe white privilege exists because they’re incapable of seeing it even while being the beneficiaries of it.

There’s an episode of 30 Rock where pretty people get better service, but they don’t realize they’re receiving better service than average-looking everyday schmoes like Tina Fey. It’s the same thing with white people and white privilege. They don’t see their privilege because they only see themselves. They aren’t paying attention to people who don’t look like them except when they turn on Fox News which is constantly screaming about the victimization of white people. THAT…they believe. White Christians believe they are the most persecuted demographic in the history of the world.

We are a racist country steeped in systemic racism lingering from our racist past. Our nation was founded on racism and still has a culture, business, and legal system that discriminates based on race. Republicans ask how can we be a racist nation while at the same time they’re making it harder for black people to vote and making it illegal to talk about racism. “How can we be a racist nation after electing a black president?”, they ask while also trying to delegitimize him by claiming he was born in Kenya.

There’s a lot of evidence we’re a racist nation from pay inequality to the number of African-Americans in prison that’s disparate to their population to police brutality to Colin Kaepernick being unable to get a job while white America’s defending a football coach for kneeling in prayer on the field to Hollywood hiring white actors to play Asians. But the biggest evidence we’re a racist country is that a racist like Donald Trump was elected president (sic) of the United States of America.

Sure, Trump didn’t win the popular vote as more people voted against him, and he lost in 2020, but there are enough Americans, 74 million of them, voting for Trump that make this a racist nation.

These people are so racist that they voted for a racist despite the fact he had zero experience, never gave details on how he was ever going to accomplish anything, and from all evidence, is a fucking moron. They’re so racist, they overlooked the fact they voted for a man who literally paints himself orange and wears a bleached skunk on his head. Personally, those are signs of dementia and alone should be disqualifying factors. Paint your face orange and wear a bleached skunk on your head then apply for a job at Taco Bell and see if they hire you. Republicans are afraid teaching racism will make white kids feel bad, but voting for that racist orange moron sure did make them feel good.

When Donald Trump said he could shoot a person on 5th Avenue and his followers would still vote for him, he was right. He could shoot a person on any avenue and his base would still vote for him because of his racism. He was the best they had.

Then again, maybe making Trump president (sic) isn’t the biggest sign we’re a racist nation. Perhaps the greatest indicator we’re racist is Tucker Carlson and the fact his show is the most popular in America.

Maybe racists have more time to watch TV than non-racists. Maybe racists have more time on their tiny racist hands than non-racists, who are probably too busy to watch TV because they’re out doing things like fighting racism.

Tucker is so racist, he claims he doesn’t know what racism or white nationalism is. He asks what they are incredulously and in the same manner I asked, “What is ball tanning?” Tucker’s inability to see racism probably stems from his privileged prep school upbringing. His white privilege is compounded with his trust-fund baby privilege.

A new study by The New York Times explains how Tucker Carlson “stoked white fear to conquer cable.” The New York Times wrote that Tucker Carlson “has constructed what may be the most racist show in the history of cable news.” They also include “perhaps, the most successful.” The times analyzed 1,150 shows in their study of Tucker’s racism.

Tucker declares himself an “enemy of prejudice” while telling his 92 percent white audience that they’re being replaced by nonwhite immigrants. When African migrants crossed our border into Texas, Tucker warned that the continent’s high birth rates meant the new arrivals might soon “overwhelm our country and change it completely and forever.” Tucker talked about African birthrates as if he was talking about rabbits….dirty dirty rabbits.

Tucker said, “We don’t judge them by group, and we don’t judge them on their race” a few weeks before claiming immigrants are making our nation dirtier. The Times writes that Tucker, “warns his viewers that they inhabit a civilization under siege — by violent Black Lives Matter protesters in American cities, by diseased migrants from south of the border, by refugees importing alien cultures, and by tech companies and cultural elites who will silence them, or label them racist, if they complain.”

I’m not eager to call everyone a racist who disagrees with me. But, I am not afraid to call a racist a racist. I use a lot more discretion than conservatives use accusing political opponents of being pedophiles…while they themselves support pedophiles.

