Hard Ballin’ For Biden


I’m going to state something that will make Bernie Sanders’ supporters unhappy. What the Democrats are doing in joining together to support Joe Biden isn’t wrong. It’s not a bad thing. It’s not fixing, gaming, or corrupting the system. This is not the Democratic Party denying the nomination to Bernie. These are individual candidates. And even if Joe Biden made backroom deals with them for their endorsements, there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s all legal. It’s not corrupt. It’s politics.

That doesn’t mean you have to like it. I’m not crazy about it. But it’s smart. The GOP tried to do the same thing in 2016 to keep Donald Trump from winning the nomination and forcing all of them to join a cult. Unfortunately for Republicans, the candidates didn’t cooperate with that strategy and while they did win the White House, they lost their party and their freaking minds.

If Michael Bloomberg drops out tonight, Biden will probably win the nomination. That may be too much moderate support for Bernie to defeat, even if Elizabeth Warren drops out. Warren is hanging in there through Super Tuesday and trust me on this; She’s not taking any votes away from Joe Biden.

Also, the dropouts yesterday totally discourages voting early. I tried to vote early last week (they didn’t let me over moving snafus) and I was undecided between Warren and Sanders, But now, I’m going for Sanders even though I’d rather see Warren get it and take on Donald Trump.

I’m not excited about Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Sure, I like their positions. I agree with Sanders a lot more. But I’m not wild about them. Quite frankly, I think they’re too old. For that matter, I think Donald Trump is too old but that’s just one of many things wrong with Donald Trump.

But, I am glad more of these people have dropped out. It wasn’t long ago when we had over 20 candidates and had two nights of debates. There are still other candidates, but they’re not important.

The dropout and resignation I’m happiest about is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews resignation as host of Hardball.

I don’t know if I ever liked Chris Matthews. But to me, he’s kind of like Joe Scarborough. He has a good show. The format is great. There are great guests. But the host is an obnoxious, pretentious fuck that isn’t the most knowledgeable source of every subject that he thinks he is. But on top of that, Matthews has been losing it for a few years now.

Hardball has been on since 1997 and yesterday, the 74-year-old Matthews abruptly resigned at the start of the show. He left his duties for Steve Kornacki (who should have probably been given the show a long time ago) to take over, who was in visible shock. Kornacki gave an unplanned tribute to Matthews and called him the “most human person he knows” because of his bluntness and honesty. But sometimes that bluntness and honestly revealed a lack of understanding and downright stupidity.

Last week, Matthews compared Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to the Nazi’s invasion of France. During an interview with Elizabeth Warren, he came off as condescending and sexist. Then, journalist Laura Bassett published an essay accusing Matthews of making multiple inappropriate comments about her appearance, which revived longstanding accusations of the man’s sexist behavior. On Friday, he confused the identities of two African-American politicians, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Jaime R. Harrison, a Democrat running for Senate in that state.

In announcing his retirement, Matthews made it clear it’s not his choice. He said, “Obviously, it isn’t for a lack of interest in politics. Compliments on a woman’s appearance that some men, including me, might have once incorrectly thought were OK are never OK,” he said. “Not then, and certainly not today.” Yeah, but I don’t think there was any point between 1997 and 2020 where it was ever OK to approach a woman at work and say, “Why haven’t I fallen in love with you yet?” According to Basset, he he told the makeup artist, “Keep putting makeup on her, I’ll fall in love with her.” At what point between those years was it ever OK for a TV host to joke on the air about giving Hillary Clinton a “Bill Cosby pill?” And guess what, there are reports that MSNBC has paid women not to sue over Matthews’ “comments.”

Was Matthews, who was disbelieving during his interview with Elizabeth Warren about Michael Bloomberg’s non-disclosure agreements, also the beneficiary of non-disclosure agreements? If MSNBC has paid women to be quiet to save Matthews’ ass, then it’s unethical for him as a journalist to conduct an interview on the subject without disclosing it. Even more troubling, it’s unethical for MSNBC to allow him to conduct those interviews.

Conservative writer Kathleen Parker was upset over his firing and defended Matthews by tweeting they had “flirted unabashedly for 20 years.” CNN host S.E. Cupp tweeted, “The friend’s ‘He never did it to ME’ vouch-for is meaningless, since the friend wasn’t always there, AND it discredits alleged victims.” Comedy writer Maura Quint tweeted, “Congrats! Glad that you had fun flirting with your friend! I don’t know if you know this but that doesn’t mean he had the same relationship with everyone else! I understand it’s complicated! Also, when I put my hands in front of my face, I don’t actually disappear! You’ll get it!”

MSNBC knew for months it was past time for Matthews to go, and there were discussions on moving him out after the election. But Matthews’ own actions sped up that process. And you know, the network will be better for it…eventually.

There should not be any place on any network for someone like Chris Matthews just like there shouldn’t be a place in politics for someone like Michael Bloomberg or…Donald Trump.

We deserve better. We deserve better in the area of equal and fair treatment along with better journalism. Matthews was failing with both.

Now, if he could just get Joe Scarborough to leave with him.

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