My Pet Goat

My Pet Pence

On September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush was reading a book to school children in a Sarasota classroom when his Chief of Staff Andrew Card whispered into his big-ass ear that a second plane had flown into the World Trade Center. Bush continued with the reading of “The Pet Goat,” (often mistakenly referred to as “My Pet Goat” thanks to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11), and sat motionless for seven minutes with a stupid confused blank expression on his face.

His supporters claimed then and continue to do so that Bush didn’t want to alarm the children. I still call bullshit on this. The guy could have calmly stood up and told the class, “Hey, something came up. Sorry, but I gotta go be the decider.”

Bush sat for seven minutes and did nothing while our nation was being attacked. That’s bad but not as bad as Donald Trump not doing anything for 187 minutes while our nation was being attacked. But, there are several differences between both incidents.

First, the goat book is right at W’s reading level. Donald Trump would never be able to read it. It would have to be read to him and there would have to be pop-up pictures of him to maintain his focus.

Bush didn’t do anything for seven minutes, not because he wanted the attack to continue unabated and was cheering the terrorists on, but because he simply didn’t know what to do. When he finally did do something, he invaded the wrong country.

George W. Bush was not a smart man, but unlike Trump, he’s not evil or racist. Are there people he doesn’t care about? Yes, but he’s more obtuse and easily manipulated by evil people. I think if I sat down for a beer and pretzels with George W, I would like him personally while hating him as president. I would never sit down with Donald Trump unless he was sitting in an electric chair.

George W. Bush knew our nation was going to be attacked yet he didn’t do much to prevent it, probably because didn’t take it seriously. Donald Trump also knew our nation was going to be attacked because he planned it.

After seven minutes, George W. stood up and did something to thwart further attacks and save American lives. He at least tried. Donald Trump did something during that 187 minutes and that was to give the attackers encouragement and support. He tweeted that Vice President Mike Pence “let us down,” further goading the attackers who brought nooses and started chanting “hang Mike Pence.”

According to reports, the “hang Mike Pence” chants greatly pleased Trump and it gave him the giggles.

Donald Trump sat in the dining room off the Oval Office throughout those 187 minutes watching Fox News cover the terrorist attack on the Capitol. Instead of calling the Pentagon, the Secretary of Defense, law enforcement, or even his Vice President to check on his safety, he called Republican Senators to encourage them to continue to block the certification of the election. He obviously felt the attackers were working in his interest.

He was told he needed to call the terrorists off. He refused for 187 minutes. Several staffers, including his daughter, asked him to call them off. Kevin McCarthy, leader of the House GOP pleaded with Trump to call them off. Trump said he couldn’t because they were Antifa, despite the fact he was watching Fox News which clearly showed the terrorists were white nationalist Trump goons. McCarthy told him they were NOT Antifa but Trump supporters. Trump quickly went from blaming Antifa to telling McCarthy that the terrorists care more about the election than he did.

Trump sent the tweet, encouraging his terrorists to attack Mike Pence, after being told by his staff he needed to call them off. Trump’s first tweet giving literal directions to the terrorists was for them not to attack law enforcement, who they had been attacking. That tweet didn’t tell them to stop their attack or not to hurt members of Congress. It was pretty much, “Hey, love what you’re doing. Keep it up, but try not to hurt the cops…just everyone else. Don’t worry about Josh too much because he already hightailed it. MAGA!”

Trump always knew the attack was happening. He knew they were his people. Hell, he wanted to go to the Capitol with them. Why would he want to go to the Capitol with an angry Antifa mob? He knew who they were because he told them days before to be there (It’s gonna be “wild”). He held a rally before their attack. He argued for metal detectors to be removed so his terrorists could bring their weapons into the rally. He told them to march to the Capitol. He told them to “fight like hell” or “they wouldn’t have a country anymore.” He told them that Democrats and Rinos were evil, their enemy, and taking something away from them.

George W. Bush was just a moron who didn’t know what to do for seven minutes. Donald Trump is an evil orange fuck who sent racist terrorists to attack Congress and install him as a dictator.

Donald Trump has less in common with George W. Bush and more in common with Osama bin Laden.

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