But Tucker doesn’t consider himself a racist because Putin has never called him a racist, which he pointed out on his show. And by god, Putin is probably an expert on this since he’s identified Ukraine as a nation of Nazis, which is his reasoning for his invasion…which Tucker has supported. Hey, if a war criminal hasn’t called you a racist, then you must not be a racist. Right?

Fox News lawyers argued in a slander suit that Tucker’s show is just entertainment and “any reasonable viewer arrive(s) with an appropriate amount of skepticism about the statements he makes.” But Fox News viewers are not reasonable people.

Tucker’s show is racist and it caters to the white nationalists he claims don’t exist and whose attack on our nation’s capital is something that will barely register as a “footnote” in history. Carlson likes to use the term “legacy Americans,” a dog-whistle term he lifted directly from the Daily Stormer, a Nazi publication. Tucker pushed the story of white farmers in South Africa being murdered by black South Africans, which was first pushed in racist havens on the dark web, like Gab and 4chan.

Tucker is also the biggest champion of “the great replacement,” a racist belief that Democrats are deliberately importing “more obedient voters from the third world” to “replace” the current white electorate and keep themselves in power. Meanwhile, Republicans are making it harder for black AMERICANS to vote.

A Fox News spokesgoon said, “Tucker Carlson programming embraces diversity of thought and presents various points of view in an industry where contrarian thought and the search for truth are often ignored. Stories in ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ broadcasts and ‘Tucker Carlson Originals’ documentaries undergo a rigorous editorial process. We’re also proud of our ongoing original reporting at a time when most in the media amplify only one point of view.” He actually said this with a straight face.

A “rigorous” editorial process? How rigorous was the process with the Seth Rich story? “Embraces diversity of thought”? How often does Tucker have an opposing viewpoint on his show? And “most in the media amplify one point of view”? No wonder they don’t see white privilege. They don’t even see their own show.

Tucker’s show is racist because Tucker Carlson is a racist. And Fox News has made him immune from the few journalism ethics policies they have, and Tucker even boasts how he doesn’t answer to the channel’s chief executive. He only answers to Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News. Murdoch is happy with Tucker’s racism as it brings in at least three million viewers each night while CNN and MSNBC struggle to reach one million each.

Tucker invoked the “ruling class” in more than 800 shows and told his white nationalist audience the “ruling class” is importing immigrants from the “Third World” to replace them with more “obedient voters.” The “ruling class” is an antisemitic dog whistle that helped lead to the chants of “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville. The “Great Replacement” theory was also cited by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter and the shooter who targeted Hispanic shoppers in El Paso. There have been no apologies or ownership of this from Fox News or Tucker.

The Times found that Tucker has amplified the idea of demographic replacement in more than 400 episodes. He’s also highlighted shifting gender roles and falling white birthrates in more than 200 episodes.

R. Derek Black, a former white nationalist who has disavowed the movement, said it It doesn’t really matter if Tucker believes any of this because he’s using the same rhetoric as white nationalists. Black said having the most popular cable news host “directly pulling” from their talking points “makes them feel like, ‘Wow, we must be right.’” But despite what the lawyers for Fox News said, I think Tucker does believe in the stuff he says. I believe Tucker Carlson is a white nationalist. Tucker Carlson is a racist. And, Carlson’s TV show is also the most popular show with white nationalists.

Former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke said in 2020 that Trump should choose Carlson as his running mate. Nick Fuentes, another white nationalist, cheered Carlson’s promotion of the “Great Replacement” theory. Andrew Anglin, the founder of The Daily Stormer, called Carlson “literally our greatest ally.” They used Carlson’s image and his “Great Replacement “theory to promote a White Lives Matter rally.

If you don’t think you’re a racist but all the racists agree with you, you’re doing something wrong. Also, if all the racists agree with you then you’re most likely a racist too. They’re not watching Tucker for his cooking segments, which if he did have, would probably only teach how to boil white rice.

Tucker along with other Fox goons gloated over the demise of CNN+, especially targeting their former colleague Chris Wallace. Fox News celebrates the demise of an outlet that told the truth while they can keep telling lies and racist conspiracy theories.

