New Year 2019

Happy New Year, Baby


Out of all the god-awful, horrifying horrible stuff Donald Trump has inflicted upon this nation, and there’s been a lot, perhaps his greatest offense has been his administration’s treatment of migrant children.

Don’t get me wrong. The past two years has been one nightmare after stupid racist nightmare, with each new one being worse than the last. While the disaster and deaths in Puerto Rico may be the first Trump tragedy that comes to many minds, that situation was one of neglect, incompetence, and a total lack of caring. But, what Trump has done concerning families and children crossing our southern border is intentional. Trump and the racist dregs he’s staffed his administration with setting out to traumatize children as a way to discourage foreigners from not just entering our nation illegally, but from seeking asylum.

Donald Trump is a horrible person. He designed a horrible policy that was implemented by people nearly as horrible as he is. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions got giggly while explaining the new policy and Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen has blamed the parents of children who died while in the custody of Border Patrol.

When this issue is discussed, or I post a cartoon on it, there’s always some Trump sycophant who’ll point out that Obama separated families too. That argument is a deflection and a case of whataboutism. It doesn’t defend Trump in any way. Yes, Obama’s administration separated families, as in, “some” families. The Obama administration didn’t create a policy that EVERY family had to be separated. That is exactly what the Trump administration has done.

Donald Trump and the evil idiots of his administration firmly believe that a policy of cruelty is what will make America great again. When you display to the entire world that you’ll throw children in cages, traumatize them by separating them from their parents, deny people the right to request asylum, and implement policies that actually lead to the deaths of seven and eight-year-old kids, what you’re doing is not making America great.

There are a lot of people supporting Trump who believes this agenda of cruelty is best for America. Near the end of 2018, the majority of the nation rejected Trumpism and his goal of making the United States a more crueler and evil place. They rejected the darkness of the Trump administration and took the first steps toward the light. Hopefully, in 2019, the light gets brighter.

Old Man 2018 is an asshole. When Baby New Year arrives, he better enter from the north as the racists aren’t manning that border.

Everyone in Washington should make it their New Year’s resolution to end the incarceration, punishment, and traumatization of children.

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