New Mexico

A Cave For Mexico


Great news! Donald Trump has saved our nation from another crisis…that he created.

Trump created a crisis with North Korea by throwing childish nicknames at their ruthless dictator. After becoming BFFs with Kim Jong Un and declaring they’re “in love,” his cultist give him credit for averting a crisis in the form of nuclear war.
Trump has created a crisis on the southern border. He created a crisis when he pulled us out of the nuclear agreement with Iran. Trump created a crisis by ending DACA. Trump created a crisis with the government shutdown.
Now, just like with the government shutdown, Trump has ended a crisis by negotiating a deal that gives him nothing.
Donald Trump shut down the government while he had an offer from Democrats for funding for his racist vanity project in the form of a border wall on our border with Mexico. After a month of the shutdown, Trump negotiated a deal ending the shutdown that gave him…nothing. Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed great negotiator, negotiated himself from receiving funding to getting nothing.
Last week, Trump was being kind to outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May by saying she’s a better negotiator than he is. May is being tossed from office for being unable to negotiate a Brexit deal, but Trump was right. She’s still a better negotiator than he is.
Trump created a crisis with Mexico by threatening to levy tariffs on them, while not understanding that U.S. consumers are the ones who would pay those tariffs. Democrats, Republicans, and everyone else in the northern hemisphere with half a working brain understand that tariffs are taxes and that levying them on our largest trading partner would hurt millions of Americans. The reasoning for his tariff war with Mexico was immigration, which is an issue totally separate from trading with our Mexican friends and allies.
Trump was facing opposition not just from Democrats, but also from Republicans. He was also facing legal challenges he would likely lose. On top of all that, the damage done to American farmers and avocado eaters may have turned into a backlash even he couldn’t withstand. Trump cultists eat avocados too despite the fact their Dear Leader doesn’t eat fruits and vegetables.
Trump claimed he struck a new deal with Mexico where they promised to put more Mexican National Guard troops on their southern border to stem the flow of immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. He also claimed that the Mexican government promised to increase its purchases of U.S. agricultural goods.
Two problems with Trump’s claims. The first is, the agreement with Mexico about troops on their southern border was struck months ago, even before Trump made his tariff threats. The second problem is, the government of Mexico does not buy produce and farm equipment from us. Private businesses in Mexico buy produce and farm equipment from us. The Mexican government is not China and can’t order Mexican private businesses to increase purchases from the United States.
Donald Trump attacked those facts the same way he always does, which is to label them as “fake news.” After being debunked by the New York Times, he attacked that news outlet. Later, he was debunked by…wait for it…Mexico.
Basically, the new deal with Mexico that averted a tariff war is that Donald Trump will not make good on his tariff threat and in return, he’s to receive nothing. Other governments have learned from Nancy Pelosi and Trump’s own actions that the man talks more than he walks and he’s a pushover. Trump bullshits, flakes, and caves, and everyone knows it except his cult.
The cult will give Trump huge credit for ending a crisis that wasn’t there until he created it because he told them not to believe what the see and hear. Trump has yet to face a real crisis. The problem for our country is, when that crisis does come, the man occupying the executive branch is still liar, flake, coward, who can’t negotiate, and caves at the slightest pressure.
Donald Trump is dangerous to this nation and except his cult, everyone knows it.
Creative note:
I finished this cartoon about 10:00 a.m, and then the internet went out. I apologize for its tardiness.

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Lunch Shaming


Sometimes I’ll draw a cartoon on a national issue that hasn’t gone national yet. At least not in the sense that CNN gives it the same coverage of a Donald Trump bowel movement. “Lunch shaming” is one of those issues.

Have you heard the term “lunch shaming?” Get ready because you’re about to hear a lot more about it. What is “lunch shaming?” I’m glad you asked. It’s when parents haven’t paid the bill for their kid’s school lunch, so the school puts the pressure on the child. In what ways do they exert pressure? Again, I’m glad you asked because this is where it gets shitty.

North Carolina elementary school principal threatened to keep students from taking part in a school field trip if their debt was left unpaid. A New York Times article reports that in Pennsylvania a student’s tray of food was taken away from her and dumped in the trash after it was discovered she had an unpaid balance. One Utah school threw away about 40 lunches after discovering the students had not paid up (so let’s just waste the food). In Alabama, children have been stamped on their arm with “I need lunch money.” They’re literally branding children. If that doesn’t make you mad, then seriously…that should make you mad. What’s wrong with you?

While some school districts won’t feed the child, others will give them two slices of bread and a slice of government cheese in the middle. They call that a sandwich. We feed prisoners better.

The Department of Agriculture reported back in 2014 (before Trump was president and we cared about hungry children) that nearly half of all districts used some form of shaming to compel parents to pay bills. (About 45 percent withheld the hot meal and gave a cold sandwich, while 3 percent denied food entirely.) There was more howling from Republicans about Michelle Obama wanting kids to eat healthier in our schools than about current Secretary of Education Betsy Devos and Donald Trump’s plan to cut education funding, which will hit school lunches.

I’m a dad. I know a lot of other dads and even mothers. I can’t think of one who would be cool with a school employee writing on their children and branding them as a loser.

School is a difficult time for a child. You remember. You still have nightmares about it. It’s an environment where you’re ridiculed and bullied if you wear the “wrong” shoes. It also occurs during major life changes, like braces, voices changing like Peter Brady (shanananana), boobs develop, and acne shows up and never wants to go away (like Sarah Palin). Informing all the other children who the “deadbeats” are doesn’t really enhance the school experience in a positive way.

It’s bad enough that all the children know who receives free lunches. It’s kinda hard to hide that. Labeling some as too broke to eat can scar a child. Forcing them to go hungry is just the cherry you won’t allow them to eat that lies on top of that shit sundae.

This is the United States of America. We’re rich. This is a place where we shouldn’t allow children to go hungry and force them to watch other children eat. I couldn’t watch that. One school employee in Pennsylvania actually quit after she was forced to take a child’s lunch away.

Other people feel the same. John Legend (the musician who has won a ton of Grammys) donated $5,000 to a GoFundMe drive to raise money to pay off school debt in Seattle.

Texas just sent a bill to the governor that will end lunch shaming, despite the attempt by five members of the Texas Freedom Caucus (Republican shit holes) to derail it. A school district in Utah is looking to ban it entirely. New Mexico has done the right thing and is banning the practice of lunch shaming entirely. There’s a bill in Congress to end the practice but it’s very weak as it still allows schools to hand out that cheese sandwich and even starve the child. Not every child will be eating as well as Barron Trump.

I know the current trend right now is to bully people, body-slam reporters, make fun of people who read, and degrade women by their appearance. But can we not bully children? Can we stop adults from branding them as welfare kids?

How about we all try to be a little bit more like John Legend? Let’s be like New Mexico. Feed kids.

But hey, if you can’t cut it in the clubbing-baby-seals business, perhaps you have a future working in a school cafeteria.

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