Tucker used the Times article on his show and called journalists at the newspaper “obedient little establishment defenders” and asked: “Why do they keep calling us racist? Well, to make us shut up, obviously.”

No, Tucker. They called you a racist because you’re a racist, and that’s why you have the number one program. The majority of America’s TV “news” viewing audience would rather be told racist lies and conspiracy theories than hear the truth because America is racist.

Music Note: I didn’t listen to any music while drawing today because this cartoon didn’t take long to draw, but the music I inserted into the 30-minute TikTok video of it being drawn will be stuck in my head all freaking day.

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Trumpy Tax Tragedy


If you still believe Donald Trump is a genius, great businessman, great negotiator, and built a great company, you’re in a cult. ‬

The New York Times published a story this week in great detail about how Trump spent the 1980s losing over a billion dollars. According to the IRS, Donald Trump lost more money during this time than any other American. In fact, his losses accounted for one percent of all loses declared by American tax filers. Donald Trump shouldn’t have hosted The Apprentice and instead should have starred in the Biggest Loser.

Trump is a loser. The one positive a loser like Trump can take from losing a billion dollars is that he didn’t pay taxes for eight of those ten years.

If you’re a Trump sycophant, don’t worry. Trump had an explanation. He meant to do that. He explained in a Tweet that it was for “tax purposes” and was a “sport” among real estate developers. He then called the story “fake news.” So, did he lose all that money for tax purposes like he claimed or was the Times lying? It’s hard to keep his defenses straight. Also, if he’s only “showing” losses, does that mean he committed tax fraud?

There are two other interesting points in this story. All this billion dollar losing occurred while he was promoting himself as a huge success story, master of the universe, and educator on being a miser by publishing his book “Art of the Deal.” The real art of the deal was borrowing money from daddy while you’re bankrupting casinos.

The other highlight that piqued interests is that in 1989, he reported $52.9 million in interest income. Here’s why that’s interesting: The three years before this, he reported $460,566, then $5.5 million, then $11.8 million in interest. So, 52 after 11 is a huge jump in interest income (if you’re a Republican, that’s a difference of 41). So, where’d that interest come from? Public findings from New Jersey casino regulators show no evidence that he owned anything capable of generating that much interest. Nor is there any such evidence in a 1990 report, which was prepared by accountants he hired at his bankers’ request. So, where did that $52.9 million come from? Daddy? Russians? People paying him not to tell anyone they had sex?

Of course, if Trump really wants to prove this is all “fake news” and he doesn’t have anything to hide, he would release his taxes. But, he won’t do that because it’s not “fake news” and he has a LOT Of skeevy shady shit to hide.

Of course, Trump wants to change the laws that allow a free press to publish stories such as these. What he doesn’t want to change are the laws that enable people to shoot up schools.

There was another school shooting this week, this time at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado. Eight students were injured with Kendrick Castillo dying after lunging at one of the two shooters. Kendrick Castillo died saving lives three days before the end of the school year.

Donald Trump tweeted out condolences. Then, he went to one of his hate rallies in Panama City, Florida and laughed at a supporter’s suggestion that we start shooting immigrants at the border. Trump said, “Only in the Panhandle could you get away with saying something like that.” You can also get away with saying something like that at a Donald Trump rally. Other fun things you can get away with at a Trump rally are, heiling, goose-stepping, wearing a white sheet, waving a Swastika, punching black people, and shouting obscenities at Jim Acosta.

Donald Trump is not a genius, or a great businessman, or a great negotiator, and as evidenced from his most recent hate rally, he’s not even a decent human being. And, if you’re still a Trump supporter, neither are you.

Be Complicit

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Anonymous Resistance


There are two things Republicans in Congress and Trump sycophants need to give up; the fantasy there is a “deep state” within and outside the government conspiring to destroy Donald Trump, and the fantasy that Trump is anything other than a narcissistic dysfunctional human being with the intellect of a toddler who has any grasp of what it takes to be president of the United States.

