How You Doin’


After making landfall in Louisiana, Hurricane Ida went to the north east and killed at least 41 people in New York and New Jersey. More people died in the northeast than where Ida landed.

New York City was not ready. The streets and subway stations flooded. Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed weather forecasters for being wrong, but they actually predicted the city could get between ten to 14 inches of rain when it actually got nine. They predicted this last Monday. The rain hit on Friday. de Blasio sucks and is a shitty mayor.

The city that never sleeps shuts down when the trains shut down. And just a couple weeks ago, some New Yorkers biggest gripe about the trains was the faux wood paneling and retro-looking orange and yellow seats.

New York was hit by Hurricane Irene in 2011 and by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. After Ida, you might have noticed these 100-year storms are becoming more frequent than every 100 years. Why is that?

It’s climate change. Funny thing about climate change. It’s like covid. It doesn’t care about your politics. While people in Louisiana are hesitant to believe in climate change and most New Yorkers have a better grasp of science, Ida didn’t care. Hurricanes will hit blue states and yee-haw states. But, because the south is on warm waters, they’ll usually be hit first because hurricanes form in warm water. Science, people.

Also, only 42 percent of Louisiana is vaccinated against covid vs 63 percent for New York. Just saying.

Climate change is real. Even pizza rat knows it. The yee-haw states need to accept facts and say “how you doin'” to science.

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