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What Is Aleppo?


If Gary Johnson actually had any chance at the presidency, or even to poll at 15%, he blew it Thursday morning on the MSNBC program Morning Joe.

The Libertarian nominee proved that he has no interest in foreign policy and he’s not qualified for the job he’s seeking.

Aleppo is the largest city in Syria and it’s been the center of intense fighting, massive war crimes and an ongoing humanitarian crisis sending refugees, many risking their lives, to Europe and the United States.

Johnson later said he was confused and thought he was hearing an acronym. I think that’s refreshing because when Trump gets caught confused or lying, he later blames an ear monitor or the host, and eventually denies it ever happened.

Johnson tried to rebound during the interview and gave an answer that could have used some Cliff Notes assistance. Donald Trump’s answers during a national security forum Wednesday presented us with a man even more ignorant on foreign policy. While an unqualified Johnson is kinda laughable, an unqualified Trump is scary as he actually has the possibility of becoming president.

Trump again denied ever supporting the Iraq war. He pointed toward an article quoting him against the war, published a year after the war started. Lucky for Trump he was being questioned by Matt Lauer who normally gets tough with the likes of One Direction.

He believes we should have stolen oil from Iraq. He has a secret plan to deal with ISIS that he won’t tell us but after he’s elected he’ll ask the generals for a plan. Let’s hope it’s better than his previous statements on using nuclear weapons.

He blames sexual assaults in the military on men and women serving together, which is again blaming women. To deal with the issue he wants to replace the military’s court system with a military court system. One wonders what advice he’ll receive on this subject from Roger Ailes.

Trump claimed the classified briefings he’s receiving as a candidate reveal that Obama and Hillary Clinton have ignored the military’s advice. This may be the first time a candidate has used the briefings to score political points and it’s also a huge fabrication. Maybe he confused the briefing with the letter he got from the NFL, or the one from the Chicago Police.

The scariest stuff to come from Trump is his admiration and desire for a bromance with Russian president Vladimir Putin. He claims Putin is a better leader than Obama which begs the question of whose side Mr. Trump is on.

He said he didn’t approve of the Russian system but at least Putin had control of it. This should alarm everyone if Trump views leadership as having control over the entire system, like a dictator. We have three branches of government for a reason and I still want someone to ask Donald to name them.

Trump admires a man who has overseen the murder of political opponents and journalists, the rigging of elections, a global campaign of disinformation and a foreign policy whose first aim is to increase Russian influence at U.S. expense. Not to mention his interventions in Syria and land grabbing from the Ukraine. Trump tries to paint that Obama has done worse. really?

Trump claims he knows more about ISIS than the generals. He says he’ll have new generals after he’s elected but he probably doesn’t know the Extra Crispy Sanders guy in the KFC commercials is only a colonel.

Speaking of commercials, I think we can put Trump and Johnson in a car with a couple of ice cream sundaes and they can replace the morons in the Sonic commercial.

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