Trump was still ranting, raving, and losing his mind over Bob Woodward’s upcoming book when The New York Times published an Op-Ed yesterday titled, I Am Part Of The Resistance Inside The Trump Administration.

It was an unusual move by The Times in that it was published anonymously, but with a note stating, “The Times today is taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous Op-Ed essay. We have done so at the request of the author, a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure.”

The author claims that “many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” He or she continues, explaining they’re not a part of the “popular resistance of the left,” and they believe in parts of the agenda and that much of it has made the nation “safer and more prosperous,” but “the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.” They intend to continue to thwart Trump’s “more misguided impulses until he is out of office.”

The writer claims the successes, “effective deregulation, historic tax reform, a more robust military and more,” has come despite, not because of Trump’s leadership.

He or she also claims that Trump “shows a preference for autocrats and dictators, such as President Vladimir Putin of Russia and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, and displays little genuine appreciation for the ties that bind us to allied, like-minded nations.”

Trump proceeded to prove the writer’s point by calling the Op-Ed, “treason” and demanding that The Times turn the writer’s name over to the government for the sake of national security. Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the writer a coward and that the person should resign. Also, helping to prove the author’s point and in an attempt to show that someone believes in his leadership, Trump tweeted this morning, “Kim Jong Un of North Korea proclaims ‘unwavering faith in President Trump.’ Thank you to Chairman Kim. We will get it done together!”

Trump also gave a rant in front of camera’s claiming The Times was forced to apologize to their readers after he won the election for covering the campaign incorrectly (not true), that the anonymous editorial is “gutless,” his poll numbers are through the roof (if the roof is very low as his numbers are in the mid 30s), and that no one will come close to beating him in 2020. I find it amusing he’s talking about winning reelection when members of his staff are trying to remove him now. He also promised that a lot of news outlets will be out of business soon.

The one thing that is clear is there is a consistent pattern from reports in the media and books that those working with and closest to Trump do not have faith in him and believe he’s incompetent and dangerous to the nation.  To believe otherwise isn’t just partisan anymore, it’s stupid. Only the worst of us continue to support Donald Trump at this point.

As Washington engages in a parlor game of trying to guess the writer, which will probably be discovered by noon, the White House is turning the furniture upside down to discover the author. All electronic devices will be examined, staff will be grilled, and at some point, they’ll probably start demanding all their personal electronic devices and passwords to private email accounts.

There are questions. How “senior” is the writer in the Trump administration? Is he a hero or another who is complicit and will sell his soul to a dangerous human being to advance his own agenda? Should the author have provided his name, thus making the Op-Ed a public resignation letter?

What may be the most important question is; is this the beginning of the end? The writer claims members of the staff have “whispered” about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump.

It is NOT the job of the White House staff to restrain the president and keep checks and balances. That is the job of the other two branches of government (if you’re a Republican, those are Congress and the Supreme Court). Congress shouldn’t confirm anyone Trump nominates to lifelong positions if his staff believes he’s incompetent and while he’s under investigation for being illegitimate.

While I am glad someone is speaking out and maybe there are a few “adults in the room,” we don’t need these people writing anonymous columns. We need them to speak and stand up publicly, and call for this illegitimate, incompetent, and dangerous man’s removal from the presidency.

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Trump Man


I feel a little bad using “Taxman” from The Beatles for this cartoon. The Beatles were brilliant song writers (except for Ringo) and Trump is only a brilliant con man.

It’s not the first time Donald Trump had a rough week. The week after the Republican National Convention Trump squandered any momentum he may have gained by feuding with the parents of an American soldier who died in Iraq.

Last week Trump was coming off a horrible debate performance when he decided to top it with a 3:00 AM tirade on Twitter toward a former Miss Universe he once called “Miss Piggy.” Usually when one engages in such nocturnal activity it’s referred as “drunk dialing.” You never text a girl when you’re drunk, or call, or tweet. You wake up the next morning not being able to relate to anything you discovered you sent..and then you recoil in sheer terror. That’s what people tell me. But Trump doesn’t drink…or apparently snort cocaine, which leads us with the last possible theory that he’s an immature, juvenile idiot with a major self esteem problem. Instead of texting a girl at 3:00 with “show me your boobs” he tweeted to his 12 million followers that the former Miss Universe was a horrible person who had made a sex tape, which nobody has found to exist.

