Nancy Boy

Nancy Boy


Donald Trump is a delusional person. In addition to not playing with a full deck, he’s not playing with reality. Unfortunately, he’s also president of the United States.

Trump lies. According to The Washington Post, in a span of 649 days, Trump told 6,420 lies. In the seven weeks leading up the midterm elections, Trump averaged 30 lies a day. Trump makes crazy shit up and logical people, those who don’t support Trump, debate if he knows he’s lying or if he actually believes his own bullshit.

From the largest inauguration crowd ever, to New Jersey Muslims celebrating 9/11, to Obama bugging Trump Tower, to the largest electoral victory ever, to not knowing about hush payments to porn stars, to whatever that crap was about Mexicans and duct tape he was talking about last Friday, the president of our nation is a pathological liar. The guy even hangs fake Time Magazine covers of himself and has photos doctored to make his hands appear larger and his waistline smaller. Reality said bye-bye to Trump probably around the time he started believing that dead possum on his head looks good.

Trump is so delusional, that he demanded Democrats give him money for a border wall after Republicans refused to give it to him during his first two years in office.

Of course, after claiming he’d never cave into the shutdown of his own making, there was no way he was going to be realistic after he caved into Nancy Pelosi.

Trump tweeted, “This was in no way a concession. It was taking care of millions of people who were getting badly hurt by the Shutdown with the understanding that in 21 days, if no deal is done, it’s off to the races!”

Trump said he’d take credit for the shutdown, accepted a deal, changed his mind, shut down the government for 35 days, put hundreds of thousands of Americans deeper into debt while ruining their credit scores, then caves on the shutdown without getting a penny for his wall and signed the same deal he had rejected…so I’m missing the part where he was “taking care of” millions of people. Hell, he’s even threatening to hurt them again.

If you think Trump is delusional, his sycophantic base of MAGAheads is even worse. I was very interested in how they would respond to his capitulation to Nancy Pelosi. Of course, most of them were silent about it on Friday, choosing to spend the time complaining about the method in which Trump buddy and swinger, self-proclaimed dirty trickster, Nixon-loving, fellow liar, and all-around creepy guy Roger Stone was arrested. He should consider himself lucky the arresting agents didn’t take Trump’s advice to law enforcement to bang perps’ heads against the roof of their cars two dozen times while placing them in the back seat.

While Trump supporter Lou Dobbs was saying Trump “got whipped” and Ann Coulter was calling the president a “wimp,” there were sycophants struggling with reality.

There were those who claimed Trump was the adult in the room for ending a shutdown he created, and that he folded to help the nation he hurt. Others were claiming this was part of his game plan, like Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope strategy. Worst of all, they all still believe they’re getting their wall. Then again, they still believe Mexico is going to pay for it.

A conservative cartooning colleague of mine did a cartoon claiming Trump’s wall will only cost $5.7 billion while “Pelosi’s shutdown” costs us $6 billion. This guy actually went to college. His argument relies heavy on distortion. The $5.7 billion for the wall is a deposit, not the entire price. This guy has bought houses and cars, so he should understand that. Second, how is this Pelosi’s shutdown? He works for a big-city newspaper. Does he not read it? Did he not read Trump claiming the shutdown?

What’s even worse than the mindless MAGAheads and the dum-dum cartoonists is the entire Republican Party.

The GOP’s official Twitter account tweeted, “Democrats have held our government hostage for weeks, but thanks to President ‘s leadership, the government will reopen and federal workers will be paid in the next few days.”

They act like the Democrats refused to send him a budget, and he forced them to make one to end the shutdown. These idiots probably watched Batman and believe the Penguin (who looks a lot like Roger Stone) is the hero. Is Darth Vader the hero in Star Wars? Was Johnny in the Karate Kid the real victim of bullying? Was Hans Gruber just an innovative go-getter? Does Freddy Krueger get a bad rap? Was Minny’s chocolate-chip pie an unfair snack-attack on rich, uppity segregationists? Maybe Hannibal Lecter was just a little hungry. Norman Bates was just a boy who loved his mama.

I’ve been delusional as well. I’ve spent the past three years or so trying to show Trump MAGAhead sycophants that their president isn’t what they believe he is. That he’s a joke, a con man, a grifter, a crook, a lying racist with a severe narcissistic personality disorder, and a liar. In those three years, I haven’t changed one mind. Watching their reactions on Friday, it finally occurred to me; how can I change their minds when Trump, who proves my point every single day, can’t change them? If they’re not going to believe Trump then they’re not going to believe me.

If you’re a farmer who can’t sell his crops anymore because of Trump’s trade war, a federal worker who was just put deeper into debt and your credit score just took a huge hit, or you’re yelling for Trump to use your money to build a racist, medieval vanity project he promised Mexico would pay for, and you’re still supporting him, then I can’t help you. If nothing else, he should have lost your support the day he defended Nazis. Maybe I should stop cartooning and start selling bridges.

When reality finally hits Donald Trump, I hope it sounds a lot like the door-slam of a jail cell. As for his supporters, you wonder if 40 years later after the truth is known and undeniable, if they’re all going to be like Roger Stone with ugly tattoos on their backs.

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