National School Walkout



Black Lives Matter is a bunch of thugs advocating killing cops.

Antifa is a terrorist organization equivalent to Nazis and white supremacists.

The Women’s March on Washington is a bunch of women searching for a cause while wearing vaginas on their heads, which needs to be over in time to cook dinner.

The #MeToo movement is fine just so long as they only accuse liberals and Democratic men of sexual harassment, assault, and rape, and leave Republicans out of it.

NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to protest police violence, discrimination, and a disparate justice system is a bunch of sons of bitches disrespecting our flag and troops, and they should be fired for not knowing their place.

High school students protesting school shootings are actually paid actors organized by liberal activists.

We should only protest abortion.

Can someone get me a copy of the Republican handbook, so I can find the clause that requires them to be assholes? It’s probably in the section written by the NRA.

The Republican response to criticism they can’t counter is to discredit it. When you shout about injustice, they tell you to be quiet. When you quietly protest, they tell you to pick a better time. When you want to talk about gun violence, they say it’s too soon. When students say they don’t want to be afraid to go to school, Republicans say they’re too young to have an opinion.

Republicans are not good with movements. They picked a name for their last big one without the foresight to see they were inviting the “tea bag” label. When they criticize the pussy hats as vaginas worn on heads, it makes you realize they’ve never seen a vagina, which they probably took care of after Googling Donald Trump’s latest girlfriend.

When children are targets of gun violence, they have a right to express an opinion on it. They have the right to try to save their lives. We have the responsibility to save them. It’s negligent on our part to try to shut them up. It’s criminal not to do anything about the dangers they face. It’s reprehensible to continue taking money from the NRA while you watch them die. This is why they’re marching and saying “enough.”

No one is ever too young to be informed. There are examples every day of conservatives who need a basic civics lesson. From sharing fake news on social media, to being gullible enough to become a Russian troll, to becoming a congressman who doesn’t understand how a FISA memo works, to being the President of the United States wrongly telling the Prime Minister of Canada we have a trade deficit, Republicans are too old to be so misinformed.

People who can’t name the three branches of government, who don’t understand the Second Amendment doesn’t give you a right to fire as many bullets within a minute as possible, and couldn’t find South Dakota on a map if you spot them North Dakota, shouldn’t be telling anyone to shut up.

This Saturday, students from across the nation will converge on the nation’s capital. It will most likely outnumber the attendance for Trump’s inauguration. They’ll be telling us adults they’ve had enough. We need to listen and do something about it. This is a movement where the children are educating the adults.

Enough is enough.

Here’s the video.

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