He spent the rest of the week complaining about his debate microphone, claiming he won the debate because Breitbart said so, speculated on Bill Clinton’s sex life, Hillary’s health and openly mocked her for having pneumonia, and even made the claim that she’s been unfaithful to her husband. Newsweek published a story accusing Trump of violating the embargo against Cuba. On top of all that, several newspapers that normally go for Republicans refused to endorse him The man is on a roll.

A few days ago a reporter for The New York Times discovered copies of Trump’s 1995 tax returns sent anonymously from someone in the Trump organization. His employees must really love him.

Usually when the press prints something from anonymous sources the reporter knows who the source is. The Times decided to publish the Trump tax story despite not knowing the source, but after talking to several tax experts who suggested that the documents were in line with accounting permissible under the federal tax code in 1995. They also talked to the accountant who confirmed he had prepared the taxes.

Another aspect to the story is that a lawyer for Trump emailed a letter to the paper threatening “prompt initiation of appropriate legal action” if the newspaper published the private documents. They refused to confirm or deny the authenticity of the documents. That makes it a story on top of the fact Trump still refuses to release his tax returns to the public. He’s still claiming he’s under audit and can’t release them during the process, which is a fat, juicy, orange lie.

What really makes it a story is that Trump has tweeted in the past complaining about people who don’t pay taxes while the government is in debt and our infrastructure is in decline. Who knew Donald Trump was in the 47% of Mitt Romney’s description of lazy slackers who feel entitled to government benefits who never pay income taxes.

What the Times discovered was that Trump had declared a $916 million loss in 1995, wiping out any federal taxes that year and setting himself up to avoid 18 years of similar obligations. What a smart businessman. I guess the rest of us are stupid suckers. Well, those who intend to vote for The Donald are.

Trump claims he knows the tax system better than anyone else, since he’s so good at taking advantage of it and making the rest of us carry the burden of funding our nation, education, infrastructure funding, our military, etc, so naturally he’s the “only” one who can fix it. I’ve heard of former burglars becoming security experts but you wouldn’t normally hire the guy to guard your house who initially broke into it and stole your stereo and ceramic Elvises collection.

A few interesting details about the song “Taxman”: George Harrison wasn’t that prolific of a songwriter at the time he wrote the tune. He discovered The Beatles were shelling out 95% of their income in taxes. Though George was the lead guitar player Paul McCartney (who was the bass player) nailed the solo on the track. The song was the opening number on their 1966 album Revolver (my favorite Beatles’ album) and the only time George had the lead tune. I’m a Beatles geek.

In 2006 Ken Cuccinelli attempted to make “Taxman” the state song of Virginia. He was a senator at the time and went on to become Attorney General and waste state resources fighting Obamacare, abortion, the University of Virginia over Climate Change. His state-song effort failed in the state senate. Fortunately he later failed as the Republican party’s gubernatorial nominee.

Republicans need to keep their hands off songs by The Beatles. You don’t see Democrats co-opting “Cat Scratch Fever.” I’m mostly surprised they didn’t go for “Happiness Is A Warm Gun.”

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Trump Veep Stakes


The New York Times published an article last Sunday which Donald Trump describes as a hit piece. That means it’s a must-read.

Trump is upset that the article paints him as a charter member of the HeMan Women Haters Club, though it doesn’t attribute any statements to him worse than anything he’s said on tape. In fact, a great portion of the article covers his promoting women in his businesses and placing them in leadership roles.

One of the women is upset, saying her comments were taken out of context and that The Times promised it wouldn’t be a hit piece. I’m not sure of that as reporters usually don’t promise an interviewee what sort of coverage they’re going to receive. I did find it bizarre that this one subject talked about how uncomfortable Trump made her feel when they first met, and then dated him. But hey, money changes everything.

