What Color Am I?


I’m probably gonna get a little heat for this one.

Did you hear this story? The president of the Spokane NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, is white. Not a big deal except she’s spent years telling people she’s black. What? How did that work? Why would someone lie about their ethnicity? I don’t know.

A photo was posted on the group’s Facebook page of of a black man presented at Delezal’s father. A reporter later got Ms. Dolezal on camera and asked her if the man in the photo was her father. She said yes and then was asked if she’s African American. She stated she didn’t understand the question. It was a simple question. Ms. Dolezal walked off camera.

Now her parents, her real white parents, have presented information like her birth certificate and oh yeah…their faces, to show that Dolezal has been living a lie for a very long time. Their information shows that she’s Caucasian and European descent, Czech, German and a few other things. I’m German and a bunch of other European things and you don’t get much whiter than that.

She does have adopted brothers who are black.

Her 22-year-old brother, who says he’s 25% black, says that what she’s doing is creating more racism.

She’s also claimed she’s been a victim of hate crimes and has received threatening letters (for being black). If none of that happened then that really is creating more racism.

She’s also stated that she’d be uncomfortable at a Tea Party event because of all the white people. Now that’s just asinine to say. I’ve been the only white guy at a lot of events and places and if I was ever uncomfortable it didn’t last long. I would be uncomfortable at a Tea Party rally too, but not because of all the white people. I’d be uncomfortable because of all the stupid people.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your hair, clothes, appearance, etc. But to fabricate your background, your history, your ethnicity, your life, is totally wrong. We should really care less about what race each of us belongs too (while being proud of our heritage) but don’t create an entirely different history for yourself to gain brownie points (no pun intended).



Selective Vigilance


Commentators on Foxnews say brown people should be profiled. Conservatives argue we need to throw away political correctness and say this is “Islamic” terrorism, not just terrorism. People used to say “I’m not a racist but” right before they would say something racist. Today the go to is “political correctness.”

Dammit, why can’t people just be racist and proud of it? Even David Duke denies he’s a racist.

People are very concerned about brown people killing white people. They’re very concerned about Muslims attacking Christians and Jews. Terrorists kill more Muslims than any other religious group, so who’s the war really against?

Now when a white guy bombs a federal building, an abortion clinic or an NAACP office, it’s not “Christian” terrorism. It’s “Domestic” terrorism. Hell, it may not even be terrorism. The FBI refuses to call the bombing in Colorado Springs this week “terrorism.” Where are all the conservatives who yell for Obama to identify terrorism now? I know you’re out there. I can hear you lurching.

These racists, I mean conservatives, scream that liberals need to focus on black on black crime. They have no concern for Muslim on Muslim terrorism.

Just throw away the labels. There’s only crime and there’s only terrorism.