Trump is promising to sue The Times for libel. You can laugh or roll your eyes at this point. First off, he usually doesn’t follow through on a threat and second, he doesn’t have a case. The New York Times hasn’t reported anything on him that’s worse than he’s accused Bill Clinton of doing.

Trump says the report that he’s been sexist, or misogynistic are false and he’s always respected women. I don’t find the comments in the article difficult to believe as this man has been on tape before describing a women being flat-chested, how he’d like to see one on her knees, how he’d probably date his daughter, and speculating on his youngest daughter’s potential breasts when she was an infant.

Trump doesn’t make you give him a normal “ew.” When he talks about his daughters in a sexual context it’s more of an “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!” Donald Trump, what the hell is wrong with you?

There’s also a lot of talk about Trump’s Vice Presidential nominee and who it will be. We’ve been talking about that when we’re not talking about him objectifying women or impersonating his publicist to talk about his own sex life.

I would have bet my money on Trump nominating a woman. That would balance his ticket and help him run against a woman. But now that the party is fractured I believe the smart thing would be to nominate an establishment type. The type who’s educated on government, foreign policy, and basically how things work, which is all stuff Trump doesn’t have a clue on or any interest in understanding. I can’t think of any female in the GOP establishment who hasn’t said hell no to being Trump’s running mate that really fits that bill, except for one.

Jan Brewer, kinda establishment but not Washington establishment and she’s kinda stupid. There’s Sarah Palin and if there is a god he will nominate her, but she doesn’t understand how anything works either except for a GOP expense account. Carly Fiorina could be the first person ever nominated twice in one year but she’s not establishment, and again, doesn’t understand how things work. Plus, I don’t think Trump could stand to look at Fiorina on a daily basis. Michele Bachmann, no. Again, stupid. Nikki Haley would be an excellent choice as she’s smart, educated, knows how things work, the establishment loves her, even Democrats like her and she can sway Independents, and she’s pretty enough for a sexist pig. Alas, I said she’s smart which means she won’t have anything to do with the career suicide of a Trump campaign.

That leaves Iowa Senator Joni Ernst. She’s a hideous human being but she’s Washington. She’s fairly new to the establishment but she also has Tea Party support. She can rile up the base. Her downside is, she probably doesn’t really know how things work but she can probably fake it. She’s also castrated hogs, and that might discourage Trump from being around her.

Seriously, Trump probably doesn’t wanna be around a woman capable of cutting a pig’s nuts off.

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The Heart Of Trump


Donald Trump doesn’t have to win the election to carry an exclusive title. He’s already First Jerk. Maybe First Ogre would be more appropriate. He’s proving himself to be a heartless, insecure human being. He can’t handle criticism and he insults people. He tweets with the reckless abandon of a teenage girl. I know this because I have nieces.

Trump has a routine. He says something horrible and then he claims he didn’t say it. He mentioned Megyn Kelly bleeding out of her whatever and then claims it didn’t mean what everyone knows it means. He calls Carly Fiorina ugly and says he wasn’t talking about her appearance. He makes fun of a reporter’s physical disability, physically mocking him, then says he’s misunderstood and that he was unaware the reporter was handicapped, even though he’s met the reporter and claims he has the world’s best memory.

Trump, like most of the GOP candidates, is a horrible person. He has attacked individuals, Hispanics, African Americans, Gays, Women and now the disabled. Lovely.

If Trump wants people to stop calling him out for being a jerk, then he should stop being a jerk. The same for lying. Stop lying. In general, Donald Trump should stop being an asshole.

Other non-related news:

My last cartoon got a lot of hits. My site says the it was shared on Facebook over 4,000 times and that counter isn’t accurate so it’s probably a lot more. It’s a good day when my site has 500 views. Saturday it had close to 4,000 and Sunday it had over 11,000. Twitter has been nice to me also. So to everyone who visits this site and shares my cartoons, thank you very much.

I like the cartoon. I think it’s very good. But I realize that one reason it went over so well is because it was the only cartoon on the shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. It had two days to hog the limelight all by itself. There will be a flood of them Monday which I’m looking forward to reading.

Again, Thank you.

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